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I The Nanilmv Rnlty Inveitment Sl( 
Trust Agencji' 


I proporiy a Bpueinltr, 

VOL. LXXI.-m 125 





f JEWEieY 


W 4C^"^v:f=V-..^1l Walthain, Elgin & Columbus Movements 

> ^ ' '.'V ^^Our stock is new nod good; everything 

^J^^^r'- V^''*-" ' ^. gunrnnteod and PiucKS the Lowkst in tlio city. 


50 & 25 lbs 

Evaporated Peaches. 
Evaporated Pears. 
Evaporated Apricots. 
Evaporated Nectarines 
Evaporated Apples. 


Specially selected and packed In boxes 25 lbs, each. 


"VI O T O -Et.X^ 

VICTORIA. B.O., March 19, 1894. 

Messrs. OQILVIE MILLING CO., Winnipegr, Man.: 

Gentlemen Having used your Huncrarian Patent Flour for a 
considerable period of titae, I must eay it gives entire satisfaction, 
both for quantity and quality of Bread, Cakes and Pastry, and can 
strongly recoramend it for use for the trade and fomUies. 
WiBhinfir you every success, I remain, yours respectfully, 


Central Bakery, 84 Yatee Street, Victoria. 



The British Columbia Corporation 


On approved security at current ratoa □( interoBU 


Temple Building', Victoria, B 0. 

Managers and Agents. 


SHINGL* .S AND LATHS, MOULDINGS, ETC , kept oonstanUy In stock. 

Tii'f "> 'i ' t 3io-ki d with the Cowlcian Lake Lumber, 

und uuuao no fuiLiior introduction. „ 

EWEN MORRISON, Proprietor. 

P O Bi~>x 53 Lately connected with the Shawnigan Lake Lumber Co. 

•I'ELEPHONh; 502. my3 

This refers especially to a line of Liadiea' laced patent 
tipped Dongola Boots which we are selling at 

S1.V5 I^iCE JPJ^XTi 


Corner Government and Johnson Streota. 



w 2: 


J- ' w 

CO y 

CC < 

-1 m 

Hade from pure, fresh, unukimniccl milk and spsclally refined Demorarft cryetalfl. 

FORREST CANNING CO. Ijno. mjjso^ & ooifJ^^^'J^^l'^ 


mporters and dealers In 

Chinese and Japanese Fancy fioods 

Ko.Sl Oonnoranb Street), 
P.O. BOX S69. lySntt VICTORlAi B C 

The Victoria Ice Cieam Factory. 

will bo run by r.. ACTON', BiioocBsor to U. 
Lewtft'i & Son. nt 38 <'ancoHV"r alrent, cor. 
CoUlnBon. All orders of onn i|uiirtanil upwarda 
packed in Ico and dollvornd to any part o( tho 
olty. ooromenolnB May 7th. Ordord may be lelt 
at Fell fic Oo.'B. - Telepnone M. ap29-lm 

WANTEO— 50 Boarders at Keck Hay Hotel 
corner Work and Bridge st< oots. on the 
Eaqulmalc car line; flvo minuter' walk from 
pobC ofllee; now management, and we think we 
nave the boat meals and rooms lor tlie money 
in the clt> ; 21 loeolB^l; noat rooms $1 per week; 
oxporiouctd cook; no Ohinamen; a trial will 
convince. myS2t 

\17 ANTED— All the ladles who have left 
VV wuBh wrhignrs for repair to know that 
tlioy nro now rondy and await their orders. 
Jnrnoa Morrieon, 11 Votes alreot^ my8 It 

"ITCTANTBD— Ily a rssccctablo lady, poslUon 
VV naliidy'a Imlp. or «iiy position of iruBt. 
Addrosa A.M., Colonist olllco. mj8-U 

WANTiCD— I'nntftnd vcat ninkor;-. Address 
II. N. Courtior, Uenonil Merclianl. l(e\- 
elstoke, H.O. iiiy8-2l 

1710R SALE — Cheiip — A flontinR bonlliouee 
' mill boat with nil equipment. Apoly 
biiratl'e wharf. nij8 It 

ITIoR S.\LK— Fivo-roomed hou'<o on Centre 
; street, SprliiK HidHo; price ?M)0; 310 1 down 
and balance 10 bu paid by mouLlily pajmonta. 
A. W. More & Co., 70 Douglas street. 

mo LE r— Five-roomed houao. No. 21 Rlthot 
J. sireut; $12.60 per month. KlKht-roomcd 
house corner of Niagara and Rendeil street, 
at iiiodorato rent. A. W. More & Co., 70 Doug- 
lass street. 

rpO I.KT OR Fi)R SALK-Gardcn Lind-15 
J_ ncroa; 5 acres under eultivalion and crop, 
consieting of potatoes, carrots, onions, straw- 
berries, eto., to bo let with ur without the use 
of Iho dwelling house on it. Pemberton Mr. .Son, 
J5 FiTt Btroer,. in>8-2t 

Wllil. Aaron Topliani. who In I8;il slaycd nt 
'-'17 Second street, Han Frai.cirtco. coni- 
niuiilcato iinnieilliitoly ^vlLll his relattvc-s at 
LiilKOi. Qroon. Uradford. Knijland. iii>S ijt 

MOTIIKIH of boys I Do you know that wo 
aro scllinn boys' heavy Krey and liluo 
llanncl ovorshiris for iO ■ onie; worth 51. Cam- 
eron tho Cash Clothier, Jehusnn St. niyS-lt 

canoe, 35 feot long. Appiy Box posti 

oillci'^ myS 6t 




Presorlption Druggists. 
Cor. Yates and Douglas Streets. 



AT 2 P.M. 


HouseiioM FumituFe 



Two very handsome fnltcs (one in 
plun>i, tlio o'her in silk tapiiscry, 
. ofct ?:iOO anil 5IUO rcapectivoly), larKiMnirroia, 
centre tables, iurco solid oak bookca.'<o and 
raineral cablnot, lace and atlK curtains and 

Coles. Turk sh and skin Tugs.chenllle portieres, 
ody BruBseis carpetti, cic. 

niVKTi JUlini -''nsslvo solid polinhcd oak 
UllMi^U UUUiU. Bidu'ioard whh hevclled plate 
uliiHS and carved decoraiionB. t xlenaion dinioK 
table, U dining uliairs, 2 arm chairs, Turkish 
arm ihalr In plUBh, oc«nslonal table, lace cur- 
tains, poles, body Urussols carpet, rug, etc. 

Two masaivo Bol'd poIlKhcd oak 
bedrojui suites. Ulijiper edfje mat 
trrsaca (hair topi, toilet tots. runs, lirnaaels 
cjirpeia. ch- niilo curtains, poles, blinilH, pillows, 
blankets, aheota, etc. 

'ICTUllES ^•"^'"''"'^''•|'"'«ravinfrs, etchings, 

\ITriif V ^'°' ^ '^''''O" r-iiico, onyx and ngato- 
MH;lll.ii, ware, eookinK u'.onsild, moat sato^, 
jiipboarda, chairs, liuoluuni, oic. etc. 

ijTGoodfl on view Wednesday from 2 to 5 
o'clock p.m. 



Oflleo DouRlas street, near Yatea, niyS 


Steck in Trade of a General store. 

FRIDAY, MAYJl, at 11 A M. 

I will syll at inv sale-'roonis, Wlwrf street, 
Vlcloria, I he atoel: of a ((i^i'eral store, eonsist- 
inf, of prims. KinKhanis, diunask, •while and 
({r. y calicoes, dresH trooils, UauneloHeH, lUn- 
nels. hoolH anil shoes, lliooks' Iliroail, boys' 
elolhin({, hraids, ribbons, ^|/)ckln^:H, nanton 
flaiinclH, men's iinderclothlni^, hoeks, pants, 
bhlriB, soft hats, blankets, oil jackets and aou'- 
westers, etc. 


Qoneral assortment of groceries, paper bags, 
lian ware, cutJery, crockery, tobacco', lot of tin 
and Rranltewaro, fhot, brooms, brackoia. 
Hc:aleH. clocks, <d>.'ar8, tools, C.l, atovo, ano" 
KuKlinh enslKn (i JxCil, 11 line new drl 1 lent ('21 
fi'otionn with 4 feet walla and il feel hlKh), a '22- 
foot carvel boat, oars and sails, wlndlaas and 
O.I. track wheels to haul out boat. 

Also a lot of Household Furniture, etc. 


myS AuotiODcer. 


and Eggs for Hatching. 
apl8-lmd&w Plumper Pass. B.O. 

^ ^^y— STK AIMER 

^.',.s^U. BARBARA 


Carrying Ilor Mojoaly's Mails, wl'l nail for Fort 
ainipaon and way ports. OS TlllJJtSDAY. 
MAY 10, ht 7 p.m., from Spratt's VVharl. 
tfor troight or passage apply to 

n>y6 6 Troanoe Arenas. 


He Believed He Hail a Constitutional 
Bight to Speak at tUe 

Autlioritlea Called on to Scatter the 
Army Which Is Being Daily 

Washinoton, May 7.— Tho trial ol the 
commbowealers was resumed to-day. Their 

counsel said he would prove the arrest of 
the defendants was most bratal, and that 
the police uacd unwarranted force in club- 
bing not only tho defendants but others. 
He said he would ofifer evidence that a con- 
epiraoy existed to OQUTiob tlie defendant?. 
Several witnesses then testified to the peace- 
ful demeanor of the Coxeyites at the oapitol 
and tho vioI(;noe of the police. Coxey told 
of hia efforts to Rpfc permiaaion to speak from 
tho cspitol Btepa, how ho reached tho steps 
and cf his being hustled therefrom without 
boioR permitted to apeak. On cross-examin- 
ation ho said ua ati American citizen he 
thought ho had u eonetilutional right to 

In tho Senate, Allen offered a reai)luti(Hi 
providing for a coiiimitteo of five aenatora 
to invoatiRatn tho facts and oirouinotancos 
couneoted with tho aaaault and imprison- 
ment of tho Coxoyitee, and makinf; recom- 
mendaliona intended to prevent suoh out- 
rages hereafter. The resolation was laid 

ThO|.WaBhington News this evcnint; says : 
"It Is-about settled tliat the handful of idle 
men now in oamp here must bo ECAttored or 
there will be trouble later. Tlio handful is 
rapidly growing. No other army haa joined 
the Coxey band now here^ but it has been 
receiving; stragglers until tho 326 men Coxey 
had on Tuesday last was 529 this morning, 
and by to-morrow will bo fully 700. Tramps 
are coming into the city by twos and threes 
at a great rate. The policemen on subnrbin 
posts -Report atmo»t hourly of the puaaing 
into ti^ city of little knots of genuine hohoa, 
whoare inquiring for Coxey 'a camp. Three 
of Gen. Galvin'a men got here from Pitt.iburg 
this morning and went straight lo tho 
White Hou60. They demanded admittance; 
but as their bearing and uppearonco so clear- 
ly betokened their b id' character, they were 
refused and made to go away. They said 
the " army " would bo here in a few dsys. 
They had come on in advance. Tho com- 
missioners realize tho neccaeity of doing 
something. Various aohemes were taken 
under consideration. Tho beet and moat 
feasible was to have tho camp condenmed at 
once by the health oliicers. This will drive 
them out of tho dump lot. If they will 
not go the police will move them. They 
will not 1)3 allowed lo open another camp in 
the district. Orders will bo given to the 
police to strictly enforce the vagrancy laws, 
and anyone found begging will bo arrested 
and lent to tne workhonse. 


Bill Introdnced in tLe U. S. House of 
Bepreaentatives Regardiug the 
BondiBg Privileee. 

The Subject Discnssed In Committee 
and the Attorney of the 
C. P. R. Heard. 

Wasiiinctox, May 7. — Retaliation 
against (.'anada for alleged diaeriniiiuitiong 
againat tho United .States in the nso of cer- 
tain of her canals ia the purpose of a bill in- 
troduced by Representative Chiokering of 
Now York. The bill is intended to amend 
tho act to enforce reciprocal ooni- 
mercial relations between the Unit- 
ed States and Canada, approved July 
G, ISl)-'. Mr. Chickeriog's amendment is as 
follows: Whenever the President shall bo 
BiktisSed that there ia any dicuriminatinn 
whatever in tho use of tho Welland canal, 
tho St, Ijiwrerieo river canab, tho 
Chambly Canal, the now Canadian 
■Sault Canal, or either of them, whether 
by toils, drawbaeUn, the refusinj; of tolls or 
otherwise, or "liich la or may bo detii- 
mental to the United Statea or any of its 
citizens, he shall have tho potter, and it 
shall be hin duty to suspend in whole 
or in pirt, by proclamation to 
that effect, tho transportation across 
tho territory of the United States in 
bond and without the payment of duty, of 
goodfl, wares and mcrohandiao, imported or 
exportsd from any foreign couuti^y Irom or 
to the British dominion* in North Am- 
erica." The bill was referred to a 
aub-oommittee oonaisting of Messrs. 
Hooker, of Mississippi; McCreary, of Ken- 
tuoky; and Hitt, ol Illinois, of the House 
committee on foreign affiirs. The committee 
this morning heard Mr. Cblokeriog, tho 
authorof tbebill, and Mr. Ray mond, attorney 
of the Citnadian Paoiflo railway, whloh la 
tlie corporation that would ho moat affected 
by retaliatory meaaurea. Mr. Cliiekering 
aaid that the diacriminationa complained of 
dooxiat, and when ihoCanadian Government 
is entirely indopontent of tho Uultod States 
in] the matter of water high ways, as it will be in 
time, the diaoriminationa will become more 
general. Mr. Raymond took strong grounds 
againat the proposed amendmenta. He do- 
med that diacriminalioriH were practised, 
and felt that it would bo unwise to enact 
suoh legislation. Ho laid great atresa on vho 
advantages to tho American Bhippora which 
would result from the use of tho Canadian 
road. Tho oommittoo will consider tho bill 
farther, and will qive an additional hearing 
if suoh be desired. 


An Increased Vot6 Cast But a Unch Smaller 
Unjorlty Obtained. 

LoKOON, May 7.*-Ad eleotion was hold 
to-day in the south division of Hackney to 

fill the Parliamentary Boat left vacant by 
the appointment of Sir Charles KusiioU to 
succeed tho late Ijord liowen on tho bench. 
Mr. Fletcher Moulton, Liberal, received 
■l,5IiO votea and Thomas Herbert Robertson, 
Consorvativo, 4,338 — Liberal majority 192, 
out of a total vote of 8.808. The Liberal 
majority at tho last general eleotion was 

1,140, the vote then standing Russell, 4,440; 
Uobertson, 3,284— a total vote of 7,734 
The inoreased vote polled and the smaller 
majority obtained by the victorious Liberal 
candidate are oommonted upon by tho Op- 
position press ao significint. 


Disturbance In ii Church— Action for Dam- 
aecB— Fatal Boat Accident. 

Mo.NTuiiAL, May 7. — (Special.) — Mr. 
Brault, notary, of Pointo Claire, and Mrs, 
Brault have entered aotlon for $24,000 dam- 
ages against H. Theoret and Mrs. Theoret, 

It ia alleged that some time ago Bruult was 
receiving tho saorameat in tho church at 
Point Claire, when Mrs. Theoret cried out 
that it was sacrilegious Theoret was sub. 
Efquontly fined §10 by Judge Dogas for 
thiy disturbance. 

News comes from Nicolct thit four young 
men of tho village were sailing on the river 
Nicolet, when their boat struck an obatruc- 
tion, andtlio occupanta being thrown into 
tho water, all but ono were drowned. The 
viotima aro P. St. Jean Germain, Pierre de 
la Tulippo and DeBieeeeaux. 


To Take Place .Tnno 26-Slr Oliver Mowat 
Win Stump tho Province. 

Toronto, May 7 — (Special)— It ia inti- 
mated that tho Ontario general elections 
will take plaoo on June 26. 'Sir Oliver 
Mowot ia to make a utumpiog tour of tho 
Province, beginning at Ottawa. 


Yaclitsnieu Over the Sound to Be Hero 
For the CHlebration— Honors 
For Victoria's Club. 

Good Fishiuff "Along the Line"— 
• Those Road Races at 
Beucou Hill. 

American yachtsmen over tho Sound are 
showing considerable interest in the races to 
be sailed hero during the oelebration, and 

nuineroua inquiries are being received by 
Mr, J. G Elliott, aeoretary of tho Victoria 
yaoht club, on tho subject. Tlio races thia 
year are not to bo sailed under tho inter- 
national rating, but under the rules of the 
Victoria yacht club, wltioh provide that : 

" The length on the water line mnltiplicd 
by tho sail area in rquare feet divided by 
(3,000 equals rating." 

The Tacoma yacht club writo, through 
Mr, F. \V. Caldwell, to state that they are 
urrdugiug a cruise of naphtha launches to 
Victoria for the celebration, and at least six 
of them will come from Tacoma beeides 
those from other places. Mr. Caldwell 
auggoata that the Tacoma men want a race 
arranged for launched, and says that there 

ould no doubt bo many entries were this 

Tho Victoria club's now commodore, Mr. 
G. A. Kirk, writes from London under date 
of April 20 that ho has every hope of 
aecuriug perniUslon from tho Admiralty tor 
the club to lly ihe blue ensign, and also that 
the Home office will probably grant permis- 
sion for the club to style itself " Royal," 
Thia communication was considered by the 
c.iinmittco of the club yesterday, when it 
was decided to thank the commodore for his 
ellorta and to leave tho matter in his hands. 
Tho oomniictee favored tho race for launches 
suggested by Tacom », and will endeavor lo 
have prizes arranged should the appropria- 
tion granted them permit. 

The Bellingham Bay Yaoht Club writo 
through Mr. E. B. Learning to say that at 
least seven to nine yachts will oome hero 
from Whatcom alooe, and that Seattle 
yachts will turn oat to a large number for 
the celebration. 


Duncan, May 7.— (Special)— Hon. F. G, 
Vernon, A. \V. Vowell, A. W. Jones, W. 

F, Burton, N. P. Snowdon, Sir R. Mus- 
grave, and Lindley Crease, arrived from 
Victoria on Saturday with their fishing 
tackle. Trout appear to be taking more 
cleverly in the rivers and lakes. Dr. L. F. 
Diek-ioii procured the largest trout of the 
year so far, almost a week ago, in Qaami- 
chan Lake, weight — 4 lbs. 2 oz. 

THE irUEEl. 


In view of tho exporionoo of tho pas', 
that tho crowds of holiday-makera will rush 
upon th» trook during bicycle races at 
l3aaeon Hill, the local racing board of tho 

G. W.A. have recommended to tho sports 
and games committee that the traok be 
roped at the finish for 200 yards along the 
outside and 100 yards at least on tho iiieido. 
Thia temporary fence may aoooniplieh the 
end sought; at any rate it will prevent 
careless boys and girli— • or men and women — 
from dashing in front of oyoliats riding a 
hard finish, at the risk of their lives and the 
almost certain deatruotion of tho maohlnea 
they are riding. 

The ridiculous proposition of a race on 
forty pound wheels haa also been brought 
again lo tho attention of tho oommittoo ; it 
ia doubtful if half a doz 'n ancient wheels of 
thia weight could be found in the province 
in thcBo days of light pneumatics. Thd 
prize liot, loo, requires amendment to be in 
any way aatisfaotory. Good riders from 
other cities do not propi;Bo to train for 
racing, go to the expenao of bringing them- 
selves and their wheola to Victoria, and rials 
theuifelvea and their expentivo mounta on 
the Beacon Hill oirole lor the uhunco of 
gettiog apriz) valued at the eighth part of 
S75. It would be well to doublu tho appro 
prlationa if there are to bo road races for 
wboelmeu — and, poasibly, knook oS one 
race, aay the three mile event. 



MoNTUKAi., April 5. — Steinitz won the 
thirteenth gunio in tlie chess niatoh, Laaker 
jeaigning on tho sixtieth move. 

A person Is pronialuroly old when baldness 
ocoura boforo tho forty-fllth year. Use Hall's 
Hair Ronowor to keep tho eoalp healthy and 
pi event baldness. 

Churns, milk pailt, otc, at MoLennan 


Labor Day a Statutory Holiday— All 
About Tea— Prohibition Debate— 
Wieksteed Dismissed. 

Return of Dr. Dawsou From Wash- 
ington— Behring: Sea Regulations— 
Montreal Harbor Bill. 

(Ftom Our Own Correspondent.) 
OzTAWA., May 7.— Sir John Thomp^^n in- 
troduoed a bill making the first Mondiy In 
September (Labor Day) & statutory holi- 

The question of tho inspection of teas is 
under discussion. Mr. Wallace said tho 
government were thoroughly alivo to the 
importance of dealing with this subject. 

Mr. Flint, by arrangement, made a motion 
in favor of the prohibition of the liquor 
trafiic. Dr. Roome seconded the resolution. 
Tho debate was contintied until midnight 
and was then adjourned. 

R. J Wickoteed, the suspended member 
of the law staff of the House of Commons, 
was to-night dismissed from the publio ser- 
vice for making unfounded reflections on the 
International Economy oommission of the 

Mr, Corbould arrived to-day for the ses- 
sion. Ho was warmly greeted by his friends 

in tho Uouae. 

The Senate vigorcualy discuaaed tho Mon- 
treal hiirbor bill. Some senators wanted 
the personnel of tho commission changed, on 
the ground that certain of the preaent com- 
miaaionora were too antiquated. 

Dr. O. M. Diweon returned from Wash- 
ington to-day, where, in conjunction with 
Sir Julian Paunoefote, he was conferring 
with the United States authorities as to tho 
enforcement of the Uehring eea regulations 
of the Paris tribunal. It haa been arranged 
that licenses for Canadian sealers will be 
sent to them through the British consul at 
Hakodate, Japan, and by British mon-of- 
war. The blank licenae forma and new fliga 
w hich all sealers will have to fly will likely 
bo carried by the C. P. R. Empress leaving 
Vancouver on the 14th. 

Hon. Mr. Foster gives notice to-nighb 
that wood pulp and emery wheoh are put . 
back to the 25 per cent. duty. Changes 
have been made in the duties on steel, cop- 
per wire, wire cloth, jewelry cases, etc. 


Compromise Measure Upon Which tlie 
Democrats Hope to Pass 
the BUI. 

Duty on Rice Bednced— Many Duties 
Decreased by the Senate 

Washinoton", May 7.— Late this evening 
the Damocratio momberB of the Finance 
committee, acting through tho committee of 
revision of which Senator Jones has been 
the head, gave to the public the amend- 
ments which bad been heralded as the com- 
promise measure upon which tho Democratic 
party was to solidify and, after a brief de- 
bitc, pass tho Tariff bill. Many ot tho 
changes are unimportant and cnnaist of a 
restoration of the House duties which the 
Senate had decreased. A number of articles 
have been taken from the free list, among 
them agricultural products. The sugar 
sohcdulo calls for 40 per cent, ad valorem on 
all raw sugars, and an additional one-eighth 
of n Cent on all sugar above No. 16 Dutch 
standard, with a diacriininating duty 
of one-tenth of a cent against thoso 
countries which pay an export 
bounty. The poluriscopio teat h'jB been 
dropped from, tho tchedule. A provision 
'hat w ill set at reat much of tho diseussion 
likely to grow out af thia section is that 
which expressly s;ipuh\tca that the treaty 
with Hawaii shall not be ontmlrued lo bo 
abrogated or in any n.anner impaired by tho 
paesugo of thia act. Probably as thi5 rtaulb 
of the criticiDm that the bill had been drawn 
on sectional lines, the coniniittce haa re- 
duced tho duty on rico. There ia a very 
material increase in the ratoa of duly on 
leaf tobacco. The chemical achodule haa 
been reconstructed in miny particulars and 
hero, as in the other Echednlca, tho change 
ia noted from ad valorem to spociiic dutica, 
to say nothing of tho increase in the rates. 
The iron and glass schedules have been 
overhauled and the changes demanded by 
manufacturers have .been made, some of 
them not 80 much in the nature of 
increases as they are in the way 
of a re-claasification and the equaliz- 
ation of the duties. Ihe rumors that have 
been floating about for some days, of the 
mysterious influences at work in regard to 
the woolen and cotton aohedulefl, appear to 
have had some ground, for the changes in 
these lines have been numoroua and in aomo 
caeee very material. Coal, iron ore, lead 
ore and lumber %vere not touched. Tho 
lead truat was not the gainer by thoso 
amendments, for there was not an inoreaso 
in tho duty on load producta. Nothing was 
done witli whiakey ; but if all the rumors in 
connection with that article bo true it ia 
/ery likely that a vigorous fight will be 
made to put the tax on whbikey back to ono 
dollar a gallon. 

A Jealous Lover's Deed. 
Ro.MB, May 7.— A young man named 

Venxio. connected with an aristocratic Bo- 
man family, last evening shot and killed 
tho daughter of Signer Liberati, a War 
ntlice ( flicial. He was betrothed to the girl. 
Venzio then blowout hia brains. The causa 
waa jealousy. 

Bkli.aiiik, Ohio, May 7 — On account of 
tho coal strike tho Bidlaire steel works and 
blast furnaces have shut down. Nino blast 
furnaces and four steel planta and nail mills 
iu this vicinity have shut; down for want of 
coal. There are at present fully 20,000 idle 
men hcreubouta. 

Wi' .MUST oonfcBS that tho weather ia 
keeping everything book ; but wo got ahead 
of the weather and made ainplo provision 
for tho wants of tho public iu the way of 
everything uacful, pretty and economical In 
ouse f arniehings. Weilek Bugs. 

Drink Tlctoria Pboenix Bock Beer. 


Gold Nnggeta Plentiful ia tLe Big 
Bend Country— Heavy Payments 
For Hinlnff Property. 

Lardeaa Developlnar aa Well as Ex' 
pected-Snit Agralnst a Mlu- 
inft (Company. 

(Special to the Colonist.) 

Vancouver, May 7. — Vancouver has ar- 
rived at the dignity of i\ rival braas 
band ; their inusio is very good, Tlioy are 
oalied " Tho MuBicuI Club Band," and 
though organized for paatiine, will accept 

Mayor Anderson's little girl, who was so 
badly burned, can be scaroely said to ba im- 
proving. The burns have healed, but lack 
of nourishment has reduced the littte suf- 
ferer to a oritioai condition. 

Mra. J. S. AnderBon is suing the tireat 
Northern railway for injaries reoQived by a 
partition falling upon her while a passenger 
on one of their trains. The amount claimed 
is §30,000. 

Tho C P. R. are to load small shipments of 
freight in u apeoiai oar for the Kootenay 


New Westmikster, May 7.— The water 
in Harrison Lake has fallen eighteen inches 
within tho lust week, soniothing unusual at 
this tiriio of tho year, indicating severe 
weather in tlio niountaina. 

An Art iind Ntiturul History Society will 
bo organiz.'d hero on Weilueaiiuy uipht. 

An iiKiutaL on tho body of Joe Lee, who 
died aucideuly onSaturduy morning, showed 
he died of rupturu of the heart. 

Mr. Curtia held a Bucoeaaful org*nization 
meeting in Sappertou tu-uight, 


Nanaimo, May 7.— Joseph Hunter, pro- 
prietor of tho eleotrio light works, ia iu 
town making arrangements foe lighting tho 
city. He expected to have (he arc light 
nsiem in working order in a few daya, Mr. 
Hunter would not say definitely, but it ia 
understood be will pot in a new plant aa 
soon as poosible. 

The annual meeting of the Kanaimo gas 
company was held this afternoon. A G per 
eenli. stook diviiend was declared. Dr. 
Milne, T. Shotbolt, C. D. Hand, M. Harris 
and J. Mahror were eleoted directors, and 
W. K. Leighton secretary-treasurer. Dr. 
Milno was eleoted president and J. Mahrer 


Duncan, May 7. — Laat week a panther 
T7iS 'Uled by an Indian on Mr. W. Drink- 
watur's f..rii. at Somenoa. I. Chisholm 
killed another at Maple Hiy, and a wolf was 
got by (J. Pdina on tho Cowichan lako road. 

There was a small fall of snow at Cowl- 
cban lake on Friday night last. 


Alekt Bay, May 3.— Special Oliicer 
Gaorge Hunt returned from Kingcombo 
inlet the other day, after having secnred 
the four Indian witnesses wanted in the 
Savary island case. They will be taken 
down to Victoria on the Boscowitz by Offi- 
cer WoolUcott. 

Two more pupils wero admitted to the 
Indian industrial aohool on Monday ; Princi- 
pal Corker expects to have the aohool full in 
a abort time. 

The weather for the past month hae been 
very wet ond cold. Snow fell on the .30th, 
and canstquently farming operatioua are 
CODsiderubly retarded. 

John Srt iiz'jr, sr., of Violoria, ia a guest 
of Rud^e it Huaon, of Haddiugiou ialaud. 

The ateaniur Danube arrived fr'jni Vic- 
toria to-day, bringing no mail, however. 


(From tho Mail.) 

At the Rip Van Winkle mine they have 
built a wing dam to turn tho atream into a 
new channel ao ua to utiliao tho bed of the 
creek for. the mouth of their tuunol. Tho 
new channel will be 350 feet long and they 
will then have to drivo a tunnel 250 ieet to 
reach the bottom of tho ahaft, which ia said 
to be 40 feet deep and on bedrock. 

It has been decided to go ahead with the 
Big Bend road at once. Several boats are 
leaving for the Big Bend gold fields. The 
present activity is only the prelude to tbe 
large business expected later os when tbe 
wagon road is completed. 

V. G. Odtmble, Dominion Government en- 
.gineer, Victoria, arrived on Sunday; having 
made the trip from Golden around the Big 
Becd of tbe Columbia river in an open boac 
Whera money ia needed for clearing away 
obstructiooa is soriiowhere near the bead of 
Steambo,'.t canyon. The portion that ie 
wanted fur ugc, and by the outlay of a com- 
paratively small Buin could bo made safe, ia 
that portion of ihe Columbia river between 
■Ravelatoke and Death- Rapiiia, a diatanco of 
45 milcB. 

W. M. Urown has had men at work 
making rilJ-rap along tlio river baok jubt 
below the Kevclatoke bridge, and at, tho 
point touched by high v.ater, wliich ia likely 
to lie exceptionally high this yenr. 

It ia atated that there will b" a largo 
snieltor erected either at Three Forka or 
New Denver by a emelter company of 

The third iuatalmcnt of the payments on 
tho Alpha mine, in the Grady group, which 
•changed hands last fall, was paid over a 
short time ago. The amount was 522,000 

A meet ug was held at Kevelalokc 
to consider the question of organizing a 
board of trade, and a committee was ap- 
pointed compoeed of the Mayor and Messrs. 
Oaglietto, Molver, Wbittaker and Aid. 
Smith, to oorrespond with other boards of 
trade with a view to learning more of their 
methods and objects. 

Meteors. Vandall and Beaton, who came 
laat summer from Pond d' Oreille, went up 
to Big Bend to re locate an old claim on tho 
bonehca of French creek worked by a man 
named John (ilover, up to IS'Jl. Vandall 
and lioaton found a ICO foot tunnel, and 
everything in workint; order. For some 
time their luck wua not great, but tlmy 
stuck at it and reached a stratum of gravol 
whore the gold could bo picked up in fair- 
sized nuggeta. In me week they picked up 
g.100 worth of nuagots, ono day reaching 
$100 The ground they are now working ia 
averaging $25 a day. 

Work was oommonoed on Monday clear- 
ing the C.P.B. townslte, preparatory to 
laying tbo ground out in blocks and lots for 
bulldinir purposes. 

The Sloaan Star mine company have about 

Derby Plug Smoking 
Tobacco Has No Equal 
Have You Tried It ? 

900 tons, valued at §100,000, stored' in Uieir 
warehouse at Three Forks. ■ 

Tbe warm weather of the past two wooks 
has had tbe eifaot of raising the water in 
the Columbia, and on. Saturday the Lytton 
was docked: at the smelter ' wharf. Tbe 
Marion waa tUe next of the fleet to make 
the town. . 


(From tho Golden Era,) 
Frank Freeman reports work progroaaing 
very satiafaclorily on tho B. C. Southern 

Recorder Edwardp, juat returned from 
Moyca, announcea that Kidgway & Co., are 
making good wages. 

Mather's saw mill has been moved nearer 
Fort Steele. 

Anxiety is felb as to whether or not tbe 
CP. R. will take over the B. C. Southern 

(From tho Lodgo.) 
The waters of the lake have risen over 
four feet In a week. 

Ao epidemio has been devaatating the 
stock of Fire Valley settlors of late, several 
Qno horaes having euooumbod. 

Tho Cariboo and Kootenay Proapooting 
Company have taken up ono and a half 
milea of gravol on tho Lirdoau creek and 
olose to Trout lako. 

The hotels and business houaos report a 
steady increase in the volume of trade. 

A company headed by H. A. Brown have 
applied for a mile of placer grounds on tbe 
south fork, somo diatance from Trout lake. 

Track laying on tho Arrow Like railway 
has reached u point thirteen miles below 
Roveletoke, and two or more this sido of the 
Greon Slide. Terminal facilities are being 
arranged for at the head of the lake, ahnoat 
two milea south of Wigwam. 

N.iUuap will celebrate the24tb with much 
pomp and enthusiasm. 

Dan Me(!illivray informed tho Ledge that 
work on tin! Nakuap and Slncan railway 
would 1)0 recon)nieuced on Wednesday, and 
would not ccaao until the whole road waa 
completed. The material is already in 

Upon a number of properties In tho Lar- 
deau diatrict tho ownera have been engaged 
in performing development work througliont 
tlio winter, and tho reault ia that in every 
inatanco tho ledgo has been fully proven, 
revealing large quantities of high grade ore. 
At the Silver Cup tho ownera have just fin- 
iahed a eeaaon'a work and are highly pleased 
with the showing. Tho lodge is well de- 
fined, with every indication of it widening 
as tbe tunnel is driven. About three oar- 
loads of ore ia on the dump which will assay 
from 300 to 1,100 onnoes per ton in silver. 


A Finished and Artistic i'erformance, But an 
Tlnfortanately Light House. 

The Victoria amateur opera company re- 
turned by Sunday night's Premier trom 
Vancouver, where tho previons evening they 
gave a most satisfactory performance, to 
which the News-Advertiser refers as fol- 
lows : 

" List evening the Victoria oporatio com- 
pany achieved a complete success in their 
proBontation of tho well-known but ever ot- 
tractivo ' Mikado.' The company came over 
iu strong force, numbering about fifty in all, 
but it soon appeared that their numerical 
strength was far eclipsed by the exoullence 
of their leading people and their grasp of tho 
opera. A union orchestra of local and cap- 
ital niuaioians wero very Buooesaful in their 
etTorts, while tho control of tho director, 
Mr. Pferdnor, spoko volumes for tho atten- 
tion and time devoted to the preparation of 
tbo work. 

" The chorus waa a maatcrpieoe, while ila 
efTeut was considerably heightened by tbe 
elaborate Japanese costumes, which gave the 
stage an appearance very suggestive at 
times of fairyland. 

" The oast was as follows ; 

Mikado of Japan Mr. Herbert Kern; 

XunkiPoo Mr. Qoo. Buahby 

Ko Ko Mr. C. A. Lombard 

Pooh Bah Mr. 0. W. Rhodes 

Piah Tush Mr. (Jlomont Kowlands 

Yum V'utn Miss .VI -.j- HoatliHeld 

'■itttsint! Mrs. Cloinont Itowhinda 

Peuo Uo MlesK. Hurnj 

Kfttlaliii .Mrs. \V. \V. Clarko 

" 'I'he leading part, Ko Ko, wan taken by 
Mr. C. A. Lombard with moat marked euo- 
ceae; hia versatility und natural talento hav- 
ing ample acope for their diaplay (juiokly 
made him a general favorite. Alisa May 
Heathfiold filled tho role of Yum Yum most 
happily, her beauty and voice calling forth 
repeated encores. Her honors, however, were 
almost divided with Mrs. Clement Row- 
landa as 'Pitti Sing,' while the rolo- oj 
Kati.iha, though aomewhat leaa attractive, 
waa admirably taken by Mrs. W. W. 
Clarke. Pooh Bih waa filled by Mr. C W. 
Rhodes with oouaiderable ability, while Mr. 
Herbert Kent and Mr. George Busbby as 
the Mikado and Nanki Poo- called for re- 
peated applause. 

" A happy feature of tbe evening waa the 
appearanue of little Twitzie Lombard us 
page and sword bearer of her father, the 
Lord High E.^cccutionor, the easy bearing 
and graceful movemeuts of the little-onu 
being eBpeciully pleasing 

" It is, however, u subji'.ct of regret that 
tho citiz-ms did not extend that patronage 
which the company, amateur as it i», de- 
served 80 ihorouyhly, and that should they 
appear again noxt season it ia hopod that 
last evoniog will not bo a prevontive to 
their return to this city." 

I'roiioiiiy mill Strcu^ib. 

Valimblii vi'tjotftblo rcmedieri aro used In the 
prcniaratlon of Hood's Sart-apjirilhi in audi k 
peculiar iniinnor aa to reUiin Miu full medicinal 
viiluo of every inKredionl. Thus Hood's SarHii- 
parilla eombinea economy ami stiength and is 
the only remedy of which " 100 Uoaos One Dol- 
lar " ia true. lio sure to Kot Hood's. 

IIooiI'h IMIIh ilo not jiu inin or Rrlpo, but 

act pronipllj', euHily ami tlllcinntly. 

"hnar dliiiiHr nnt,» .ir (;hi.a,i)Hlrl^ 



B.C. Steam Dye Works, Ul Yates St. 
ap29-lm 0pp. Steam Laundry. Tel. 200. 

The now schooner now on thestooke at Biggs' 
shipyard, Port Townsond. Tonnngo, about u(i 
Ions. Woll adapted for aeaiinK or iradlnf; 
.Must be sold at iho onrllost possible date. Bids 
for pureliaao ot the above will be received at 
the ollico of the urderalKnod up to the 2Gth day 
of April, 180L Torraa strictly cash 

up21-Ct JOHN BAIINESON, Rooeivor. 


TENDERS win bo rooetved by the under- 

Binned up io tiio Ifilh day of May noxt for tho 
p\ircha8B of Lot > o. 32, of fcieetlona 23 and 2i, 
Bockloy farm, Victoria, with tho cottago and 
otiier improvemoDts thereon. 

'I'he lilghost or any tender not neoesaarlly no- 

For further parliculnra apply to 


OfUolal Admlntatfator. 
ApiU 27th, 1891. Bp28 




A Bright Lad, 

Ten years of .i|;c, but who declines to give his 
muno to the iiiililie, miikes this authorized, 
conlldcntlal atutement to us: 

"When I was ono year old, my mamma (iled 
of consumption. The doctor said tiiat I, 
too, woidd soon die, and nil our ni'lL-liliors 
thoiiKht that even If I <11(1 not die, I would 
never lie able to walk, bi'eanse I was so 
weak and puny. A g.itlierlin,' formed mid 
broke under my arm. I hurt my fhicer .-ind 
it Kiithered and tiirew out jiieees ul bene 
if 1 hint inysidf so as to break tliu .skin, It 
was .sure to beeonu? a rnnnhiK sore. 1 bad 
to t;iko lots of mediclni', bnt notbini; lias 
dono me so muoii good as Aycr's Sarsapa- 
rllia. It lias inado mo well aud strouE.''— 
T. D. M., Nurcatur, Kaus. 

AVER'S Sarsaparilla 

Prepared by Dr. J. O. Aycr & Co., Lowell, Maea. 

Cures otliers, will cure you 

Advertisementa under the heads of Lout, 
Jibund. for Sale or To Let and Silvalicms 
Tfanied vnll be inneried at the rate oJ one 
tent a word each insertion. Pavment 
always i7i advance, ^o adverliaemeiit 
recti veil for less than twentp'tlve cents. 

M' Win. 



■onnu-il liiiui'L 
/,., foloiii-l 

'\irANTKI)^An iiclive iiiimIuhh life in«uriinc-o 
VV Sdliritor for a slronH. piouru-alvo eoiii- 
Iiany, woi kini^ a new Hystein. with an ujim 
(late plan; a (,'i'onii(l lloor conti-acl Io tbo riKht 
man. A. H. Hoover. .Manager, Toronto, Ont. 

WANT KD— Kurniahed house to rent from 
Judo or Juty, James Bay district pre- 
ferred, with i{Hrdon, bathroom hot and cold 
water. No ohildron. Apply to B. M. Johnson, 

27 Government street. ap20 l n 


ANTKII—At No. 31 Johnson etreut, ciwt- 
otrclothint; apUS-lm 

AT/'ANTICD — Situation by a Japatieeo »li 
V» housework. Apply Japanese Store, 150 
Qovernmi-n street. apl2-Gl 

WANTED— SOO steady customers, with tho 
caali to buy the old reliable Wellington 
Coal, weight and quality guaranttedi Apply 
to Hall. Goopo' & Co jaU 

STAMPS WANTED-Old Can.idlan, British 
Columbian and other stampa as used 25 to 
10 years ago, for many I pay .^I to f5 each. 
George Luwo, 3IOSpadina avonuo, Toronto. 


rl^O LET— Corner store; Bay and Clo'rernment 
JL strtets. Enquire at 151' Govemm°nt 

street. myG-3t 

TO LKT— A >lx-roomcd honso, with bith; 
clean and in good condition: ronl low; on 
Hlilaido avonuo Apply cor. Ifillaido avenue 
and Fourth atroet. my,'>3t 

riTO IjKT-A comfortably (urnlBhed fro:>l bed- 
J. room with tiro and batb. Apply to 65 

Michigan street. mj4'6t 

TO LKT— Neatly furnished front rooroa. with 
use of kltcbou. it required. 139'MlnhlK^n 
street, James Hay. my2-12t 

r^^0 let— At reduced rent, a Tt'oom hoiuo; 
X modern Imuroveroenta; bai h, hot and cold 
water, and Ave minutes from post offica Hois- 
lerman & Co, apSO'lm 

TO LKT— House (7 room -, bathroom, hot and 
cold water), on Go «o; 11 rttt i^laaa .sta- 
ble etc.; '2d minutes walk from street farw; rent 
3-'0 per month, ■'jiply Swlnerton S: Oddy. cor. 
Government and \ aLea street. ap'JI-Iil 

rnO LKT OH I>;ASK— American H tel. with 
.L ruoms and saloon licenHo; bar and bar 
Mxiures coimlete; central location. Apply IS 
Trounco avenue, or HiirmM Hoiise. jao-lf 

ri')MFOI!TAlll>Y furnlslied rooms, with use 
\j of bath. W'thor wit liont board; lenii.s very 
niodonite; llvu minutea' walk fronr post ofllco. 
Apply 07 ivano street. apll-Im 

TO LKT— Largo front room; Kronnd floor; 
Hao street, facing tho Catnodral; suitable 
fcr two gontlemon, if required. Address II. V., 
Colonist ofllce. mrfl 

TO LET OU KOU LKASK— 23 rooms in tlia 
Victoria Theatre building, formerly occu- 
pied by Moa.Hra. Redon & Hartnagel. For por- 
tlculars apply to M. Strouas. H -Inirt street. 

rLKT— llouao and an aero of ground ; 
water front, Gorge road ; stables, otc; 
hot and cold w-itor ; 20 minutea from trum ; 
rent 922.50. Apply to Swlnerton 3c Oddv. del? 


I7OH HALK-CHK aP— A fanij^ phaeton, at 
V IW l''ornwocil Head. myti-''. 

Foil H \LK-apIendid watch rto(;; crca bn- 
iweeii r-t. Deniard and .Masiiir. No. !-!&• 
Kisgaril hi reel,. inylV.'t 

Foil H.'VLK— i:)-lioi-Be power aiationary en^cino 
with Li-horeo power iipriwht sieel boilor. 
Apply James Leigh &Sodb, Phiasaat street 

C'Oll .S \LK-Iloiiso and lol, 195 ChatUum 
C .Htroot. Apply to Jlra. Maslon, 12 North 
Itnad. ap2i.lm 

I7\0H .SALI':-HorBO for a»le : prieo f^AD; a 
D uooil buuny boiHO ihoroanbly ipilut. does 
not object to trani-cai'3. stoani enginrs or any- 
thing <dso. liiiggy nnd'barnSBS also for s'llo If 
ri'i|uircd. Appb at II. M. Naval Yard, Ksfiiii- 
malt. ap'i5 

Foil HALE— Twonty-Miowen acres of good im- 
pi-oved land ad'Olhlag Stevens ' I-Iotel. 
8aanicli Iload, with, a line spring o'j watoi. 
Apply to Jos. I,0('wen. aplSMm 

FO U s A Lie C H K A P — T wo ■ storey bi-Ick 
building next 1 liir«'''ci! Hotel, No. lUCi 
Yatea Htri o',. Apply up-Htnira. mr2S iin 

rpij LIC'l'— Ono l-roc-ined cttago, Kdv.ard 
X street, Vi^!toria 'We-,!; 87; water paid. Ono 
t-roomod cottage Obathmom. Boullet«r, etc.) San 
Juan avenue, Jam«a Bay; 9 10. Niho-roomud 
house, Superior street. James Bay;. 9I8: water 
paid. Two 9-roomed bouses, John, street; $10; 
water pnld. Two honnes. Cnatham atroet, SU 
■>nd $12.fi0 (respectively). Ten-roamed bonae; 
hot and cold water; S icu; Qatbally lioad; 920. 

TJIOB SALB-OHWAP-Two lets, olnared. on 
X Foul H<iy Ri>*A, olOKO to oan>: price 9150, 
1 lot, slashed, nnar head o( B^quim-ilt: hoa(% 
9275. Acre blocks for sale In Woodland Park., 
.ipply to 



With licons", or bar ani license separatoly. 

For furthot particulars apply to 

mr25.1m LOWifiHBJtRO, HARKIS & CO 


,...a-asj.o. ■ 


We are selling cheaper than over. 




Cbeapside, No. 127 GoTerMeDt Street. 

•(V** *i!n!r 



•kkk *★* 

•*•■*'* -k-kk 
kkk k-kk 





Mkk kisrk 
kkk kkif 
kkk kkk 
kkk irkk 
kkk kkk 
kkkk k kkkrk 
kkk kkk 
kkk kkk 
irkk kirk 

kkk kkk 
kkk kkk 
kkk kk*,- 
"M A ick^ 

*** *** 
*** *** 
*** *** 






**** *■*** 
*** *** 




*** *■** 
*** *** 

kitkk **** 

Kootenay Lake, B. 

Is the centre for the Silver-Lead Mining Industt7<of the fEHnous Slocan Region, 
which ia now sending' $76(000 worth of Ore to Kaslo per week for Bhipment to the 
American smelters. 

The right of way for the Kaslo-Slocan Railway has been oteaved, and the 
bridge foundations have been put in place, so that- the work of grading and 
track-laying may proceed at tho curliest possible moment after the mow disappears. 

The Kaslo-Slocnn Rt3.(;ioa has many mines whioh, even at tbe- present low 
price of silver, bring a retam of $100 to the ton. Mining men from' all parts of 
the world say that it is the richest silver district known.. Ths-progreas-ef develop- 
ment work in the mines verifies this atatemeiit. 

Thousands of men will' he employed in fchese- mines. The isotuval base of 
supplies is Kaslo, which is- admirably adapted for the purpose, being a beautiful 
towsaite, situated on a -bay- possessing excellent shipping advantages. 

Tho growth of Kaslo List year was very considerable. It is now au incorpor- 

bod town, having a population of 2,000 people. That this population will' be doubled 

bofora tho ond of tho preauut year is unqueationod 

Kaslo offers to investors iv moat proiniaing fltild. Tho openiag up of tho 
minoa tributary to it must build up Kiialo. Tbo dovelojjniont of these mines 
18 now ill progrcsa. Many others will bo worked as soon as easily acooBoible. An 
invostmient in a Kaslo lot and in. improving tho B:\mo will bring gocd- results. 

Tho KaBlo-Kootonny. Land Co. control tlu) original townsite. Thoy aro 
offoring all property at reiiaoa."iblo prices and upon oasy tsrms- of pa^taent. All 
inquisiea for particulars will bo proEaptly and fuliy >an8wer»d.. 
Apply to 

ROBT. IRVING, General Agent, 

Oi T. STONE, Ag.enti Victoria, B.C. 

Kaslo, B.C, 



'Wholesale Druggists 




A large quantity oxpocted to 
arrive in March. 


Victoria, British Colombin 


iMPOiiiaca t)» 

Wines and Liquors. 

Wholesale Dry Goods 


Nanaimp Judicial Distrlcti 

Hrs HONOUR tho UoutoDant-HoTemor In 
Council, in virtue of tlio powora vested 
in him by tho "Suproino Court Ainindment 
Act, 1891," has boon pleaand to order that from 
and utter Monday, tho IGth day of April. In- 
stant, tho Jtcgistry for tho Naualmo Judicial 
DiBtrict shall bo oatabllahed in the City of 

By command, 


ProvlDCial Seoretarr» 
Provincial Sooretnry'B Ofllce, 

i2th April, 1894. apl9-lm- 

^sessment Act and Provincial 
Revenue Tax, 

OII'CIC ia lioroby accordance with 
thv Statutua, that PiUTinoial Revenno 
Tax and all taxoa levied under the Assessmeut 
Act aio DOW duo far the year 1894. AU of the 
abovo-neoied taxes colltotable.wlthin the Bleo' 
toral Bistriots of Victoria Oiey.yietoria, Baqnt* 
malt and Coast DistrictBi aro payable at my 

Aascsaed taxes are collootablo at tho follow- 
ing ratoa, vix.: 
If paid on or before Jur? "-iilh. 
One-half of ono per cent, on real property. 
Two per cent, on wild land. 
Ono-tliird of one percenti on personal prop* 

One half of ono per c'cnt. on iiiconio. 
If paid after Juno :i()lh, ISI.i- 
'I'wd thirriH of ono per cent, on real property. 
Two and ouo-half per centi on -wMd land. 
Oue-half of one per cent, on- personal prop- 

Three-fourths of cue pe<- cent, on Iveome. 
Provincial Revenue T&Xi .$810O' per capita 
(Vlotoria City exoeptedjt 


AfsesBor and Collector. 
Jaimnry 2nd. 1891 . apl9<td 

ShowlUfir'tlie Dates and Places of CDurts 
Of Aesize, Nisi PriUB, andi Ojcer and 
TeiTainer, anei General GtoD De3iTer7 
fjr Jio year 189^!. 


Nanalnxx Tuesday Istr Kay. 

New Westminster.. Tuesday 8th May. 

Vancouver. Tuesday.' IfitbMay. 

Clinton Monday 23th May. 

Victoria. Tuoaday 29th May. 

Ifamlooca.i Mcnday 4th June. 

Vernon Monday lltb Juno. 

"Donald... Friday 10th Jano. 

•Nelson Tuoaday lOthi Jane. 

'Speclsli Assise.' 


Lease of Timber Lizsiits. Takush 
Harbour, Smith's Sound. 

SKALKD TENDERS will ho reoei-.-ad by tho 
Honournblo tlio Chief Coniraio?jonor of 
liands 02d Worlia, up to J. o'clock p.m., on 
Monday, tho 2l3t May noxt, from any person 
persons or corporation duly-aulhoriscd in that 
belialf. tat permtsaion to lease the uadenneo- 
tioncd loads for the purpnse oC'cutittug spars, 
:imber or lumber, subJeotito tbo-provisions of 
tho "Land Act," and amondments thereto, 

Lota 3I>, 31, 32. S3, SO, 51 and S3,' Range 3, Coast 
Dietrlot/ containing in the- aggregate, 13,893 


The conipotltor oOasAng the- Hlgfaest cash 
bonus will, subject to tlio.fulfllaiMik of the pro* 
visions of the "Land Act" andi atnendmentSi 
as aforesaid, be ootltlod ■ to a lease of the 

promises for a term, of tweoty-one years. 

Kach tender mnat to accompanied by a certi- 
fied b:irk cliciiuo to cover lha ooat of survey, 
?1,I342.V0. the llrat ycar'd renial. §1 ,».«). 20, and 
tho amount of tho l»nu3 tendered; iind if tho 
person tonderlnK ia not tlio o .vner of a properly 
e(mipped saw-mill iaaomepirt o£ tho Province 
appnrienant to tho limits tendetod for, ho rauat 
eticloao another cortilled cbuciue for $1,389.20, 
as. a Kuarantoo for tho oroatloa of a suitable 
mi/1 within two years. The cheques will be at 
on£o returned to nnaucoeastul competitors. 

W. g. GORB, 
Doputj- Coi !Tnij.;ior.c7 0i)Land8and Works, . 
I.Anrta and Woj-ka-Dopartmoat, 

Vlotoria, B.C., 2ith. April. 1891. ap2T • 

(inoorporatjd by Royal. Charter. IBa'i.) 

':^PITAL (Wltbpoworia Inoroos'j,) £600,000, $2,920,000, 

t:;i3tRVE £270,000, $1,314,000. 



!K:5?JirnHn CoitiMnti.— I tub Unitdd States— 

V10T0RIi!v,VANCOUVKR, NJIW WKST- Nmqnn unwTr a wn 

MiNSTKR, Kanaimo, lujtm^ops awd j 8-*-" fraj^cisco. Portland, 



CANADA— CanniUan Baiik of Commoro", Mo' chiuitB Hank of i, ,%nada Tho Molnona Bank, 
Imposiia Bank of Cunatl.i, and Bank ji Uovn ;?cotla. iN UNITIC.) STAl'SS— Cana- 
dian Bouk oi Commorca (Anenoy) Nr.« York. llnnU ol Nova Scotia. ChlcuBO. AU3- 
TRAUA AND NKV/ ZaALANU-Brjik of AMtralosla, UONOLUIiU-Blshop & CO. 

<S&VIMR<t nftlllf MDfiRTUFIIT DapiKlt» ceooived from Jl opwards. and Intsresn aUonred 
QHf inu» PHWH liCfHW f IWCH 1 1 <pife8enf. rate) at 3J PER CEtiT. PER ANNUM. 

Gold duet puk-onaaod and uvnry diucrlptian ot Banfclug business transacted. 
Vlntorla, Il.O.. July 1. 180.3. n,v 5 GEO. GILLESPIE, MlNAOKB. 


— Olrv'KKS— 

Section 20, Ksoniinalt, sub divided into lota, 
Btxoeta sixty feet wide. Twenty of lol^ 
will bo oll'ered at SlOl oaoli. Also tho un- 
divided half of «nb lot iX) cont-.Jninft about 13 
acroa in all. Thta property h-.w a fron'nRoon 
iCanuimalt Harbor nndAdmir»ra Iload. Thia 
property ia quite oloeo to now Marine railway 
and K. & N. K. R. station, tramoar and propos- 
ed fortiilaitttoos and In'wnded ooal buakors. 

Apply t.» 

icll-tf Ooveruineot Street, 


Tho partnorahlp horotofnro oxlBt.lnff bot-iTeen 
Baniuel KirachborK and Frederick L,andsI>orB, 
o rrj'inK on bualnosf under tho name and 
rttylootthii Victoria J>oan Ollli-o, at I'JS Gov- 
orniiient ntrcot, Vietoriiv, baa been dlsaoivod by 
niuttial conficnt ftoin the datn hereof. 

Mr. Frederick Landsburg will aasuma all 11a- 
bilitiea and coUeetaUa^so^ of the late.- firm, 
and will continue the business on bis' own so- 
count under the name and stylo of tho Viotoila 
Loan Ollleo. 

IJatod lith April, 18111. 

SAMUiClj KIRaciinKUG, 

(By hisattorno- Infact, Frodoriok LandBborg) 
Wltceas^S. PsRRY IIii.tJ9t aplMm 

'Fire Inmranee Policy Act, ISSS'.' 

NO'TIGB: la herein given that Hia HonoD» 
tho IiiautenaDt.Qovemor in OoanoU> hoa 
further poBtpoaed the ooBame&cemenbof "Aa 
Act to secnrs finif orni Conditions ia Polialsa 
of yire Insarance." from tho lat day o^ April, 
1894, until' the 1st day of April, 1895. 

' ProvinoiaJ Socretary. 
Provincial Secretary's OUico, 

SOth March, 1891. folO-td 

Vancouver island. 

A LIj placor olalnv) and loaaoholda In Van. 
couver Taland Jindadiuceiit ialanda loyally 
held may bo laid over from tho 15th day of 
November, 1893,TU>til tbe 1st day of Jobs, 18N, 

Gold Oommlsslaner. 
Vlotoria, B^O„8t;hDooember,t^ (elQ^td 




A Sunday Mnmiuer Blaze in Nanaiiiiu 
Does ])aniag:e to a Larfre 

Tbe Electric Ligbt Works in BninH— 
Serions Accident to a 

Nanaimo, M*y 7. — (Speoiul)— A*; iJ:50 
Sunday morniDg a fire broke out in tho re»r 
of D, C. MuK>:iizin'u furniture store, lo- 
cated at tho west end of I3a3tion street 
bridge. Before 5 u'ulook tho store. Aid. 
Bftlpb Craig'a carnage factory and the 
electric light worka, both adjoining, were 
totally destroyed. The bridge was badly 
burned, und four buildinga on the opposite 
side — a Chinese Uundry, u smull cabin, Bar- 
rutl'd hiirneta factory und Mra. George's 
fruit store — were ulso entirely demolished. 
A moderate estimate of cbo leas is $65,000. 
The insurance all told only amounts to 

The elootrio light stotion whistle and tho 
fire bell sDundcd tho ulitrin, und in a really 
remarkably short liinu the lire hoys were »t 
hand, as well as a largo number of citix<!ns 
ready to assist. But little oould bo done to 
Stop the conflagration. Tho water supply 
was most inadequate, practically uselcFs. 
McKenzie'a furniture store was burnud to 
ashes without the smuUett artiole heinn 
saved, building and contents being v»lued 
a& aboutS9.000. Some fevr riga were huu ed 
out of Craig's factory, but tbe salvage did 
not amoant to a great deal. Their loss is 
placed at between $27,000 and $30,000. 

Tbe eleotrio light works fared no better ; 
noitiing to speak of was sived. Ko attempo 
was made to remove any of the machinery. 
Tho boilers are not injured, but the balance 
of the plant is 80 badly damaged as to he 
praotioiilly valuelesa. Wenbrun's machine 
shop, a frume building, adjoining the light 
works, escaped enliruly, but a valuable 
stock of bicycles Mr. Wonbrun hid stored 
in MclvDDxiu's building wore utterly ruined. 
The bridgo is in a bad condition aud ivill 
coat at leuBt §1,000 to repair. 

Oa tho other side, opposite McKenzio's, a 
Chinese laundry was deiuolibhed, tho occu- 
pants, seveutecn in number, eaoivping in 
their aciinty night apparel ; loss said to ho 
about ?l,,'300. The email cabin adjoining, 
also destroyed, was worth about $100. 

Barrett'a harnees fictory was also com- 
plolely devoured by the flames, but not be- 
fore most of the stock, uninsured, had been 
saved, Mrs. George's store and residence 
mot the same fate, both loeaea estimated at 
about §2,000. 

The fire was practically extinguished by 
6 o'clock, bat all duy long streams of water 
were kept playing on the smouldering 

Tho insurance companies involved are tho 
London and Canadion, §9,000, $5,000 on 
MolvoDzie's fnrniture store and $4,000 on 
Craig's carriage works ; tbe Commercial 
Union, $5,800 on the eleotric light works ; 
Soottish Union and National, $.3,500 on 
Craig'a works ; British America, $2,200 ; 
Phoenix, of London, $2,000 ; and Pnoeni.x, 
of Hartford, $2,000 on tbe eleotric light 
works ; the Royal, of Liverpool, $1,500 on 
Craig'a works. The buildings on tbe south 
side wore not insured, but the loss is trifling, 
about $;i,00(). As before stated, the dam- 
ages to tho bridge will coat about $1,000 to 
repair. As a consequence of tbe blbzo the 
streets of the city were in complete dark- 
ness last night. Arrangements will bo made 
cither with tho N V.C. Co. or the aawiiiill 
for running the arc light Byalom. Special 
constables were Buorn in last evening to 
patrol tho slreL'ts during tho night. 

It is understood that tho Craiga will at 
once set about the erection of now premises. 
MoKenzie has not decided what he will do 
yet, and your correspondent was unable to 
learn what tho intentions of the electric 
light people aro, Mr. Jos. Hunter, M P.P., 
being at Comox. 

For a time it looked as if the fire was 
going to cross the bridgo aud start Commer- 
cial street abla/.3. Ae it happened, Hp'%rka 
sot lire to tho roof ot Mrs. J. Uiral'a house, 
and it wan only owinj; lu the prninpt meas- 
ures taken by a passer-by thai tho building 
was not destroyed. 

A very unfortunate ncmirrenco was the 
terrible accident that befell one of tho fire- 
men, Harry Eastham, who was engaged in 
carrying hose along the lower stringer of the 
bridge, from the east end, when he slipped, 
falling a distance of about fifteen feet on to 
the rooks below, auataioing a severe fracture 
of the akull. Eistham is now lying in u 
critical condition at tho houpitul. lie is u 
married man with three young chiUiren. 

No definite cauae has been aasii^ned for 
the fire. It is generally believed that it 
was caused by sparks from a stove, which 
was in the hack part of McKenzie'd building, 
and was known to have been ligbCed on 
Saturday night. 

'rhi-t , f • rri.oon C'lroner ,i. P. I'lunta 
r|ji.ur.iJ MijU^-si' itili) Sunil.iy'd fire, the 
/olliin-ing jury beini' empanelled : Marcus 
Wolfe (foreman) U. Diiley, J. Caldwell, \V. 
Kedily, A. Sumnerhaya and J. Brown. 
Albert Cetsford, a tinman employed at the 
electric light; stiilion, gave partieulara as to 
the timo ttie firo started, and sivoro that tho 
fire broke out in the sejond story of Mc- 
Kenzie's building. \V. Jarviu, second en- 
gineer at tbe station, corroborated Cess- 
ford's evidence. Other witnestes called 
threw no freab light on tho matter. Tho 
inquest was adjourned for one week. 


To THE Editor : — I have just seen a copy 
of the netr Fishery Beijalations for Bi-itish 

Clanse 1 says : " Fishing by means of 
nets OF any other fishing apparatus what- 
ever, for any kind of fish without a licenso 
from the Minister of Marine and Fisheries, 
is prohibited in any of the waters of British 

This would appear to forbid any kind of 
angling for salmon, trout, flounder, ood, 
sturgeon or halibut, as there does not appear 
to be any provisions for a license in these 

Clause I mokes a clono timo of four months 
with regard to salmnn (i. e., November, 
Ueceinber, January and February). 

Now, Mr. Kditor, I beg to statu that these 
four months cover tho timo when tho very 
best salmon aro running on this coaat and up 
somo of ihu rivers — and the close time bene- 
fits no camierieH — and is really only another 
proof that reculalions of the kind should lie 
drawn up on tho spot, and not thrown to- 
gether haphozvrd by some clerk at Ottawa. 

You olaiin that tho waters of tho province 
teem with fish, but now we are to be tho 
only people in tho world who may nob tako 
a fish without a license. 

I trust the people of Victoria, VaDoonver, 
New Westminster and Nanaimo will take 

Derby Plug- Smoking 
Tobicco Has No Equal. 
Have You Tried It? 

this matter up and inquire through tbeir 
roproseutotivea why they may not have a 
fresh H ilmon for four months in tho year. 

C;.'>o3o 'i say": "No' nets other than 
' lirifc ne't, ' oh'ill bo uaed for. catching ail- 
mnii of iitiy kind," 

How ab.iut the Lowe Inlot, Alert Biy and 
Oardinei'd lidet cajiuericB V la there tome 
special aut with regard to their seine fishing? 

Indians also aro to obtain pormiBsion from 
tho Inspector of Fisheries to catch any lisli 
for their own use only, and for no other 
purpose. So in future tho towns named, 
and indeed tho whole of tho Bettlements on 
tho coast, who have in a great measure de- 
pended on Indians for their supply of fresh 
Uah, ara now to go without. 

I find no provision in tho rtgulationa for 
angling licenses or for Indiana fishing for 
market by spear or lino. Nor is there any 
provision for tbe protection of oysters with 
regard to a close timo ? But perhaps tho 
Fishery Department consider thoy have let 
this no so long that new there are no oysters 
left. Clam. 

Victoria, May 7. 


Work for the Unemployed — Contemplated 
Labor Demonstration— Ulners for Balny 
bake— C'rowu Land Sales. 

WiN'NirEd, May 7. — (Special)— Tho Min- 
isterial AsBooiation has paasod a reaolution 
urging the Council to proceed as early as 
possible with the contemplated improve- 
ments to give work to bona fide residents of 
tbe city who are unemployed. 

It is said that the uuemployod of Winni- 
peg will hold a demonstration this week. 

The appeal of Lieut.-Governor Schultz vs. 
W. F. Alloway, aCfootiDg tho sale of the 
Potter House block for taxes by the city of 
Winnipeg, has been dismissed by the full 

Tho steamers reaching Port Arthur aro 
cirrying many miners and prospectors 
hound for the Rainy Lake district. 

Crown Land Agent Holland has returned 
to Fort Francis from Toronto. Ho sold a 
number of lota in the government town plot 
of Fort Francis while at Port Arthur. 

Tho steamer Monarch reached Port Ar- 
thur yesterday and cleared for Dulutb. 


Market Dull— Trading Entirely Profeesioual 
—A Number of Houses With* 
oat Orders. 

New York, May 7. — Tbe week opened 
with o dull market at tho Stock Exchange, 
and tbe total sales were only Iu7,l."i7 shares, 
of which 9i,2S0 were listed and C'2.857 un- 
liattd. Sugar alono figured for over 50,000 
shares. Tho trading was entirely profea- 
sional, and a number of commercial houses 
were practically without orders. Tho 
" bears " made several attempts to 
depress the railway list. Prices rallied 
quickly after each attack, and it was 
not until just previous to tho close that thoy 
mot with tho slightest degree of sucqcss. 
Tho report then gained currency that the St. 
Paul Co. was about to make a new ii^suo of 
bonds and the stock declined from OIJ to 61. 
Tho report was denied, and it was then 
stated that the company had disposed of tho 
balance of ^general mortgage -i per cent, 
bonds held in its treasury for a long time. 
The reaction in sympathy with St. Paul 
was only I to h per cent. Sugar fluctuated 
frtquenlly, ranuing from 105.? to 1073, 
closing at 100!^. Lead, after an eaily ad- 
vance from 40g to 40|j, declined to .')9;' on 
advices from Washington that tho larili' 
schedule bad been again amended and that 
1 be ohan(;ea were less favorable to the trust. 
Gciii>rnl Eleotrio fell off 1^ to 37i and rallied 
to 37.^. Western Union, Distillers and 
Chicagii Gas wpre firm, closing with net 
gains of J to ij per cent. Louisville &. 
Nashville, New York Central and American 
Tobacco closed at declines of ^ to 1 per 
cent. Speculation left ofi' tame and barely 
steady in tone. 

Rnrilnrk Itlniiil Itlllerii euro Dyapep.sin. 

ICiirilorli Biooil Jliltors cure < Nmsi ip ition. 

Kiiriliii-U nlood liitloiscuro liilioii.-iie.-H. 

Itiirtlocli liiiiixl i:tilrrH cure 1 leadaclii.'. 

Iliirdiii'U CIixKl KlIlirH unlock all tho 
olotiKed seeroi iuii.s of llie Jiowel.-i Lliii.') cwrioK 
lleaiiaclio luid similar eoiiiiilaiiits. 

Ladies — Hinde s curling pins at Fox's. 

$500 REWARD. 

WIIKltlC.VS on the nixlit of :ii)th March last, 
Mr VV. J. AIo>;KriclKe. of the Hellu .Mead 
Krnit Farm. New Westminster District, wan 
shot and aerioufly wounded and robbed of a 
watch and chain and other articles and money 
by two or more masked persons ; 

Tho Province of British Columbia hereby 
oirers a reward ot 93QO 00 for such Information 
na will load to the s pprehension and ccnvictiL ii 
of the princlpol oiTondor. 

In case tbo offender bo brought to Justice 
throngh information furnished by and lenilinK 
to inoulpato the Informant as an accomplice or 
acceasory, such Informant wUl bo recommend, 
ed to the clemency of the Kxecutlvo, 
F. 8. HUdSKY, 
Snporintendont of Provincial Police. 
Victoria, B.C., May «th, 1801. myS 

In tbeSupreme Conrt of British Columbia, 

la the Matter of the Windinff-Up Act 

and Amending .&cta, 
And In the Matter of the Victoria Iron 

Works Company, Limited. 

Tho timo for scttllnu tin UhL of contrlhn- 
toriuH and adjuriicalitiK upon I ho claiiuH cf 
creditors ot tlio Company has hoen enlanjud to 
Fiiday. May 11th. atUa.m.. and the place ap- 
pointed is Mr. Justice Drake's Chambers, at 
tho L'vw Courts, Victoria. 

May &tb, lliill. 

myS fit Deputy KeRltti'ar. 


Th-^y are not .a liul an: tlu; best .m-,li,' 
l.iH.wn for liili,m:,n,-.., 1 1 r.i,i..,-ho, Conslip.a ion, I) 
llHlii;,-sli,.i, Pin.pU:., Hallovvnuss a,»l :.ll i 

*.nU Yuiir ItruKKlit I'or 'riiciik. 

ATERNITY ato Samaritan) Homo, ro- 

moved to larger promlaos, at 19U John- 

Bon street. Applicants please apply at the 
Homo, or to Mrs. HlctRlns. Oadboro Bay Boad, 
or to Mrs. rinmerfclt. Gorge Road. felO 

m 1 

37 Government Street, Corner of Broughton. 

Loans Effected, Rents and Income Collected, Deeds 

Prepared, Etc., Etc. 

About 1000 Acres of which is Ploughable Prairie of First>cla3s Quality. 

T T 1 (more of less) Oowa, Steers, 2-year olds, etc., etc., (about 60 or 
I 20 JTxcaQ more to oalve this spring), 1 pedigree Hereford Ball (rising 

g years. 

7 IVIareS *° ' stalllon), l Horse, Pigs, Ohiokens, etc 

PI i^i 1 rfU c Wo yff\\TTC I^O'^P'"', Fanning MUl, Wagon, Sleds and usual 
JrlOUgnS, n arrows, Farm Implomonta. 

T~\^,,l_1_ TT „ ^„ „r,r. Chain Harnoaa, Bull Chains, Saddles (ladles and 
JL/OUDie narneSS, genfa), Bridies, etc. 

Slacksmiths' AnvU and Tools and Carpenters' Tools. 

^ "P Ui-»iici£» (shingle roofed; Stable for 10 horses, with loft 

y-iVOOm nOUSe above; Stone JRoothouse, Store Buildings, Dairy, 

Cow Shoda, etc., etc. 

(about) Standliif^ Fonco.'i, In good ordor; Oorralla, 10 miloa barbed 
4 -LVllicS ^ire and atuploo; [sibottt 2,500 Poata on tho ^roaad, ready for use, 
etc., etc. 

Small Lot Household Furniture, or4.g"'utfS 

Crookerjr, etc., etc. 

T*!,!™ T^fr^r^afi-tT 1" wlthfn easy dlatanco of many of the moat Important 
i niS rrOperLy Goia, SlU-er and Coal Minos in Woat Kootonay. Tho 
population of thia dlatrtct will Incrciso this yen.r by at lease 10,000; tho aroa of farm 
land ia very limited, and from this It may bo fairly asserted that boof and all claaaoa 
of fikrm produce will find a ready and lucrative market. Tho soil ia the bent bottom 
land, and tbe locality is one of the few places in the Province vrhero so large a piece 
of good farm land can bo fonnd in one blook. A rirer runs through tho property, and 
rainbow trout are plentiful and afford capital sport. Deer abound in considerable 
numbers. Boar, Wolf, Coyote and other largo game are to be fonnd in the fulls. 
Thcro are two croek.R recorded and belonging to tho eatato, one flows all the year 
round. LtmeBtono and brick clay are to be had in tbo valley. 

aro well bred ; a much larger herd could be farmed with the 
pla,co. Tho bunch grass on the bills in the vicinity ocverB 

The Cattle 

many thonaandB of acres, and la available to the few land owners in tho vaileyi. 
All buildings and fences about the farm are a good order, and farming ope» tlojos 
can bo gone on with at once ; about 180 acres of ploughing have been, so far, pro- 
vided for this year's work. 

'T'1 /^limaf<=» ^ not severe, the land being about 1,100 feet above soa 
J. ne V_^llIIiai,e le^el 5 the station was for many years the winter quarters 
of the H. B. Co.'s pack trains. There is a weekly express in and out. Goods and 

supplies at wholesale can be procured on order and delivered in 48 hourn. 

'X'L T^ifl/a by grant from the Grown, and is free of all encnmbrancas. 
J. ne J. 1 tie immediate possession can be given. 

I I. . T? oIKir-axr "orka are now In progress within mr^derate 
mpOnani XVclli Wdy distance, and two railway lines have been run 
to pass cose to or through the estate, which can be reached in the spring in three 
days' journey from Victoria. 

The South West Kootenay District, ^'^dSng 

from tho actual ore products of the mines this winter, is destined in tho next year 
or two to become one of the richest and most important mineral centres in the 
world. Statistics show, that although the district Is in its primary atagOj the 
mines have developed ore veins rich enough to warrant the investment of over 
million dollars. When these mines come to be worked systematicallyt there 
will bo an 

Influx of Population, d^e^in^rg"q'l»ntitfefc ^^Thelhn^tea 
qnantity of really good farm land in the district to supply these requirements 

makea thia 

To any person or corporation having the capital and knowledge necessary to develop and work this estate. A store, hotel 

and blacksmith shop could be run In connection with the farm. 

JP- O. JBOiX: XS8. 


In the matter cf the Quieting Titles Act ard In the matter 
of the Title of Jamei Isbiiter to Lot Number 11, part 
of Suburban Lot 55i Eiqulmalt Dlitrlct,accordlngto 
Map 10, depoaited In the Land Registry Office, Vic- 
toria, British Columbia. 

NOTICK is lioruby Knx'n lhat .I iiiu'a iHbiator, 
ot Ihr. villiiKi! of Kyquinmll, liriMHti Col- 
ur\ibia. on tho IH'.li duy of Kiihruary, lt-'i!l, ap' 

Elied under tlio Qulotinu 'i'ii.lcju Act, for :\ 
loolaration of 'iitio to Lot Niiinhor 11, 
part of .yuburbiin IjOt 55. Ki"i|uiiiialt Dia- 
irlcL, according to Mao Numbord 10, 
(h'liiHit ud in tbe t,and BoKlstry Olllce, Viotorln, 
llii'i ih Columbia, and ho has Hied a petition 
luid iirnducrd ovldcnco boforo tho Ilonourablo 
Mr. Jnalicu Walkom. wlioroby bo aiipoiirH lobu 
tbii Ic'Kid Hiid bcnollciid owner of I lio l(inil 
in foil HirnpUt In poaaoHuion. Any pornon Imvint,' 
or clniiiiirv; any tltlo or IntoreaL in llii) aaid land 
or anv imrl, Ihiireof. la reqiilrod on or buforo Ihu 
liUli duy of July, )S!U. to lUo a HUilinnmit of hla 
idnim, vorided by allklavil, with tliu UeKi^<l rar 
(if tlio Hupri ino Court, of Hritiab Columbia, at 
Victoria, nnd to borvo a notice ihoroof on Mr. 
AlanS. Dnmbloton. fil ) nnKloy 81., Violori.i, 
H.O., 80 Icitor for the potiiioucr, and in default 
ot BO doing, ovory auch claim will bo barred and 
the said Jamex Jeblatcr will be declared the 
logal and beneflciid owner in foo simple in pos 
seeslon of tho Bnid iiitco or parcel of land free 
from all rlghla, interoflts, clnlma and doninuda 
whatever, exf.opt and Bubjcct to tho i eaerva- 
tiona In tho '.",'ird Section of tho aaid Act, ami 
therein numbered reapoctlvoly (a) and (b). 
Dated this lOlh day of April, 18!H 

Approved, Solicitor for tho fotjlionnr. 

Qko, a. Walkem, J. apll-td 

A preventativG and 
an absolute cure for 
Con^'hs and Colds, 


Sold l)y Druggists 
and Confectioners, 
5 cents. 


mmn W3a ■ '£.'(i i? U. ^iftaMk B 



Builders' Hardware. 

Loclci, lliiit^cfi, Kaila, Saeli Wciglita, 
Cord Fanl eiiorii, Lifta, I'ulla, Uuoka, 
Bolta. IJracUuta, utc. 

Loggers' Supplies. 

Double and Single Bitted Axes, Cross 
Cut mid FoUirif; Siuva, Cant llonlca, 
Poavica, U.t Bows, Coad Sticku, Lo^ 
Ruloa, Boot Caulka, Chuius, utc. 

Mechanics' Tools. 

All kinds of Blaoksmiths' and Car- 



Toara, Farm nnd Spring Wagona. 



Biigyioa, Surroya, Gladstones, Ken- 

aiii;,'Luiis and I'liaotoiia. 

Farm Machipery ana 

Biiidora, Mowers, Rakos, Plows, 
Harrow.^, Seed Drills, Cultivators, 
Forks, Spadoa, Hoes, oto., etc. 


In great variety, including SpRATDra 
Outfits fob Obohabds. 


Water and Qas (s^Ivanizedand blaolr), 
Pipe Fittings and Brass Gooda. 

Iron and Steel. 



Dump, Road and Speeding Carta. Plates, Bars and Hoops. 


■ .aol 



A full stock of GROCERIES, consisting in part, of the best brands of Flour, 
Bacon and Beans. Also Mining Outfits, Hardware, Boots and Shoes, Ready- 
made Clothlngi Hats, Dressed and Rough Lumber, Shingles, etc. mrU-em-d&; 

Fimoral Dipectop^Emljalffler 


Tho lartcest and beat appointed tJndor- 
tokliiK UatabUsbment in tho Provluoo. 



Ask Your Grocer for Iti Have No Other. 

M.\FOir.\CTUIU:D nv 

Red Crown Roller Mills, 


rriHE Band of tbo British Oolnmbla Qatrliion 
J- ArtlUory IsopenforoDgagementSi AppU.' 
cations in wrltioK may be made t^the 

i»I)2Mw At tho Drill Hall. 


Pltman'B ByBtom, taught In twentyflve lea* 
sons for %2S, Proflclenor Gnaranteed. Apply 
0.D.8,, 63 John St., Rook Bay. apU 


TUESDAY, MAY 8. 1891. 


Thb OoiiONisi PBDrama & Pdbushino 


W. B.' BLua, 


A. a. Saroibon, 

tutionto the aatiafaotion of the ratepayers j amount paid as pensions in 1865 was 528, 



Per yoftr (poataao freo to any part of 

Canad.i) SIO 00 

P.irui of a yonr at the same rate, 
pgr week (U uolivered) _ 25 


Per year (postusro free to any part ot tho 
Uoniinion orlho Uuitod States) ? 2 00 

Six iiioniliB 1 25 

Throo mouLha 75 

Snbwrlptlons In all ca303 aro payable strictly 

in advance. 


Rkgulah COMMKitciAL Advkutisinq na dia- 
tlnRuishoa froii) ovoryihiiig ot a transiunt char- 
not oi^thM la to aay, advurtlaing referrliiK to 
rcK' Morc'.ntUo and ManufaotntiDK BubI- 
r,i,LU, (} vorntncnt and Land Notloeb—pttbllBhed 
at tliu folIowhiK- rates: Per line, eoUd non- 
tjin il, thiidunulon ot publioation to bespcci 
fletl ut iho tiiiid ot ordoiing adTertlaemonte: 

Moio than oiio fortulght and not more than 
ouo mom h, W) coma. 

Moro ih vn oiu; woiik and not nioro than ono 
torii-.lKlii. Ill '•-■111^. 

Not inoro lliua o:)0 wcok, 30 cents 

No iidvoriiscniunt under thia claRsincallo'i 
inserted for 1 than $2.fi0, and acoopted only 
for every day inaortlon. 

Thiiitrioal advortisoments, 10 cents per Uno 
eaoh icsortlon. . , . 

Advortlaemonta nnoooompanied by epeoiflc 
Instructions Inserted till ordered out. 

.i^dvertlaomoats dlBOontl need before expira- 
tion of HDcolftl period will be cnarged aa If 
oontlnuod tor full term. 

L.ibonil allowaaco on yearly and half-yearly 

Wkbkly Advertiskmknts— Ten cents a 
line solid Nonpareil, each Insertion. No odvor- 
Usonicnc Inaortod for Icaa than 82. 

Transiknt ADVEHTitiiNH— Per lino aolld 
nonpareil:- Kir;'i ii;borLioii, 10 cents ; each aub- 
Boquonl, coiisocutivo inacrUon. n ceula Advor- 
tlaon.unla not inKorled ovc ry day, 10 cents per 
lino each inaortlon. 'No advertlsoinent Inserted 
for leaa tlian 31.50 

Bring Three Coupons and 10 cents. 


Masterpieces from the Art Galleries 

of the World, 

If by mail, Throo Coupons and 12 cents 


Our ealecnied correapoudent " Clam " 
quotes the first clause of the new Fishery 
K?gulation8 for British Columbia. It is as 
follows : 

" Fiabing by means of nets or any ether 
fishing apparatus whatever, for any ktnd of 
liih without a liccnee from the Itliniater of 
il .rino liv.d Fieiieries, is prohibited in '.\ay 
of tho witerg of British Columbia." 

Tho it i:ic3 ;ire oura. There surely must 
be a niial.'.kb in this clause. It is 
hardly to ba supp-.ised that the boy who goes 
fishing for tomniycods or flounders, or the tired 
citiz*-n who lakos a trip to Shawnipian L^ke 
to spend a few hours ILihiog for trout, nceda 
a llcinao Iroin tho Minluter of Maricio and 
Fiahi ri-.^n. It ciiinot he poaaible that the 
poor fiaherinan who tiiheafor herring or cod- 
fish or any oiber fish within three miles of 
the ahoro must apply to the Marine and 
Fisheritifi Dfp vrtnieot in Ottawa for a license, 
Lioensea (or aiicli lijhinf^ aro not re(iuiroJ in 
any of the Eistura M.iiitimo Provincca of 
tho D.)miui'iu und it ie dillicult to under- 
stand why ihoy ahould bo required 
here. Our correspondent, who hue an 
' «xtensive knowledge of both river 
and sea fishing in thia trovince, evi- 
dently believes that tho regulations were 
drawn up by bomc one who knows nothing 
about tho conditiona under which fishing is 
carried on in tho waters of British Colum- 
bia. And he no doubt Is right. Wo truat 
that we shall soon hear what this retjulation, 
requiring everyone who fishes with any 
Icind of apparatus for any kind of iish to 
take out a lioenae, means, and bow it is to 
he applied. 


Tho ralcpiycra of tliia city in a week from 
tT-diiy will 1)(3 rtijiiired to vote on a by-law 
empowfiriDR the Corporation to raise the 
sum of 535,000 to pay ofif tho debt of the 
Jubilee Hospital. It is evident that the 
time has arrived in which the city must 
ohoose between building a hospital of it- 
self and acquiring tho right to iiae tho 
Jubilee llf)riiit;tl for its own purposea. 
Every ycar'a experience 8bo-//a that tho 
city nceda a hospital, and also that it would 
bo folly to depend upon tho voluntary oon- 
trkbntions of oitizena and others to main- 
tain one which both as to size and equip- 
ment would supply tho proannt and future 
need of tho city. To build und tquip 
such n hospital would require a 
very conaidcrable sum of money, 
and tho expense of maintaining it for the 
exoluaive use of the oitizena would be more 
than the city, under present oiroumatanoeB, 
could aCTord. Bcaidos, there is no necosaity 
for incurring thia lieuvy oxpenso. Tho 
Jubilee Hospital is already built and in 
oporation. It is amply sufficient both as to 
staff and acoommodation for the require- 
ments of the city. A ooroparatlvely Bmall 
aum will give the city what may be oon- 
aidercd a proprietary interest in tho catab- 
lishment and an inflaential voice in ita 
management. A moderate annual contri- 
bution will afterwards be sufficient to cn- 
flure to the indigent sick of the city the 
aoopmmodation and attendanoa It affords. 

it is, therefore, from all points of view, 
better to ulilir.o tho hospital already in 
operation than to build anJ maintain a City 
Hospital. We do not think that there will 
be any real diiffioulty in maasgiiig the inati. 

of the city. It will be to the interest of all 
oonoerned to hnvo it conducted as 
economically as pnasiblo consistently with 
efficiency and the comfort of tho patients. 
The Province having an interest in it, so 
far from being a drawback, will lighten the 
burden for the City and make it easier fortho 
directors to have the hospital supplied with 
everything that such an institution requires. 
We feel euro that tho ratepayers will readily 
vote the money required, for they must see 
that they can by no other way meet tho 
obligations they are under to provide for the 
indigent sick and the victims of anoh aooi- 
dents as are constantly occurring in towns 
of tho eizo of Victoria, so satisfactorily and 
with so little expense as by acquiring an 
interest in the Jubilee Hospital. 


Wo have often wondered what possible 
objection intelligent American oitizena can 
have to their Government's extending its 

aasiatanco towards tho construction of tho 
Nicaraqua Canal. That waterway when 
conatructod muat bo of audi immanao bene- 
fit to the United Stutos, tliat it is a matter 
of wonder why Cougrcaa heuitates to give 
those who are engaged in its construction 
all the help they need. 

A lato number of tho St. Paul Pioueor- 
Preaa statcj tho obj'jctioca to giving Govern- 
mont aid to tho work in very atrong terms 
iiuieed. Thoao objeotiocB may bo valid, 
but they do not pluco tiiu public mou and 
the business men of the United States m a 
favorable light. The objection which this 
very reapcetablo newspaper has to Congreaa 
empowering tho CJoverument to guarantoo 
tho bonds of tho Nicaragua Canal Company 
is, to atatu it pliiiuly, that iho Company 
would raise tho money on tho bonds, put it 
in their own pockets and leave the Canal 
uo nearer completion than it is at present, 
That ia to sjy, it considers that tho 
Company, a leading member of which ia 
Senator Morgan, ia nothing bettor than a 
band of robbers. It denounces tho project 
a3 " The Biggest Swindle Out," and goes on 
to say : 

It is reported that Mr.' Cleveland ia 
anxloun to wipe out tho recollection of his 
Hawaiian failure by pushing through con- 
greaa, with all his might, tho Nicaragua 
canal job. Ac any rate. Senator Morgan ia 
ready with hia report in tavor of having the 
ta.xpaycra of tho United Statea make a 
present of S100,OOU,Oyo to a big conatruc- 
tiun eonip:iny, and Mr. Clrveland haa pub- 
licly und oliiuially favored the aivindle. Wo 
do not think it possible to speak in terms of 
reprobation too strong of this wretched pro- 
poaition to ontanglo tho United Statea once 
more with a ooloaaal and collapsed private 
enterprise. Tho linea of jobbery aro so 
plain, the purpose and inevitable outcomo of 
it all aro ao certain, that not even the most 
rampiint jingoism oan make asueoessful pre- 
tense of defending thoechemoon the ground 
of public policy. 

This is strong oncugb certainly and harsh 
enough in its judgment of American public 
men and American projectors, but there is 
more of tho aanie oort. The Press justifies 
ita sweeping denunciation of United Slates 
oitizena occupying high places in the Repub- 
lic and in the bnainess world, by a refer- 
ence to the way in which the Government 
hia been treated by the Paoifio railroada. It 

Oar experience with the Paoifio railroad 
companies shoald have settled that for all 
time to come. It is clear that the same 
thing will happen at Nicaragua, aa it iaihat 
night will follow day. Tho ground ia all 
ready for I he same harveat. A bankrupt 
company, a great onfanizad ring of tho 
aharpeot miuiipulator.s in the country, hid- 
iiit! behind tho cms'iuotion plan, a aelii'mo 
to hurrali through a gu.iriintio of $100,000,. 
(iOO bunda, uell them, fcteal the prooeeda and 
le;ivo tho canal prae ic illy where it ia and 
the n.-.tion suddlod w ith its debt— tliia ia tho 
great swindle that ia being pushed toward 
Huccesu by the intluenceu moot powerful at 

If this is the opioion which the people of 
the United States entertain of their leading 
men in politioa and in buuincaa, it is not sur- 
prising that they object to Stuto aid being 
given to tho conatruclion of tho Nicaragua 
ciinal. We trust that matters are not so 
bad as the Pioneer- Press represents. There 
are turoly men whom they can truat to 
oirry out a work of thia kind to completion 
honestly, and there muat bo waya of so 
scouriDg the moury roali/, <d by the guuran- 
teed bomla that tlie conipiny could not 
steal it If it svcro disposed to do so. If the 
grants to the Faolfio railways' were loosely 
given, and if the United States Government 
was slack in insisting on its rights, it does 
not follow that the Nicaragaa business 
should be as loosely done and curried out 
with the same laxity. Vto may bo wrong, 
but we strongly suapect that there ia some- 
thing behind tho violence of the I'ioneer- 
Preaa that it finds it convenient to keep 

.SSTiSOO. It would naturally be supposed 
that ufter a few years the pensioners would 
become fewer. Many whose health had 
been undermined during the war, and many 
who had been sufiering from serious wonnds 
would, in tho natacal aourae of events, die. 
But the opposite of this has bedn the oate in 
the United States. Tho veterans of tho war 
and thoir holplcaa relatives have boon moat 
tenacious of life. They have, in fact, gone on 
incroaai ng during tha laal twenty-eight years 
until they now number more than four times 
as many aa they did in 1865. In 1893 there 
were 966,012 names on the pension roll, and 
tho sum paid thoni wus S1;jG,740,-1C7. This 
year, wo aro told, tho roll is larger btill, and 
the number of applioatioua for now pensions 
ia incredible. In aovon months of last year 
no fewer than 55,899 applications were sent 
in to the Pension office. According to the 
last report of tho Commissioner, there are 
711,150 claima, original and for incroaao, to 
bo acted upon. Harper's ^V eekly aaya that 
"the number of names un the pension roll, 
not counting the applioanta, ia muoh larger 
than Was the number of men in active aer- 
vice ut any period of the war. We are pay- 
ing more for pensions than all other nations 
together. Our pcnaion expenditure is 
l\o;ivior thiui the expenditure of the 
hvrgeat military power on earth for ita 
military cHt.ibliiilHnenl." 

Tho United States haa p.\id in tho aggre- 
gate for pensions alooe between the years 
ISGI and 1893 §1,576,503,544, and the end 
is not yet. Tho probability is that before 
tho last pen.<<ion ia paid too pesiaioiicrs will 
have drawn aa much more from tho 'i' 
ury. It i!i believed thiit tho pensions bi fore 
they aro all paid will have coat the Uuited 
Statea at least as much as the whole war 
debt amounted to, and perhaps a good deal 

How mucli of thia ol\ipendoaa ouni will 
have been piid to tlioee who have valid 
claims on tho United States will never be 
known. It ia quito likely that not more 
than one-fourth of those who have been 
drawing pensions for the military service of 
themeelvrs or their relatives have an equit- 
able right to tho money. The pension at- 
torneys formed thenieelves into a powerful 
combination. This is what Harper's Weekly 
saya of them : 

As the peuaion attorneys cot richer, they 
bcoatno greedier, more daring und more 
powerful. They organized a manufactory 
of public opinion. Ibrough organizitions of 
veterans and tbrongh newspapers eetab- 
lished for the purpose they assumed to 
speak in tho name of tha soldiers and to de- 
mand of Congress more and more extrava- 
gant pension legialation to open for them 
new fields for booty. In Congress they 
found little if any resistance. There is no 
more brilliant illustration of the politician's 
abject cowardice than tho puccoesion of pen- 
sion laws aakcd for by soldieiB at the iuati- 
gation of the attorneys, and obaiquioualy 
granted by our Congretsmcn. 

It seems to us that in one way or another 
tho American people are paying a very high 
price indeed for demooratio institutions. 
Scoundrels and cranks who oan command 
votes, no matter what policy they advocate, 
can find men to nerve them slavishly in the 


The New York Times haa been directing 
public attention to tho enormous pension 
scandal of iho United States. Never before 
were the generosity and tho patriotism of a 
people 00 impudently and to such an im- 
mense extent imposed upon. 

The pension policy of the United States 
has created and fostered a vast army of un- 
principled Bcoundrels, tho sole objaot of 
whoao oxiatenco is to defraud the people. 
Tho politicians, when they have not made 
common oauao with tho robbers of tho 
nation, have in the most cowardly manner 
failed to oppose barefaoed imposition, which 
it was their bonnden duty to resist. Thoeo 
who ought to Iiave been the guardians of tho 
public purse, in the most poor spirited and 
unfaithful way]| permitted tho thieves to 
steal from it until there was literally not a 
dollar loft, Tho figures of the pension 
fraud are most extraordinary, and will show 
future generations how easy it was for a 
horde of unprincipled agents to cheat a great 
nation when the fear of loalug votea waa 
skilfully ua'id to eilenoo and to paralyse tho 
roprosontutivea of tho people. 

When the war oloaod the number of pen- 
sioners on the rolls waa 262,137. The 


Guarantee (Capital and Assets ...$5,420,133.00 \ New Insurance Written, 1893...$3,917,S43.q0 
Cash Ineome, 1893 982,400.00 | Insupanee in Force 24,430,781. 

HON. SIR W. P. ROWLAND, O. B., K. 0. M. G., President. 
W. 0. MAODONALD, Actuary. J. K. MAODONALD, Man. Director. 



I'reniluma S70:i,lK» 37 

Annuities 7,81$! 7a 

S00,881 12 

Lcsa Re-Aisuranoo Prem- 
iums 4.S79 08 

Interest and Rents (net). .. 

It Is not what Its proprietors siy. but what 
Hood's .-<ar8aparilla does, that tells the siory of 
its merit. Hood's Sarsaparilla Cures. 

Drink Victoria-FlioMiix Bock Beer. 

lean bitihly praise Burdock Ulocd lllttera 
because It had a ralr trial In my case with 
woodorful success. My symptomB were dropsy, 
backache and sleopletsncss, aed all these dln- 
appcared after using two bottleaof Burdock 
Blood Bitters. I cannot praiao lis iieaiint; 
powoiB too highly. 

Gkoroina I1o]..mi;s. 
Wood l^oint. r-ackvdlu. N.B. 

Just arrived, shipment or 
Timothy and White Top 
Clover Hay, at ref.rfonablo 
rates; Seed Potatoos, iS^c, at 
W B. 8YliVB3TBR'a, 
9 and 10 City Market. 





Clarsnee Block, Cor. Yates and Dougiu Sti, 
t^r OPEN AIjL night 




"By a Lhorou;(h kTinwloilKO of the natural 
%wa \vlil,-h Kovern the oiiiM'al.ionH of diKcatior 
anil ii.iirition, iii.d by a (;arefnl aiipUeation ol 
tlio line iii'opinl ies of wtll-Heleoi ed (Joeoa. vir 
ItppH IniM i.n-oviib.'il for onrbri;altfaMt ami suinjoi 
a delicaloiy llavored bovenuju wliioli may aavc 
ni.-itiy heavy ooctois' blllH. It U by tho 
judlcioMB uao of uuc.h articles of dioi that a con- 
Biltution may ho Kradually tiuilt up until strong 
onouKh to roblat every tandonoy to disoaso 
lIuiMlreilH ot Hubtllo maladies are floating 
around na ready to attack wherever there is a 
weak point. Wo may oacftno many n fatal 
Bha'l l)y kc'^pl^i; oiir.-<elveH well fortified with 
pure blood and a properly nourished frame."— 
Civil .Sorvico Gazelle. 

Made simply with bolUnp! wator or milk. Sold 
only In half-pound tinu by Urooers, labelled tluia: 
JAMES EPPS & Co., Ltd,, Homccopaihic Chcmlit!, 

Londorii tnuland, 

1DR PRIir 




7 von r.o CKNTS. 






The partnorahlp heretofore existing botwe<*n 
M G iJrammond and F. h. M. Bcoumont, car* 
rylnn on businoss as Stock-rnlBorH, under the 
firm numo of Boaumimt & Lrummond. at Cliil- 
coiln, Britiah (Jolunibia, was on tho I5th No- 
vember, 18!l;!. dlaaolvod by mutual ounaont. 

All claims against tho latu ilrm to be sent to 
M. a. Urummond, Ubllcotin tiancb, UbUcottn, 
B,0. ap27-10t 

700 505 01 

185.81)1 8(1 

8!i82,;ii!ll 1) ) 


K.xpcnsos, Salaries and Commiaelons, 

y\ gents. Doctors, Solicitors, eto.....9187,0» 77 
Annuities (Ijlfo?3,511.75. Temporary 

S25,O"O.C0) 30,51175 

neath Claima (net' 8191.031 78 

Endowment Claima GiXA'i 00 

Surrend(^red I'olleie.-f MI.GiO 74 

IJividcnda (Cash and T.K'a) Ui.8o9 51 

Dividends to Stockboldora 

and Civic Tax 


350,171 03 

15,250 82 
398,110 53 

¥1)82,399 00 


Mortgages $1 

1)0 b cnturea and Qorernment Stock 

lioal Estate 

Loans on Stock and Debentures... 

Loans on Company's Policies 

Flro Premiums duo fiom Mortgag. 


Advancea to AKent.'i, e'c , on Seon- 
il'.y of Sularioa and for Travel- 
lint; Kxponaoii 

Sundry Current Accounts 

Caih in Banks, 387,131.71; at II. 0., 
.-ST'.W 55 

Outstanding Promlunia.Si:i7,S.53 Oil 

Uoforrod Premiums 37.530 22 

8175.338 28 

Less lO: : for oolloctlon . . 17,538 82 

(Ueaorvo Ihpreon in- 
cluded In UabllltU-s,! 
Interest and Rents duo and ao- 

i,lC0.2U3 83 
450.183 31 
997,151) 82 
121,751 13 
105,253 72 

6,733 62 
6,873 87 

3,G08 Ifl 
1,838 tW 

157.819 18 


Assurance and Annuity Funds.... 91,001,108 00 

Loaaca by Death accrued (not ad- 
justed) 33,061 85 

Fees, Dootora. Dlreotoia, etc g,S06 91 

Oanltal Stock paid np 100,i 00 00 

Dividend duo Januai y let, 1801 .... 7,500 00 

To PoUoyhoIdora for bal/inco de- 
clared Proflia (Cash and T il's).. 73 f% 93 

Cash Surplus above all Llabilitiea. 291,i(i9 32 

51.520,1,33 01 

Caali .Suriiliia above 

all lilubllitlea $291,46!) 82 

Ciipltal Stock paid 

upas above 100,000 00 

Capital Stock anb- 

Bcrlbed, not called 

In 900,000 00 

Totiil Surplus secur- 
lO-i-Ti-m 10 for I'oUcyhold- 
ioj,,33 ju §1,291,409 32 

For particulars re the Association's NEW UNCONDITIONAL AOOUMULiATIVB POLICY see 

Qoneral Agent Vancouver Island, 
OF? SUB AGENTS- lOO Government street, victoria. 

MHSSEiS. :H'LIiq-'r & IPKOSSOR. Broad Street. 
"W. I3A.ITJ3'^, 32 Port Street myl a7t-wlt 

Tk ilritisli Columlia Sugar Mmi Co 





r P. FISHBR. Newspaper Adrertldng 
Lj, Agent, 21 Merchants' RiohanKe, Son 
Krnncisco, la our authorized Agent, Tnis paper 
la kept on file in his ofllco, ieS 


of Broad street and Trounce avenue, 
Established 18(32. tel 

or Till; lIIflllK.ST QU.VLITV. 

< VppUoablo to Lots of not loss than lu barrels or equal.) 


Powdered, Icin^ and, in bbls 53?. por lb 

Paris Lump.s, in bbla. or 100 lb. baija. .53c. do. 
OranolaLed do do ..IJo do. 

YellowH, according to quality,do..33 to U do. 
l»)-lb. kgs, Jo more, i-bbla. Ic moro, bxs, Jomoro 

"0 >?a!. Barrels 21 cents per lb 

10 gal. KcKS 2J do 

5.i.:al. do S2.00 each 

l-^al. Tins , 81.25 por caao of 10 

J-gal. do 5.76 do 20 

Payment bv apot cash. All prices subject to change wUhout notice. 
Special terms (or lots of 100 barrels and upwards. 


TO THB PUBLIC — We guarantoo for our Sugars absolute purity. Every do>ler knows 
tho7 aro soperlor to any others in the market. Compabr and Dkcioe for 'Yooksklvkb. 

(tolmie estate ) 

And Intersected by Douglas, Quadra and Cook Sirestii 


Ever placed upon the marketi and the terms cannot be excelled. 

Inspeet our Lists of City and Farm Properties Befiire Closing a Deal. 





B; leavliiK roar orders (or Additions, 
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Carpenter and Builder, 
10 Broogbton Street. 


Cheaper tha ever. 


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LeKlslallvo Block. (3overnniont Buildings, 

.Janioa Bay. (oU 


Smith & Co. 67 Fort streot. Factory 91 
Niagara street. P.O. Box 289. Tolophone 
J21. ■ fol 

Marshall haa removed to !)1 View streot, 
betwoon Blanchard and (Ju »dra atroota, 
whe'ro all who roquiro droea and mantle 
umkinn; can have lUeir garmenta made In the 
moat faahionable atylo. and perfectly fitted, 

Dealers In Hay. Oats, Flour, etc. OiQca 
and warehouse. 125 Oovernment street. M 



Member of the .Mining Society of N.9. and 
tl'.o OeoloBic'd Aasociation of Kngland; assays 
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mlnir,(4 and milling a epoclalty. Whetham 
Block.Cordova street. Vancouver, R C. rap28-lm 


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graphic material, views of British Columbia 
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Same Block— Maynnrd'a Shoo and Finding 
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epeoialty. (el 


T> LKTTICH: - Dealer In Palniu, Olla, 
i Aj. and window alaaa. Anont for 
liriillnnt Sign Loiter Co., and Asponall'a Kn. 
amel, 10 Fort etroet, mcl7 

EIJ, hliN'K.S, tienoral HcviveiiRor. 2;ili Yatee 
Htreet. Yards, otc, cleaned. Ordora left 
at Geo. Mnnroo, 82 Uouglaa street; Spoed 
Bros., cor, Douglas and Fort: or Blair A: 
Qordon. cor. Menzlea and Mlohlgan, will be 
promptly attended to. do3 


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ren cordialh" Invited, 


J_ —Court Cariboo, No. 713, meotH on the 2nd 
and 1th VVodneaday of each month In St. 
Ocorgo's Hall, cor. QBvernmont and Bastion 
8t8. Visiting brothron wolcorao, R. Douglas, 
<). U.. A. L Cnmpbo)), K, 8. oolB 

O T¥." Society moola In Caledonia Hall, 
Blanchard street, on the flrat Friday In eyeiy 
month. Vlsitlne brethren aro Invited to aii* 
tund. B, O. Smith, Secretary. myl-lm 

I) lOUlUCIC,— 


Win Rlre losaans on Planoforto and SlnalDg, 
Apply to Waltt'sMusio Store, or Wilson Hotel. 

jyj-AJDAUB JjAXB.1>, 


For terms apply at the Studio, 161 Vanoonrot 
Street, oome Pandora.- seSO 



Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report 



May 8— Fiirniluro. II. Cutlibort & Co. 
May 10— Ship ' Archi'r " G. liyrnog. 
May 10.— Household Furnlt-uro. W. llardnkor. 
May 2:t-Freuhol(l piotJOrty. 0. Byrnes. 


TuE Chief of tho Port AuRelos £iro dopart- 
-menc, with a number of hia men, will be 
here for kho 24 ch. 

Insfeotor Burns is to lecture upon 
psyoholoKy ab next Friday's meetiDR of the 
Teaohcra' inaiitute. 

Tub ohuroh wardens of tho Guild of tho 
Good Shepherd will givo n reception this 
eveninc to Rev. and Mrs. Arden. y'' 

(jUou.SD waa broken yeator^y^crtf' tho 
Ceutritl uohnol grouiula for tbu fgrfStlntioiia 
of the new Peiiiberttui j;y inniisiarnj,.-^' 

Rt. Rev. Di.shoi' 1'ekhin delivered aa in- 
teresting addrusB to a large audience of ineo 
at Christ Church cathedral on Sunday after- 

A Kkoeption aervice wua held ut tho 
Metropolitan Methodist church ou Suuduy 
eveoiog last, when upwards of twenty were 
received into membership. 

A .SUMMONS has been iusuod requiring Mr. 
B. L'svy U) e.xplnin in tho polico court why 
ho refused to p*y hia fare when it was de- 
manded of him a day or ao ago by the con- 
.dnctor of tranioar No. 9. 

Gkoroe Griffiths, the l-'earaon's Weekly 
globo-circler, reached Montreal yoaterday, 

and ptiased ihrough to New York over the 
Delaware ■m\\ Hudson. Ho oxpocts to bo 
back in Londun wilh two day.q to cparo 
should no unforeseen olistacle ariaoinhia path. 

The Methodist Sunday sohool on Spring 
'Ridge celebrated their second anniversary 
with pppoiiil and highly intnrestini; si-rvices 
on Sunday ufttrnoou, when Rev. E Robaon 
delivered iin iippropriato address. Tho 
treasurer reported a biUunco of S.'i.'i remain- 
ing on hand, and Mr. Jiimes Lnwrio was 
elected superintendent for the opening year. 

TnE Presbyterian synod o! British Co- 
lumbia, whinh closed its annual session at 
Calgary on Friday lust, again suBtuined tho 
action of the Presbytery of Viotoriii in refer- 
ence to tho organizition of Rev. P. McF. 
Macleod's new congregation, known as tho 
Central Preabytorian chureh. They will, 
however, be allowed to continue services as 
at present until September, this deoiaion of 
tho rynod being formally acqniesoed in by 
both parties. 

-WiuJAsi Starnes Smiib was arrested 
late Saturday night by Constable R U. 
Walker on a warrant issued by Mr. Thomas 
Sbotbult, J. P., charglog him with " unlaw- 
fully, wilfully and .mauoioualy removing u 
landmark from the position ia whioh it had 
ibeen lawfully placed by a land anrveyor. " 
The caso was to have been heard in the 
polico court yesterday, but was ddjonrncd 
until to ddv, the aoonsed being released on 
§1,000 bail. 

The secret of the plans laid by Edmund 
Hanna and Ada Grant, who have just gone 
up to Westminster to aerve a term of years 
in the penitentiary for having stolen goods 
in their possession, is rxplained by a friend 
of the former. He aaya that the pair had 
everything arranged to open a store at 
Maaset, Q C.I., and were just abont com- 
pleting their "stooli" when they fell into 
the olutohes of the police. It ia said that, 
with the exception of a very few articles, 
everything in the houeo was stolen, Banna 
and his female partner doing a good busi 
neas aa "fences," or receivers of stolen 

The oonventioa of the B.C. Union of 
GhriBtian Eodeaver. which opened in Van- 
■oouvec on Friday, oloaed Sunday evening 
with a coDseoration service, after a number 
of addresses, most of which bore particularly 
on niie.sion work. Tho meetings were all 
well uttendcd, somo 2,37 delegates being 
present. The otlicora for tho ensuinj; year 
are : Mr. \V. F. tlold, of Victorin, pref^i- 
dent ; Rev. A. L.'i', of Iv'iniloops, Dr. 
Cimpbell, ut Victoriu, and Dr. Reid, of 
New Wcatininstor, tirat, second and third 
vico-prcsi(ienLp, retp^ctively ; .JamcR Mu- 
Intobh, Victoria, treuturcr ; Fred Davie, 
Victoriu, BtcrL'lurv ; board of directors, Rev. 
Meaara. Cleavrir, R'lbaon, McRao and Win- 
oheator and Mr. Simons. 

Thk uRsiatanon of the city police wiis en- 
listea SuriiUy by Mrs. Gowdy, of '.WW 
Columbia ntreet, Westminster, who cumu 
hero Saturday evening in search of her 
daughter, a good looking girl of l(j Cecelia 
Niotiolla is her name, and alio ia desoribu'd 
aa slight and rather petite, with dark hair 
■and brown eyes, and a number of small 
•moles on the faco which are most likely to 
eatabliah identifioation. She left home on 
the 30th of April, and ia said to have 
taken the boat for thia city. Mrs. Gowdy 
cannot aacribo any reason for her daughter's 
departure frnni home, save that she was 
passionately fund of fine dreaaea and die- 
aatiafied when she could not obtain them. 
The mother returns home to-day. 

The loss by tho firo at tho Westsido Sat- 
urday evening proves to bo far greater than 
at first supposed. Damage by amoko and 
liro combined to tho atook will in all prob- 
ability foot up between fifteen and sixteen 
thousand dollars, though aa the appraiaeia 
are not e.xptclcd to get through with their 
work of viduntion until thia afternoon it is 
as yot inipoaaililo to givo tho exact figures. 
On tho second story devoted in largo part 
to cloaka, j ickota, furs, etc., everything ia 
practically destroyed, for whore the flames 
did not strike, the intenso heat fairly friz/.'ed 
things up inside the card-board bo.xoa in 
which they were packed. On the ground 
floor smoke played havoo with the goods on 
the ahelvea and close examination reveals 
damage whoru it was at Grst supposed there 
was none. Eight hundred now jackets that 
were just being opened up for sale are among 
the destroyed finery, The loss of the May 
trade— this month beioK one of the best in 
the year in the drygooda line— ia another 
'Berious ooDsideration aod ia of oourae ia ad- 
dition to the aotnal loss of stock whioh la 
fully covered by inauranae in the following 
companies: Union AsBoolation, $'3,500; 
Royal, 85,000: Hartford, $2,500; London 
Aaaurance, $2,000, National Assurance, 
■'$4,600; Phcoqix of Brooklyn, $2,600; West- 
ern Asturanoe, $2,600; London, Liverpool 

k Globe, $2,000; London & Lancaahire, $2,- 
600; total, $26.000^ The furniture and fix^ 
turej are in addition insured with the Inaur- 
anoo Company of North America for $1,500. 

The final rehearsal for the Choral society's 
concert to-morrow evening will ho held in 
Institute hall to-night, when a full attend- 
ance of all participating ia requested. 

P.vNKi s for tho grand and petit jurors for 
the spring aasi/.ea, to open in thia city on 
May '29, were drafted yesterday by the 
aherill', aasiated by two justicoa of tho peace. 

Paut four of tho Muatorpiocea will bo on 
sale only a few days longer, when it will be 
succeeded by part five. Bring your ooupona 
aud lOo' to the ofBco to-day and aecure the 


Onf vBgrant, was tbo only od'jndor dealt 
with in tlic City polico court yesterday 
morning He waa given a week to pay hia 
lino, the supposition being that he will pre- 
fer to leave lotvn. 

An intereating political meeting was hold 
at Ladnor's on Saturday ovoning, when tho 
principal apeakcra woro Premier Davie and 
Thoa. Forster, M.P. P. The report of tbo 
proceedinca arrived too lata for pii blioation 
to day, but will appear in next isaue. 

Till! nian.igois nf iho Central church have 
received a telegram from the delegates of tho 
church at tho .Synod at Calgary, directing 
them to call a meeting of the congregation 
on Thursday evening at 8 p. m. It ia ex^ 
pcoted that the delegatea will return in 
time for it. 

TiiK funeral of the late William A. Travis 
took placo Sunday afternoon from the 
Church of Our Lord (Reformed Epixcopal), 
where Rev. O. C. King offioiated. The pall • 
bearera were Meaars. T. Alexander, William 
Eatea, S. Pierre, C. J. Alexander, R. Spotta 
and L. -Freeroan. 

TiiK date of the " Perkins" Company at 
tho Victoria theatre haa been changed from, 
Wednesday to Thursday next. Ttiis com- 
pany is meeting with great success in this 
part of the country and ia receiving flatter- 
ing press notices. Their midday parade is 
novel and funny, and the band is the talk of 
every town thoy have played in. They givo 
a free band concert in front of the opera 
houao at 7 o'clock, and all lovers of olassical 
music should hoar it. Remember the date. 
Admission aa usual. 


Ak important meeting of the celebration 
finance committee ia called for thia after- 
noon at 5 o'clock. It ia understood that 
one of tho chief questions to come up will 
bu tho demand of tho sports and games 
comir ittee for S1,,')00. There haa been con- 
aidorablo diaaatiafaction raised both ut tiio 
ainount asked for and tho mode in whioh 
it ia to bo expended, and thia no doubt will 
be pretty well talked over, aa alao tho rcso 
lutiou passed by the sports and games com- 
mittee that the general committee should 
decide tho manner in whioh appropriations 
should bo made. 

Mk Rai.I'H H. Akl'ndki., of Riversdale- 
on-tho Nlii'pkisb, a much esteemed resident 
of tlio north country, arrived down on tho 
lioscowitz Suiidiiy ou hia way to Kngland, 
wliere a snug fortune haa been left him. Ho 
has not yet decided whether or not ho will 
return to liritish Columbia, but it is ex- 
pected that ho v/ill. While on a hunting 
trip in coiopmy with Mr. John Mathers 
about ten days ago, Mr. Arundel picked up 
one of the life buoys and several other bits 
of wreckage from the lost steamer Eatello, 
which had floated ashore in Forward bay, 
Johnatono straits. 

Last evening Milton lodge. Sons of S'. 
George, hold its regular oeasiou, with the 
president, Bro. A. Watson, in the cliair. 
There waa a large attendance, many evid- 
ently having turned out with tho view of 
seeing tho following past presidents receive 
the presentations ia the way < f certificates, 
which they well merit for uervices rendered 
to tho lodges in thia city : Bro. William 
Greasley, P.P. (jewel), Bro. W. T. B'.win, 
P.P. (certificate), IJro. S. E. B. King, P.P. 
(cortiticate), Bro. R. H. Banaett, P P. (oorti- 
ticaii), and Bro. Thomas Wise, P F. (certi- 
ficalc) Bro Thomas Bradbury, P. P. , who 
has been absent for some months making a 
tour through the Eastern Statea and Eug- 
land, having just returned, waa heartily ro- 
ccivcd. A welcome home waa also exbend- 
cd to Mrs. Bradbury, who is P.P. of Vic- 
toria lodge. Daughters of St, George. 

It." c mpliance with Superintendent Hus- 
B.^y'8 r((|UCBt for a report on the case of 
Charles A. Meyer, who claimed to have been 
abused and practically enslaved by tho China 
Hat Indians, Mr. Geo. A. Gibson, tho resi- 
dent missiooary, has written him full par- 
ticulars. In brief, the whole case ia, as was 
believed ut tho tinio — Meyer imposed us long 
aa he wua allowed to upon tho hospitality of 
the Siwashea, I'nd then camo to Victoria 
with hia aoriaational story of cruel treat- 
ment Ho did go borne with the Indiana, us 
bo said, from tho hop fields, and at once 
set himself up ua a grout " medicine man," 
thinking to have un easy time aa u tribe 
"doctor." Tho Ind'ano treated him too 
well, sharing all they had with him, 
and his only complaint while among 
them was that they did not give 
hirn the kind of food ho liked, though they 
cave him tho best thoy had. Sovorul times 
ho waa oirorod work by the white residents, 
but ho preferred to live with and at tho ex- 
pense of tho Indians, until Indian Agent 
Todd decided not to allow him to impose 
upon them any longer. He certainly wua 
far from well, and thia may account for 
his failure to appreciate tho many kindness- 
oa shown him. After narrating all the facts 
of tho case, Mr. Gibson conoludoa hia report 
in the following words : " I much regret 
that auoh a report should have been pub- 
lished before tne f«at8 jvero known, and I 
conaider that Mr. .Meyer has done ns a grave 
injuatioe if he liaa not aokoowlodged the 
kindneaa he haa received from us and other 
white men, to say nothing of the Indians, 
and I am also sorry to have to give such a 
report, which is no credit to Mr. Meyer." 

BbelUeld Cutlery Htore. 
Pookeb knives, table cutlorr, shears and 
razors U great variety at Fox's. 78 Qovemmout 

Itnil Itlnnil ciuaos Wotchca. holla, plmplcH. 
abBCcHses.lulccrii, Hcrofiila, etc. Burdock lUood 
blttera cures bad blood In any form from a 
common plmplo to tho worst acrof uloua isore. 

That Turned-Turtle Sealer Now Saiil 
to Hall From Victoria— Fast 
Worli at Esriulnialt 

Drink Yictoria PboBDix fiock Beer. 

Tlie " Rosalie " Held by a Writ— Tlie 
"North Star" ARain Under 

A United Press dispatch of last evening 
from San Franotaoo aaya : " There haa been 
in circulation to day a rumor that the Bio 
Janeiro had brought tidings of tho loaa of 
the sealing sohoonor Mattio Turner with all 
on board. Captain Lorcntz, tho managing 
owner of tho Turner, when seen about it, 
expressed the boliuf that the report bad no 
foundation. He produced a letter received 
by tho Janeiro, which stated that the 
schooner Mascott had boon reported bottom 
up by tho schooner Louia Olaen ; tho same 
letter reported tho Muttio Turner with a 
catch cf .'SUO seals. Captain Lorentz re- 
maiked that there were two sealers 
out thia year bearing very similar 
namea — tho Matott, of ,San Fran- 
oisco, and tho MascotjO, of Victoria. 
He was inclined to the belief that the vessel 
sighted by the Louis Olsen was tho Viotoria 
Masootte." [The latter veaael. Captain 
Sieward commanding, with Captain Law- 
rence as mate, and a crew of eight whites, 
loft here in Janutury ior a coast hunting 
tri[). Her intention was to pick up twelve 
or more Indian huntera at Massct, Q. C. I., 
then proceeding to the north, and posaibly 
running ucroea and paying a visit to Urqu- 
hurt'd bauka, where seals ace said to be 
plentiful. Pursuing this course she would 
h irdly run across tho track of any others 
of the fleet, operating in Jupunesc waters, 
and it ia therefore highly improbable tbut 
she ia the veodol thiit hus come to grief. The 
only cause of uneanineas wtth those in Vic- 
toria intercaled in the sclioouer arises from 
tho fact that uho haa not been reported einco 
aho left here — though even this should not 
occasion any alarm when tho plans mapped 
out for her uro given a moment's considera- 
tion ] 


Everything about the marine railway in 
Eequimalt was in readiness for the largo 
Btoum collier Wellington when she arrived 
from San Francisco on Sunday afternoon. 

Consequently, after the vesasl was once ad- 
justed on tho cradle, it waa only about ten 
minutes before she was high and dry. Tho 
quickness with which the vessel was hauled 
up is a great thing for tho ways, for tho 
Btoumahip ranks among the large ones on 
tho coast. No time waa loat in commencing 
the veaael'd overhauling, once she wag out 
of the water, for a largo gang of men were 
immediately sot to work, and it ia expected 
she will bo ready for launching iiisido of a 
few days. When she comes oil tho ways, 
it is expected that the bark Richard III, 
now in Eequimalt for the purpose, will go 
on for similar treatment. 


The monthly freight and shipping report 
of R. P. Rithet & Co,, Ltd., for April, 
notes : " Tho period covered by our circular 
has been one of groat inaction in tho grain 
export business, and with the exception of 
one or two charters from northern ports, 
almost nothing has been done. At tho 
clo.ic, rates from San Frauciaco are entirely 
nominal at 91 to 'I'm. for spot, and 

27d. OJ^ for future loading. The course of 
tho lumber market has been diauppoiuling, 
lor althouKb t.heru haa agdn been a com- 
paratively largo number ol cliartera n)udo, 
freights do not seem to respond to tho de- 
mand, and rates are praotioally unchanged 
from the figures given in our last circular." 

TIIK "KITUKT" on the RUN. 

The steamer R. P. Rithet started on her 
seuHon'a run Sunday night, leaving hero in 
placo of the Princess L iuiae, which has bet n 
laid up. 'I'liii I-)lunder, however, which re- 
turneti from i'ur'.laml on Sunday, brought 
down the iimil and paaaeiigers from New 
Wi-ntiriinaiL-r neiiiug. She only re- 
mained in port a very short time Sunday, as 
she had i.n board lLi7 Ciiineso patseugers 
wdio, not being allowed into tho Uuited 
States, had to be returned to Vancouver, 
where they had to be delivered by the 

THE "rcsalie" UnELLKI). 

A San Francisco dispatch of yesterday 
reads : " Tlio stoaitifr Rosalie has been 
libelled by a tirm dealing in painta and oils, 
who seek to recover S75 from her owners for 
«upplii-H furiiinhed thi> veaael. Tho Rnpulie 
was to leave port this morning for I'uget 
Sound, where oho ia to go into tho Alaska 
excursion l)UsiiieaB, but the filing of the libel 
prevented hnr intended departure. It is the 
iutentiou of her ownora to secure her release 
under bonds and send her north to-mor- 


Tbo steamer Barbara Boacowitz, which 
waa reported in Sunday's Coi.o.nist as hav- 
ing arrivid ut N*naimo from tho North, 
reached here Sunday evening. She brought 
aa paeaooKers Rt. Rev. Bishop and Mrs 
Ridley, Mias West, T. Piper, E. Nicholaa, 
G Baitibiidge, P. Wool.icott, twmiy-llin^e 
Indians and (jnc (JliiiianiiUi. 

For the liral time in over a year the little 
Steamer North Star, now owned by tho 
Albion Iron Works, will make a trip to day, 
the object of which ia to tost her machinery, 
atoorlug gear, etc. If everything ia found 
to work aa it should tho steamer will be 
sold to some parties who, it is understood, 
propoun putting her in the island trade. 

The Hawaiian ship .John Ena cleared from 
Port To'^nsend for Port Pirie, Australia, 
with the largest lumber cargo ever ahipped 
on a single veaael, and by half a million faet 
tho largest ever shipped out of the Sound. 
Tho En* carried 2.625,767 feet of lumber. 


3tr. Premier from Vanomivor. 

(Uty of Seattle. 

'* Princess Ixiuiao 

" jtarbara Boscowitz.. 

" Oailand 

' Vv^ollin({t.on 

Bark Ulchard III 

Port Townaond, 
N. Woftralnstor. 
Port bimpson. 
Port Angoles. 
San Francisco. 


Premier for Vancouver. 

f^'lty of Reattlo " Port Townsond. 

11. P Itllhot " N. WoBtminster, 

(Jatlunil " I^ort AnKoles. 

Mauds " Nanalnio. 

Pride of the Ridiie lodge No. ;i7, 
I.O.G.T.. met in the Odd Fellows' hall, 
Spring Ridge, last evening, and installed 
tho following olIicorB for tho ensuing term : 
C T. , Bro. Farnhani ; V. T., Sister 13rown ; 
S. J. T., Sister Scholtz ; boo.. Sister Ban- 
field ; asst. sue , Bro. 'L'hompaon ; treaa., 
Si!>ter Dwyer; fiu. seo., Bro, Dabold; chap,, 
Sister Dabold ; marshal, Bro. Cooper ; 
guard, Sister Raith ; sentinel, Bro. Thomas ; 
reporter, Bro. Nunn ; and P. 0. T., Sister 
Lo» ii. At next Monday eTeniog's meeting 
of the lodge tho nowly olsoted. officers Will 
entertain the other members. 


0i>cn!ng of the Hesslon— Prmldent I'elxoto 
Uecliires tho Insnrrcctloit to Have 
Been K'luclched. 

Rio de Janeiro, May?. — Congress open 
ed to-day with Dr. Prodente de Maroles, 
President of the Senate and President-elect 
of the Republic, in tho chair. President 
Peixoto'a speech to the niembors tonchod 
upon many questions relating to tho insur- 
rection. He said that he regarded tho in- 
surrection as squelched. The few bodies of 
insurgents still remaining defiant he deaorib 
ed aa weak and insignificant. The foreign 
relations of the country be said were satis- 
factory, although the Government still 
awaited Portugal's deoiaion aa to giving the 
conquered insurgent officers an asylum. The 
comnierotal outlook was good. The Govern< 
ment expeoted that oommorco with the 
United States would develop rapidly. Tho 
treasury deficit was $97,000,000, 

N'orwny Plne Bjrnp is tho safest and best 
euro f.r oouBhs, oolds, aathm*. bronchitis, 
sore throat, and all throat ana lung troubles, 
Price 250. and fOo, 

The Rcfugo Homo committee thankfully 
acknowledgii donations during thu mouths 
of January, February, March and April 
from tho following friends : Daughters of 
St. Georgo, W. C. T, U. ladies, Mrs. 1). 
Spencer, Mrs, Hart, Mrs. Huinber, Misa 
Field, Mra. NowbiL'gin, Erakine, Wall & (^o., 
Mra, J. Flott, Mia. Molotoah, Mra. Mo- 
Naughton, Mra. Howie, .Mra. Gould, Mra. 
Nelson, Mra. Gill, Mra. N"Wmina, Jewish 
ladies, Mra. Shakeapeare, Mrs. Harvey and 
"A friend." 

TiiK Boleotion made of a pretty and suit- 
able residenoa in which to bold a social last 
evening by the Ladies' Aid of the Metropoli- 
tan Methodist ohuroh, could not have been 
better than that of the home of Mayor 
Teague, at the corner of Cook and Chatham 
otroets. The ovoniiig waa a very pleasant 
one to the largo number attending. Agree- 
able surroundings, however, were not tho 
only attract ion, for the evening wi'.s made 
otibly pleasurable by tho rendition of the 
uppeiidud programino ; S.ilii, J. (J. Brown ; 
solo, .Madamo Laird ; piano duet, the 
Misaea Tingley and Earle; recitation, Rov, 
ilohn Robaon ; solo, F. Kichardaon ; aci- 
drcSB, Rev. .Solonmn Cleaver ; piano duet, 
MisDON Annie and Lucy Davie, and recita- 
tion, Mrs, Gardiner, in tho matter of re- 
freshments, there waa nothing lacking. 

Oslinwa, Out. 

Caused by inflammatory 

A Perfect Cure by Hood's Sarsa- 

"It fiffords me much iiU-asurii to recommend 
IIooil's .K;irsiiparill:i. .My .sou w:is alllirli'd wllli 
ureat pain in the joints, accomp.iuicd with 
.sweliiii;; so l).i(l thill hi! c<ml(l not (^I't up .stalr.a 
to l)cil without crawlin;,' oil liaiul.s ami knees. I 
uas vrry ;iu.\i(iua aliout hini, and having n ad 

■so nnioh about Hood's Sarsnparllla, I deter- 
lulued to try It, and got a haU-dozen bottles, 
four of which entirely cured him." Mrs. G. a. 
Lake, Oshawa, Ontario. 
N. B. Be sure to get Hood's SarsaparlUa. 

Hood's Pills act easily, yet promptly and 
eflieicntly, on tlie liver and bowels. 25c. 

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jSpriDgtaiDg. I 

J rioiisekoepors wlio are now in- 

t, rul({iiij{-ir who cnnfMnplato in- 

jf dulwini;— in t be plcuHUi oH of houaa- 

,^ clcuuinK should Kct a botUo of our ^ 



Th(' boat In tho world for cleaning 
and ]>oli8hing pianos and furniture 

WII1TW0R1H and 

i 'I'hn HitdiPHl Orudo i 

I Wheels in tho J 

* City. ^ 

i( k 

I M.W i 
t WAIFT $ 

★ ★ 


★ * 


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★ * 

* * 


Plonso tftko notice that M. Katzauor la no 
longer our nRont. James Roaonborger will 
horoalt conduct tho manai?omont oJ our 

Wo shall pay full market vnluo for all kinds 
ot Raw Furs and akina. ConalRnmontaBoUcltod 
and prompt roturna made. 
Yours truly, 

Per J. 1103ENBKRGKK 
P.S.— Address all shlpmonta and communl- 
catlona to James Boienberger, P.O. Box 72 
Viotoria. foB-to 


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$7.50, and a lot of nice Bilk ones at $1,00 and $1 50. 


New Vests and Blouse Fronts in to-day, alao a few 
pieces of Stylish Drees Goods at reasonable prices. 
When in the MILLINERY DBIPARTMBNT ask to see 
our Obildren's Bun Bonnets and Shade Hats. 

D. Spencer, Government St. 


Thia shipmout, added to 217 already received this'Spring, 
iimkea tho largest and beat us.sortinont we have ever shown. 
Most of tho Garmoiils aru ".Specialties" — only one of a kind, 
and boing direct from tho maiiufacturera, can — and will — be 
sold at prioe8,]whioh are charged for inferior goods. 

^^Ladiea who have waited for this lino will pleaao 
call as soon as convenient and make selection. 


VioMOBiA, April 28, 1894. ■ 


SUMMER WEATHER hna not come, hut it will, nnd wo hnvo 
!rix Hundred (600) BLOUSES AND SHIRT WAISTS 

on hand, which wo are detci mined to soli at abort notice, so havo 
put them at prices that will clear them in thirty days. 


Wo have them nt BQc , 75 3-, SI. 00, $1.15. SI. 25, SI 50, 
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of TrlmnilngB. 


Victoria, Sookeytter Point Stage 


Will leave The 'Victoria Tranafer Co.'8 Ofllco. 
21 Broughton Streot, Ylotoria, B.O., 


— CAT.I.tNO AT— 




For frelBht and paaaago apply at 

Fi'ihormon shou'd take advantage of this easy 
mode of reaching the splendid trout BtreaniB 
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flt mmm mm, 


—Tho next torra will begin on— 





ap21.1m 63 Fort Streot. 


Will bo ready noit wceic. 

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Monday, April 30, 1894., at 2 p.m. 

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and Katlmatos of Cost for the ConBt ruction of a 
Permanent Hoadway ncrooa Jaine.s Hay on tho 
line of Govornniont Streot between Humboldt, 
Siroet and Mollovillo Streot, will bo received at 
tho olUce of tho undoralRood on or boforo tho 
fliBtday of JuIy.lSOi. 

Plan and proQIe of site and partlonlan of 
competition may be seen at the office of the 
City KnKlneor. 

Awards— let prize, $350; 2ad prlza, 9160. 

By order. 

OltyClerk's Office, 

victoria, B.O.. April 26, 1891. mj3-lm 

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«r Office oret BFKNOBH'B AROAOB. Bov 
enunent Btxaet tt 




Fi'csitlent Clovelaud's Procluiuiitiou (o 
tioveru Vessels Ensragfed la the 
Taking: of Seals- 

British tiovernment to Issue tlie Same 
Instrnctious Both iu Priociple 
and Detail. 

NYasiiincjtun, 1). C, May 7. — Tho Presi- 
dent lius aigntd and promulgntoil tho regu- 
lations to govern vnascla employed in fur 
seal Qdhing during the closed season of 1804. 
Xbey are : 

" Article 1. Before tho laauance of a ape- 
olal license the roaster of any aiviling vessel 
proposing to engage in fur seal Cahing shall 
produce satiafaotory ovidenco to tho collec- 
tor of ouatonia that tho hunters employed hy 
him are coropettnt to uso tho weapons 
authorized by law. 

" Article 2 Firearms, nets or exploaivea 
shall not bo used for taking or killing fur 
seals in that portion of Behring sea de- 
Boribod in tho act approved April 6, 1891. 

"Article 3 Any vussel having licenuu to 
hunt fur seals in the North Pacific and 
Behring Sea, east of 1 SO degrees longitude, 
shall beloro entering Behring Sea or at 
Unalsska report to the cuetoma otlicer of 
tho United States navy and have ull urnis 
and anununition on board necured under 
seal, and sucli aeal shall not bo broken ilur 
ing tho time fur sealing is prohibito'i. In 
order to protect vessels within the urea i f 
tho award between April !,'> und AuguMt, ], 
but which have not violated tho law, fron. 
improper sol/.uro or detention, tho niuHti r 
thereof may by applying to the communilcr 
of any cruiser or a customs otlicer, declaring 
that she intends to proceed to a home port, 
have her scaling outfit secured under seal, 
and the ofiijer placing this seal shall enter 
the date of the same on her log book, with 
the number of sealskins and bodies of seals 
then on board, and the said seal shall not bo 
broken during tho time lur sealing is pro- 
hibited, except at tho home port. 

"Article 4 Vessels nowjin JspaDfso waters 
or on the Siberian coast west of 180 degrees 
longitude, wishing to return to a home port, 
may enter tho port of Attoua and there have 
their sealing outfit secured under seal and 
tho fact entered on their log hooka. Such 
seals shall not bo broken except at hor homo 
pert, and such seal and entry shall consti- 
tute a sufficient protection against scinuro 
while within the area of the award on tluir 
direct passage to tho homo port. In case a 
sealing vessel, as described above, shall, bo 
f jre leaving a Japanese poet, declare her in- 
tention of returning to a port of tho United 
States, the United States consular- cOicor at 
tho port may, upon application of her mas- 
ter, aeouro her sealing outfit as described 
above. Any vetsel as deecribad above may 
obtain special license to hunt for seals in 
Behring sea upon application lo the United 
States consular officer at any port in Japan, 
or from theoustoms at Attoua^ after furnish- 
injt the evidence rrqoired in article 1. 

" Article 5 Any vessel in a foreign or 
home port wishing to fogage in far sealing 
in Behring Sea shall obtain a special license 
from a customs ( Ihcer of the United States 
if in a Iwme port, and f.nni a consular 
ofilcer if in a foreign port. Before sailing 
the sealing outfit of such vessel may be 
at cured under seal upon application as here- 
inbefore provided, and the fact noted on 
her license. Such seal shall not bo broken 
during tho time fur sealii g ia ptohibiicd. 

" Article tl Vessels now ut aeu in the 
pursuit of fur seals and found not to have 
violated the law in reference to the taking 
of fur seala, and who have not cleared from 
any port on or after May 1, 1894, will not In: 
soixod wholly on account of not having a 
special license or distinctive II ig. 

"Article 7. Kvery vchhcI unployed in fur 
seal lijhing as dtacribed above, sball have, 
in addition to the papers now r((inired by 
law, a special license tor fur seal linhing. 

" Article 8. Every vessel provided with 
special license shall show under hor national 
color a flag not lesa than four feet squarr, 
composed of two tquil pieces, yellow and 
black, joined from the right hand upper 
corner of tho fly lo the loft hand upper coi- 
ner luti, tho part above and to tho left to be 
blaok, and the part to the right and below 
to be yellow. 

" Article 9. The authority hereinbefrro 
gronted to the United States oonsniar ofH 
oere, onttoms ofhcers und tho oflSccra of tho 
United States navy may be exercised by 
like oflSoers in tho service of the government 
of Great Britain, except in porta of the 
United States. 

" Notice. Tho oliicero herein authorized 
to Oiiny ouf, tlie pri.vialona of tho act ap- 
proved A[iril (j, isyi, Will o!)i'.M ve that the 
objocia ot ihu foregoing articlcH are to pre 
veut fron- unnecessary teizuru und I'.'sa 
sealing vcsoela already at aim in i^'noranci- 
of tlio provisiona of tho uc, or unable t:j 
Btricily comply with its ri i;iriremenls 
Should oaaea occur which uro not detiijiloly 
provided for, Uiey munt be dealt with by 
the (lllcirawith tho above ok ntioni d ob- 
jects in view, and as nearly in accordance 
vrith tho law and nyulalioim ua pouHible 
Thcao rogulationa are intended to apply 
only to tho closed season of 1804, and are not 
to bo regarded as a complete execution ot 
I ho authority conferred on the executive by 
the act of congreta. 

"GrovEB Clevei.a.nd." 

These regulations are in principle and de- 
tails subatantially tho same as those the 
British Government will iusuo. 

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"L'g'slaliva EkcioraUs acil Ekclioss ilc',189-i" 

Notice Is hereby given. In accordance with 

aoctlon 11 uf the '•Legislative Electorates 
mill Klcctlon Act, ib'M," that Under section 
lu <if sal'l All I liiivi;, with the aid of live 

piTsons, si-riill" till' Itc^'lster of \'o- 
tio's of tho Vli-'oi'la Clly Klocloral liLstrlct. 
tuiil liuvi' rvniii^i'd tlU'ri'l'mm thi' naiueM ot 

111 |"-r.~ 

■ who :ii"i.' shuwii to lu' ri'slili'ii ts 111 
rtni-il lilstrliMs of Iho I'rovliii'c, 

Hull 1 iKIVc ll"l'lMIlltI''il tlu' IKUlll'.s of till- 

l„o-si.iis ,<o r,.,,iov,.,| Iu ihi- Culloctor of Vu- 
tios wluo-o thi'V i'i'nM''. ili;il 1 liuve ilropjicil 
I'rniu till' s;ili| Ui.j;lsli'r 1 111' iiaiiie.s of all 
tliosi' porsniis |>:u-||, iil:irs uf wlioae ri'slili'ii- 
ri's uri' nut Klvi'ti up, 111 tlu' cluseil itegister of 
ViiU'rs ot .salil \i,.(„rl,L i;iiy Kloctorul l)ls- 
trli'l, und that I liiivo ilropped from the 
siiiil Iteiilster tliu uanie.s o£ those persona 
whom I cuuuot Una to bo reslileut wlllilu the 
said District, and also that 1 did complete 
the said scrutiny on the 30tU day of April, 

Further notice la hereby given that lu iic- 
oordauce with section U uf tho "Leglslutlvu 
ICU'CturiUes ami l':u.ctliMis Act, ISH," I do 
now puljUsh tlic fuUowiiit; lists, miiiii'ly : 

I. A list, cuntiduliij; the muiio.s wliich have 
been lr:inst'un-t,'d tu (iHut ill.strh-ts. 

J. A list ooiuiil'uiit; the iianu'S of nil those 
persons whlfli havo lieoii ilropped rroiii the 
lists, iiiuiiol.v, t'l the mimes of those per- 
suiis purlleiiUir» of whose ri'slilonces iiro not 
Klvon upon lUc closed l[e^;lsli'r ot Voters, 
nuirkcd herylu Under the column heuiloil 
"euuse" thus "lusulUclent uddress" ; (i;) the 
mimes of those Persons whom 1 ciuiuot Und 
to bo resident >vitbla the district, marked 
herein under sold column thus "nou-resl- 
ilent"'; (3) the uaaies of all who are dead 
(see I'rovluclal Voters' Act, 1878, aub-sec- 
tloii (SI ot Section Oj, marked herein umlor 
said cuhuiin thii-^ "dead"; and (-1) the naiiios 
of those pofsiiiirf Miio have orriineously ap- 
jillcil to be oiirolled more than once and 
have boon so entered upon the said Ucglster, 
such eiitrli's liclng roorked In said column 
thus "duiillcute." 

\ote.— In sucU cases of duplication the 
voter's name now appears but once on tlie 

Under the proTlsloiiS of section U of tho 
■'I.t'Slslatlve Electorates anil lOlei-tlons Aol, 
Ism,'' any person who objects that Ills 
name has been iniproperly dropped from the 
Itegister, and claims that be Is entitled to 
be registered as a voter, may, or the agent 
or friend of such person may, at any time 
before the teniilnHtlon of four weeks from 
the (late of Hie tlrst iidvortlsenient of this 
iiiitlri' in till' lirlilsli Columbia Gazi^lle iip- 
ply to have such imiiio reinstated, iiiid tho 
Colli'i'lor may. If .s;i tistii-il of lilonilty, and 
that such porsoU Is ri'slilent and oinltli'd lo 
1h; ri'i-'lslori'il ii:^ voter, restore Ills iiuino 
to the lti'(,'lsti'r. 


t'lillootor of Yiiters for the Victoria Ully 

i;ii-ctoral District. 
(,,'oiirt House, Victoria, 30th day of April, 


Ml'I'K-Tlio iiliovc Is the eertlllciite 
of thl' ('oUi'clor as n appi'urs In ttio II. I'. 
Hazi'tte. lint us "lo lU'l iiiori'ly requires the 
iiaiiios to bo ail^orilscd lii tho ilaliy paper, 
till' full liiforiiiiitlnn US to roKlileuce. uoni- 
patloM, oatiso. elt-., Is not tjlvon In Iho 
list Ik'Iow, till' names only bebiL' kIvoh. 
In places wlim' t h,. names h:ivo been ilu- 
pUcnted iipun ilio ,.i„se(l Itefrlster, the ilii- 
illciite iiiinii' Is liii-liideil In the followhii; 
list of ilroppi'il nntiii.'S. iiiiil If volois will. 

In i-.iK.'h rasos, I'lill ut tlio olll if H,,. Cil- 

liT.lor Ihi-y will Ihol that Ilirii- nanirs iir,' 
pioporly reliilui'il on llio Itou'lstio-. Kolor- 
I'Ui-o Is maih. to tho I!. ('. (iazotte for tin? 
full particulars as to residence, occupation, 
cause of droppioB. etc. 

List cONTAiNiNii tiik N'..\ii:.s which ii.wic 
nsKN TitA.vsKKi'HKi) Til orin-n Ijisnin rs. 

List of PKHSovr^ '1'u,\.n'.-i'i;iiiikii to r.isst.sit, l)isrni( r. 

Hlenkinsop, George; Charter, Henry; Koii- 
ilal, Ocorn'-'t LutiBley, James; I.aunsi ii. lior- 
iiard; Mi^Ciirdli;. Alexander; .Mclvor, .Mal- 
cohii; Sutherland, Duulel; Woollacoti. 

1. 1ST oi- Pebso.s'S Tha.vbi'kkrkd to Noiith 


XfacManus, Robert. 

List of Persons Thanskerred to Nom ii 
Victoria Ki.rctouai. District. 

Armstrong, 'wnson Joseph; McCondoclc, 
lii'orge; Wright, Alexander; Robertson, Wll- 


Wbstminstub Bidino ok Dewdnkv. 

List ok Pku.sdns 'I'k.vshficurki) to Y.m.k 
Hl.iicTOitAi, l)i=rnn:T— U'KST 
lierherlck, John; Blackbourn, Josepli. 

List ck I'uhsons Transkehrkd to Yalb 


Appleton, Frederick. OK Panaoss TIlA^SF■BRHaD to 'Van- 


Jlaer, W. AVosloy; i.'ullioiiii, William An- 
derson; t'lliiloii, lloiiilorsoii I'ieniU's; Cor- 
nish, John C. : FosiiT, .losoiih; llowar^l, 
Jauics; Keith, Janies '..'uoper; Klii),', Atv,-oll 
(J. 11.; LoilKc, ■WllUain; l.oilKC .Vlhorl ; .Mc- 
Donald, Uuniiin Knisor; .Mclilrr, NVUllani; 
McKnlgbt, (Jeorge; -McKay, WllUaiii ,Ioliii; 
Noble, ^Uidiew; Oldlleld, John Wllllain; 
Uevoley, Frederick; llhodes, Uiirry; Itoli- 
crtsou, Gideon; Kumhio, John; Sealoii. Wil- 
liam .lackHoii; Sinclair, Joseph Walter; Kleil- 
i;er, Kohorl ; Sioiihoiis, (.ieorjio; Tliuln, ,Ios- 
opli llaiiiiii; Towoy, Frank; Wllllaiii, lOil- 
wiiril; Wilson, Alo.ximdor; Winch, I'niulc 
Kent; Wilkes, Alexander; Wilson, WllUiini; 
WUsou, (Jhurlcs. 

List ok PKnsoNS Transkeured to South 
Victoria Klkotokai, Uibtuict. 

Ilono, 'J'liomas Sawdy; H-nvker, John .Syl- 
rostor; Itraneli. Samiii'l; Brown, (;oori;i' 
llourv Wilson; llrowiiloi', .laiiios Hairlsoii; 
Hi-osv'nllo, TlioniMs; Castletoii, Henry; Cnn- 
iilnKliam, Hobort .\nilre\v; Crook. (;riirj;o 
Kutlanil 10. ; llaviiisoii, Alcxaiulor; lloaioii. 
r.i'iijamlii; lOllkilt, WllUain Alfred; Frasor, 
(ii'orL'o; (jrunt, William Clnirh's; lliirrlolt, 
William; Hick, William; Ulltoii, Sqiilro; 
Hiek, tiooriji'; llowi'l. Iti'iiJ. 10.; I towel, 
Alfred; Holmes, William lOilwanl; Hunt, 
John; Jollv. .lames I'.rnalllck; .loliii- 
.soii, Lionel C; l.oi-cli, Alfred; .Maynanl, 
Joseph; Nalrne, Itoilorlck ; Paulino, Kreil- 
nlik; Pierre, 'I'liomiis WliltlUK; Thistle, 
W illiam II.; Tivny, .lohii; lierrldKo, Geor);<'; 
Sinu-han, Aii'ireiv; t'avlii, Kobert S; 
(I'ltrlon, .Tohn; Myoock, Henry; Snillli, 
Houry; (Haver, Jolin; Unssell, John .luhez. 

List ok Pki.sons Th a.sskkukki) to the 
CowiriiAN- M-nEKKi Eleci'oral District. 

Asiiillii, Edwin; Bnrlow, George; Botterell, 
Maltliow; Camiilioll. James; Ciim|ihell, 
.Iniiu'S Mi-I.i'oil; I'anipboll, Alexander Suther- 
land; lii'vlni', .lohii; Dickie, CImrles Iler- 

licri. IHiks Wlllhim; Dwyer, Wllttiiin M.; 

Goodman, Samuel 11.; Healey, James. 

List ok Pki-so.ns TiiANSKEUiiEn to Ksijt i- 

MAl.T Kl.Krl'OIlAl, ) ISTKII'T. 

l!e^'^•. John; Few. Alfroil; Hoalev, Wil- 
liam; ,li'irrov, Koliort Wllllani; .loiios. Wll- 
'lam Honrv' Mi'.N'aiiL'bton ; Kav. Wlllhun; 
MoAskcll, 'Daniel; (lllvor, .lolin; roacocks, 
(loor^'o; I'rlilmori'. William; Kiittor, Solo- 
mon; Sniltli, Ji'iiulnus; A\'iilkor, .Uimos (.ior- 
(loii; Healv, William; Jackson, Itloharil; 
■\luiin. (li'or^'o; Woods. Alfroil Aiincsli'v; 
Vonn^^ .1. II.; Oldershuw. .Vlfreil; Hashiin, 
James Henry; Greenhalgh, John. 

List ok Pkh-sons Tkanskkrrkd to New 
Wksi.mi.nstur ( nv Klectoiui. Imsthict. 

Jackson, tdlver; Kehoo, Henry; Leslie, An- 
ilri'w; .Moiiat, Anthony Charles; .McLeoM, 
John t'oter; I'nllerson, .\nilrow; Held, John; 
Shliialiar^rer. John Jay; Itoliorts, Jaiiiis 
Froilerlck ; WllUlnson. (leorgo. 

Collortor of Voters, Vli toi la Ulty Electoral 

Brown, Frederick A.; Peorce, 'Wllllain; 
, William. 


List ok Pkhronh TKAN"Ki-i:i£iti-;i) to Co.mox 
Kl.licl OU.M, it;i t. 

Creech, Siiniiicl; Klllnnil, Gi'or;;i'; Criinl, 
Waller TlionitDii li. 

List ok Pur o.vh Tu.v^si-MtitKD to 
Cirv l<:i.|.:rT<in,ii. Disthh.t. 
Davles, 'J'lionui.s Loyd; Ulxoii, Albert; 
Flnilluy, WUUuni 'i'nnibnll; (llnliolm, John 
W.; Harrison, i;ll, Jr.; .Murks, Win.; Mor- 
rlniMii, Wlllluiu; .">to'l'olKli, Peter; Xasli, Al- 
froil; Itondell, Kihvard; Shurpless, Issue; 
Smith, Uluirles Lmvson; Stanmird. Frank 
John; Stannaril, John gpatchet; I»ape, John; 
Wilson, Bobort; Taylor, Charles; Stanton, 

List ok PersoSs Transkbrred tu tub 
Kast Kootbnay Ulectoral UlSTRICr. 
Dunn, Joseph; Hamilton, Thomas .M. 

List ok Personb Transferred to tiir KoojunrAV ELECTORAL DlSTjilCT— 

Noirni HitiiNd. 
I'attcrsiin, Jolin, 

Lls'r OK I'kuho.s'H TnAN;-ii-KHUi:n -ki thi; 
WiHT KooTi.NAY I';i,K(;roHAi, DiKiiticr— 
South ItiiuNii 

Pi'rimrd, 'i'lH'oiloro; Crnasdallo, Heiirv 
Kihvuril; FlIzslnlilH, Xniiolenii ; (Jocpol, ^Vli- 
llain .lolni; Ijruy. I'leiTepont Hiuiilllon; 
Keen, ,Ioliii; I,oi,_ Wlliiuni; Mahoiiy, Mlcliiii'l 
.rosoph; .MiirilDck, John; McInni'S, Giis; Hiis- 
acll, 'J'lii)in:;s (JorU; Troup, U. Itoso. 

LiDT OK Pi;ii.snN.4 TuANsi'i^Hincn to Yalic 
Ki.KCToKAr, DiSTiticT— North Hidi.vo. 
Green, Charles PeDlols. i 

Gooihvln, Oliver Hubbard; <.iou(,'li, Joseph; 
Huriloii, William Jirnce; Goodwin, \Vllllaui; 
Gorman, James; Gordon, Ilonjainiii; (ira- 
Imni, I'eler; Grahnin, Victor; Gray, James; 
Green, Charles; Grler, James Wllllain; 
tirlmasoii, .lolin; Gray, .lusepli Jamo.s; 
Grant, Domilil, Griltltli, William; Gray, 
Alexauiier; Gram, Geor^jo, .^lo.xanilor; 
Giilhro, W llllani ; ti ninioiiil, /.oulieini ; Giljiln, 
Thomas; Glliiionr, Wllllani; (ioalor, llourv 
Jaiiios; Golil.-iloiio, Joseph; Giioillollo\v, 
Hi'iiry; Gooilniun, Wllllani; Goriion, Jo.-opli; 
(oiiitrey, GoorKc llanililoii; Golil, Wllllani; 
(;oiii;li, Thomus; Goldiier, \V'llllaiii; Granaiu, 
,laim'.s; Urahiuu, Juku Hubert; Gniham, 
IbomiLs; Graham, William U.; <irani, .\v- 
tliur; Grant, Itoliort; Gray, Heiirv; Grliu- 
ason, William; Gnihani, Iticliunl; Grablilo, 
Frank; IJreeii, Irii A.; tiriiliaiii, iluualil ) irii- 
ley; Gulllon, Cliarlos F. ; Giiyloii, laiu'si ,\.; 
Gwoonas, Janios; tlainble, LesjU'; Haiuiiian, 
Kowlanii; Gaskell, Jtleliaril; t;alliinlu'r, .1 . ; 
Gardner, Josepli; Gaiiihol, Giinloii 1).; 
Geiirnesiiii, Henry; tllhbons, Lister; tilbsou, 
Andrew; Gilchrist, George; Gill, Alfred 

llarily, James; Halllti, GeorKes; Harris, 
Clidrlioriiej Itarris, James; IJiirrisuu, James; 
llaslam, l'..dward WUliaiii; IlnlUeriy, Siu;a- 
nel; Hall, li. C.; Hanson, George; Harper, 
Frederick William; Harden, Herman; Ilai- 
rlson, William ; Harris, John; Hay, Kriiu- 
els; Hariiio, tloorKc; Hawthorn, 'rhomii-s; 
Hanson, .Saiiiiiol; Hawos, Gourj,'e lOilward; 
Hariler, Ilorinan; llalirow, l.anrence;Ileal, 
Davlil; Heal, .lolin; H euilorsoii, Janies; Hen- 
iliy, 'I'liouias; Hori-y, I'oler; lleaiioy, Jos- 
I'lili; lloiiiliv, lioliorl; llorltUKc, H. ,1 . ; 
liominlii),', 'J'lioiuus; I liuiilorsuu, J. ll.;lloii- 
ilorson. Hi'iiiln-; iieallior, James; lloilillo, 
Itoliert ; Hieky, Dennis; Hilhorn, ^Vllllaln 
Lot; Hooper, David tiooilsun; Hill, Wm.; 
Hill, Kiiwaril; Hicks, Wllllaui; Hill, ]''ruiii; 
11.; Hulmes, Alfred Janii's; Hoilfjfs, Tlioiii- 
as Henry; Hodnett, AlexaniliT ,V. ; Hosk- 
lii^', Wllllani; 11 amber, Freiloiirk .Stowan 
L. ; Hnmphreya, Charles; Jln),dies, Janios 
Hezeklah; lluthliison, Alexiinder; Unclilii- 
Bon, Ueury ^Vrthur; linguc, Uunry; Hamil- 
ton, Wllllani, Jr.; llardman, Kdward; Hard- 
man, Janies; Harrison, William Allreil; 
Hart, lOiiille .Vbrahani; llawlon, Jiiliii ; i la v- 
imili, William; ll.alls, Wllllaui; llaiaiiiaii, 
Janii's; Hanson, .lames; lliinllui,'. Alliort; 

HiiiiKbtoi), Wlllhim; llav.-s, GrnrKc 10. i- 
waril; Hav.ko. .losoiili; Harvey. .Vllrn; Hay, 
Francis; tleallu.'olo, Gi'oij,'o VInoout; lleii 
derson, Henry; 1 li.-mniln;;s, 'J'lioiuas; llol- 
imin, John; Hewitt, Thomas; Hlukey, I'at- 
rlek; Illggins, KU; Hlutou, John; Uowo, 
I'Mwurd; Uoward, Ucnry; Uomaiis, James; 
Honnan, Samuel; Howard, John: Ilulibard. 
'i'hoiims Charles; Hughes, John Frost; 
Hughes, John McD.; Hughes, Morgan; 
Hiih'lies, Leverett W, ; HukIi, T. N. ]!. 
Hunt, A. G.; Hunter, Itotiori A.; Hvull 

Irwin, Idxon; Ibliotsoii, .la s; livluo 

I'olor; IllJiian. Alfr.Ml; Irwin, Davlil; Ir 
vino, Wllllaui. 

Jaokson, .lolin; Jameson, Mio'liaol; .lanio 
son, .Noll; Jeevi.'S, Alan; Jossop, ,liiliii CUiar 
los; Jones, .\lfred M.; Jones, Stophru; Jones 
William; John, .Martin; .loliusoii, (divor 
Jones, Kilwaril; Jones, Frcilorlok Crosolv 
Jordan, William; Jackson, AVilllam, Ir. 
Jardliie, I'erclvul, It.; Jainleson, Laughllii; 
Jamison, Neal; Jcnuliigs, Arthur; Johnson, 
John Albert; JoUuston, Wlliiaui: Joyce 
Alexander I'aul; Joyce. Geor(;e Wllllani 
.lohnsoii, William; Jolmson, Itoliert Jewett 
Jones, William; Jones, llarrv V.; Jones 
Walter Herbert; Jiilolf. Froilorlok John. 

Kelly, SI. 10., jr.; Kolillc. Kobert; Ki-rr, .1 
];.; Kloruaii, Tliomas; I'Clii;,'. Clii isiopliot 
.lobn; Kill!,', Jabo/. lllll; Kiiii,', .laiiios 
KirciiborKor, Samin'l; Klnir, Jnlin; Kirk, Ir 
win; Kearlii, Wlllam; KoU, Charles; I'Ceii 
nim:, .lames .Vioxanilcr; Kalns, Fniiicls 
Kav. Alexander; Kenneily, Goor^o W.:Ki'r, 
Walter H.; Ker, llolieri .lames; KIrliy 
'riioiiias; Klrkpatrlck, Wllllani; Knight 
.Mat hew John. 

Lamliert, Xathanlel; I..ardeni'r, Jame; 
Lancaster; Laporte; Langley, Henry; Las 
coUes. James; Laplorre, Horiiee; l.ani,-as 
lor, 'I'luinuis; LaFrance, Ainlii"si'; I.amlu'lli 
William; Levy, Lewis; Lall liiioro, John 
Lalng, Andrew; Lancaster, Tliomas; Law- 
son, lieriiaril; Leach, James Albert; Leach 
John; Leclalr, Nool ; Lewis, John; Lowls 
Sherman .Mark; Levy, Joseph; Lee, .\rthnr 

A Hat containing Ih-i nnmoH ot all thoso per- 
sons w lili h tmvc heoii dropped from tho Voters 
Lists of Victoria City Klecuoral District : 

Adair, J.; Adle, Frederick; Aden, ,Vlex- 
auder; Alcoru, JoUu P.; Allen, John; Allen. 
Kobert; Alexander, John; Allan, John G.; 

Anderson, Wllllani; Andrews, David Henry; ^ , , ,• , n -,, , ,, ,.i„ ,, „ 

Anderson, William Cummiugs; Anderson, Leaf, .lames; Leach, lell.x 11.. Lclte lug on 
Gioigo Camming; ^Uiduraoii, TUomus; An- .John !■.; Lewis. ^ lh.inui.'< A\.; L;-wliigst..ii 
liorson, .Andrew Iteuule; Auanseu, Charley; 
.\riusiroiig, John; Armstrong, Kobert J ; 
.Mwou'l, J' rands Gciirgo t'llftou; .^tkiusnu, 
Frauois; .Vuliiors, Alfroil Janios; ,V\ o.yiiiil, 
Goorno, .VI. Is, Issao-; Adams, Fri-dori, k ; 
.V.laiiis, H. 10, T. ; A.lamtliwalto, \\ allrr; 
Aiidoi'suii, Jaiiirs; -Vmlrows, Sainiu l i ; 
.\ri-lior. Til. .mas; .Vrmsirong, Jotin; .\lklii- 
s.m, William |)um;las. 

liabbago, Goorgi- llonry; lialloy, Madison, 
Fran. -Is; Ilalncs William iOdwanl; Itacii, 
John; I'.avlov, Hiulson Wlllliun: linker, 
Cliarles NSilliaiu; Lakor. Itlcliarii; liakowell, 
James; liall. John James; ISa/.Iro, I'iorre 
Victor .M. ; liall, W. K. ; liacar, .Ni.ol Joseph; 
liarUer, William; Ilallliazar, iJeuiiy; lia.Mor, 
William 11.; li.iiry, Alircl .S.; li.a-gai., 
Francis Jo.sopli; rn-ogaii, l-'rank; Jlouualli.k ; 
Thonias; li.-il. Jlobori J.; lioniar.l, Looii; 
liomii'il, llarrv, i;.':;g, lio.loriok -N. ; ]II.-.liop, 
ilob; lilack. Alc.Naii.lor Grant; lilai'k. J.iliii; 

Ixiwis, liichard; I.lvock, Wllllani 
LItester, Kdward; Lloyd, Thomas; Logg. 
Jolin; Lowell. Thomas; Ijorliig, James ; Lii 
kin, W. G.; Lewis, II. 11.; Lewis, .Samuel 
Leet, Johnson M.; Lee, Geo. Wm. Kiipert; 
Lee, William; Legg. Kdward; Lefurgoy 
.Maviiar.l; Lbidell, ,lolin; Lindsay, William 
l.lniisav, 'I'lionias .lames; l.ivliigstoao, Ja.s 
L.ivoll,' Janios: Lomas, Georgo; Lockhart 
Charb-y lioarilsa II ; Lowls, Itoliort (lllvor 
Mai-keii/.ie, Duncan; .Mamlart, Josi'iih 
Marie; .Mann, Iloiiry Thomas; MiiL'nlr 
Lernarii; Miirrlon. Arthur; ^Marshall. Fr 

Alfred; I'lunimer, Kobert Johnston; Porter, 
lOilwiii Patrick; I'ondrler, Umer Leniay; 
I'yalt, Joseph; I'uscoe, John; I'anitt, Fred; 
Parsonage, AVlUiam; I'aiill, 'tliomas J.; I'at- 
ersoii, Aloxiinilor; I'almor, Charles; I'elers, 
Andrew; Pearson, 'riionias; Phillliis, Jams; 
PIgott, Kobert; Pli'kard, Janies Wilson; 
I'lKe, Albert; I'lnder, .Vrlhur G. J.; I'oiU, 
Kdward A.; I'opo, Tliomas Aliiort; Pori- 
lOdgar; I'oUlnger, James; Powers, 
flout, , lolin; Pryce, Johu; I'rldham, 
llciuy K.; Price, Kdward. 
t.iuar.lros, .Itisi-pli, 

liavuor, Arllim- T. C. ; Itegan, Jas; Held, 
rank D. ; lilidiaiils, Jolin; Klordan, James; 
liloliar.lsou, J'oier Frank; Itleliariis, James; 
Uiokai-.l, Goorgo; llicliaril, Forinne; Jilcli- 
aiilsou, llonry; Koherls, Kdwaid; Itohlii- 
s.ui, Goorgo; Kolilnson, Jolin lieiijamiii; Itut' 
forty, Charles; Iti'.lgrave, Stoplien; Keiidell, 
lllcliaril; Kedgrav, Slroud L. ; Kcarilon, 
.loliii; Klcliards, l.'raiiols Gllhart, Jr.; Itll- 
lev, John; Klpi', David Coriiolliis; Kldilor, 
Peter de; Kllolley, \S'llllam; Jtoblnsoii, Jon- 
allian; Itodgers, .SUiltliew; llodgersun, Fred; 
Koiiibuugli, Charles Angstine; Koas, Ale.v- 
aiider; Uoss, William M.; lioutlcdge, Wllll- 
ain Henry; Koine, Andrew; Kourlte, John; 
Howe, Phillip; Jtobinsoii, Johu K, ; Hoberts, 
Allen; Koblsoii, James: Kohlnsuu, Leonard; 
Itiibliison, George W. ; Kowe, John; Kohsoii, 
Janios L. ; Kolilnson, William; It.igi'rson, 
Isaar; Jtutherforil, Arelilbal.l; Kussell, Wm. 
.Minoslov; Jinllei n, William Sleu art ; Kiis- 
s.'ll, Thomas; liueiilov, Thomas; Kutlivoii, 
John; Jtiissoll. Hauli-I; Uoland, Charles ; 
Hollln, James .s. ; Kobrrtson, Alexaiidia-; 
Itoss, William McKonzIo; Itoberlson, (jco.; 
Itoboira, 'I'liomiis; lioboira, Jolin; Koblusoii, 
Fioiloriek; Itoliorls, John Wlillum; Koliln- 
son, William Hourv; Itoscoo, Kluliard; Itosi', 
Wllllani K. ; Koo, Irving.; Ituck, Uau; Kus- 
sell, David; Kneliand, Lewis; lludge, Her- 
bert; Ityan, Slichuel. 

Salmuud, Samuel; Sarson, John; Sandor- 
sou. George; Sanlay, Charles; Scotchmor, 
John; Scott, Ailam; Scott, lluiiry John; 
SchaliT, Frank; Scohic, Jaine-s Henry; Solio- 
tiold, Kobert; Scott, Jaiiios; Sea, lOliarlos; 
Selk, (icorgo K. IJ. ; Shi'rrlng, Saniiiel Jas. 
lllgliuioro; Short, William Albert; Sam|)- 
sou, .lolin; Sauiiiiors, Tliumas; Scott. Wil 
Hum; Si-hnly, l''roil; S.uyler, H. llartloy 
.^euo, Plorro; Sloirpo, Josepli; Shaw, .\n.l 
n'w; Shorhart, Josi'|.li Lewis; Slioi-t 10.1 
wards; Shanks, .Mattliow; Sharp. Koiidrlrk; 
Sliiiniiins, .Aiitliony; Sliiiiisoii, Goorgo; SI 
mon, (.ii'orgo; Sliiipsuu, lieiijamiii ; .Sniltli 
.luiiies .Sansberry; Smith, Kobert; Siiillli 
Kobert; Smitli, IJbarles; Siiiltli, James 
Sinitli. William; Sinilli, Kduin; Simpson 
iioiialil; Smith, John; Smllli, J. P..; Smith 
W. P.; SoreiiHeii, Xelsoii; .Siiroal, (Illbort 
.Malcolm, Stauboiie, lieriio; Stark, 'I'lionu 
Steitz. Goorgo; Stevens, George; Stroniiacli, 
.\lfred v.; Stirling, John; Stepliuii, Nor 
man; Strailforil, .lanios; Stevens, John 
Sii'phons, Klobard : Starr, John lO.lwanI 
Stocks. Jiisi|ili II,; Sullivan, John; Sha.lo 
lOilwar.l David; Shopparil, Isaac John 
Sliako.^peai'o, 1'.; Slierbourno, h'r.Mlcrick 
SUva, John Fran. -is; Skinii.'r, Jolin D. ; 
Siultli. -Mfroil; Siiiltli, Cliarlo-s; Suillli, Hoi 
man CbarloH Kobert; .S'liltli, John; Smith 
Jolin; Smith, Joseph; .Smllh, Janies; Smitli, 
(lllvor J. L. ; Smith, Kobert: Smith, Willi 
('.; Suiitli, (Olmries; Smitli, Kdwin P.; Som- 
ervlllo, Samuel; Spohr, Carl Frederick; 
Sperel, (jeorge; Kiiuiro, Fred J.; Stevenson 
Tliomas William; Stiickham, Freilerick . 
Sioiliard, Wllliuin; Stewart, Alexiinder; 
Stewart, Joseph P.; Stewart, William lios- 
on; Stephenson, John J.; Stevens, Allan; 
sii wari, John; Surgenor, George; Sullivan 

.Toajiiio, John .\., Jr; Tepoorten, Charlc^ 
.'.; Thompson. Janios A\'llson; Thompson 
Wllllani; Thorn, Andrew; Thomas, Wllliau 
D.; 'I'hraroii, W. ; Thomas, Sumuel ; T.iwey 
.Ml. 'ha. 'I ; Tooloy. 'riiomas; Trace, John 
Tuck. Siimnol Parker; Tiirnbiill. Kobert 
Tiirnbuil, Ijllver; Taylor, A. W.; Thoiiip- 
sim, William Spears; Thornber, Laurence 
Tlionipsou, Crawford; Tlckeil, John; Touet, 
John; Trounce, William; Trutch, John 
Tredale. AVIIson; Tucklield, Francis Lee 
'I'liriihiill, Kobert; Tiirnbull, AVilllam: Tnr- 
nor, .Vri'liibalii : To.riior, lieiijaiiiiii ; Turner 
John Arthur; Tyson, Thomas. 

Vachoii, lOilwaril; Vernon, William II. 
Verdier, Stephen; Verdler, John. 

AValiiwriglit. Joseph; Walker, James; Wal 
lace, (Oliarles Wentworth: Ward. Koher 
Heiirv; Walts', William; Wiirk, John Hen 
ry; \ValsIi, William H.; AVarren, Cliarlo 
Tliorut..n; AValsli, M. AV. ; AA'arreii, Aligns 
Ins; AValson, Thonias; AVatsoii, John; AVohl 
t'lirlstophor, AVelsli, llourv: AVost. Chrb 
tiinher; AVest, I'miik; AVeber, Frank; AVo- 
tall; Georgo AV.; AVilcox, Joseph .1.; A\ll 
son, Joseph; AA'ilsoii, Thomas; AViiisle 
William Prest; AViiliams, Kdward: AVllson 
,1.; Wilson, J. AV.; AVllson. G.; AVlKsoii. Jos, 
F.; AVlksoii, John AV, ; AVllson. Johu; AVllson 
Jolm; AA'ilson, John; AVhittlngliam, Fredor 
lok; AVooilriilT. lOpliralm; AVorkmaii, Aaron 
A\'ood, George .VIexandor; AVood, Jam 
AS'ooilwaril, Joseph llonry; AVood 

Klchard Coombo; Crlstleld, Cluirles; Cross, 
.loseph; Crelghtou, John W.; Craig, Geo. 

Davles, Thomas; D.ivey, Frederick; Davis, 
Daniel; Dalluin, ,iVlphonsu3 Johu; Deckard, 
Stephen; Deavis, 0.; Deulsou, Kobert; 
peiiipsy, l.'rancls: Dickey, Albert -Bdward; 
Donnelly, John; Donovan, Michael; Donald* 
son, Kobert; Drury, &Iicbael Jamea; Dun- 
Vi'"',, ^YftU?.'" Scott; Dyas, Itobert Henry; 
Dyell, William. 

LTlis, Frank;. Eustace, John; Bvlns, 

Farron, Patrick; Fahoy, Thomas; Findloy, 
Arthur; Fislier, James U.; Fraser .Viigiis 

Gardner, J. li. ; (lurilner, .Mexaniler; Gar- 
rock, James; (Jervis, William; Gibson. AVil- 
llam Martin; Gooley, John; Gough, Frank: 
(jray, Samuel; Gundy, Henry. 

IlasUn, Kobert; Harrison, Stewart' Hen- 
Mi'o'i!' l'^",","^!': ^^'llllam; Hughes. 

AMIliam; llugliea, Klchard. 

Jennings, Kobert John; Johns, Edward: 
Tobuston, AVilllam- Knight, H. 

I.airerty, James; Laurence, Charles- Levle 
Edward B.; Lindsay, Frederick Nu-ssau- 
Lops, Joe; Long, Thomas H. 

.AlacKellur, David; Mnraden, Harry It • 
Maliinsoii, Tholdcr; Malsoii, Etiille- Mar- 
shall, Arthur AVilllam; Mllotto, Joseph- Mlt- 
ti?n, Samuel Georgo; Mlam, AV. J.; Mll'len- 
geii, Augustus Van; McKechnle, Edward 
Aiignstus; McLaren, Frederick. 

Page, Dniiean; Plm, G. P.; Pike, William; 
^ortor, Frank; I'uruy, Thomas. 

Koos, Eihvaril. 

Shaw, AVilllam; Sberet, George T. ; Shall- 
iir.l. Clay Dillon; Siieiikim. John; Spoatman, 
John; Stark, Thomas George; Stephens, 
lames; SteveiiK, (ieorge; Stevens, John; 
StcovcH, A. AVhitelii^lil; Strome, Isaac D. ; 
Sullivan, T. P.; Swan, AVilllam; Swan, 

Thomas Wllllani; Thomas, Samuel; Ton- 
kin, John; Topham, Law. 
I'Sher, Charles. 

A'aiix. AVilllam Henry; Vnlear, Alexander. 
Wallens, John I'hllllp; AVobster, AVilllam- 
AVllllams, Alexander; AVilsan, AVilllam; AVln- 
ter, Francis; AA'ilson, T. S. ; AVllllamB, 
riiiimas .M.; Wllliaiiis, lOilmuiiil Austin; 
AA'ooilrolTe, AATllIam Andean; AVoml, James. 

JOHN 1). .AIi KH.LlGAN, 
Collootorof Vot(!rator tho Vic.orla City Elec- 
toral DUtrlot. 
Court BoitSE. Victoria, 

SOthday tf April, I'DI. my4. 








I'.oltoii, Wllllani 
P.ootll, Go.irge Heiirv; lioatt 
llriggs, Thomas Lasii.T; Ilr..wii,, Kowlaiid ; Lniwii. I'.irtoi 
tlrowii, Joiin; Itiuwni", .lohii; 1! 
P..; liri'iinan. Wm. ;l;rlggs, .Vlli.' 
lirailloy, Henry 

lion taiiiin ; 

-■ss.-; Jirit- 
.Wll, Will, 
,1.; I'.iit- 
haliau, ,1. 

CamplH'll, llurbrlilge, John; liuckler. Tlioiii- I Morlimor 
as; lluek. (ieorgu Thomas; Buckler, \\ illlam h-r, 
S.; llurke, Patrick; Biitl, tieoigo; Lair. I 
J. .soph; llaliios, John llarrv; Parker 
Jaiii.'s; Haiiiott, Itloliar.l; llains\M'll, James 
liarrrit, Goorgo; IJallaiit vno, Davl.l; Lulu 
'I'liunias 11.; Harbour, .\1. Kobori; Pal. I. lag 
ton, William; r...iiltoii. Tlioiua.s (Oi-.-U; ]io 
laiiil, Tb.iiiias;, ,laniis; liriorlv, Sam 
uol; Grown William li.ilil.-; Lriloe," Hugh 
Lrousi.'r, Cliarl.'s; lira. II. 'V, Ge.irg,' W. 
Ll-olill, lIuL'li; j;ra:,-g, Willhnu; Lniwii. AVll 
llaiii; I'.r.i.-kb', ,Jaiiios Slillt.ui; Jlorgi-'pli; iiiiriross, St.'phoii S. ; HiiUit, J'eU'r 
B'.ittomer, I'rank; Burton, Henry; Baker 
Kdward Stiuituii; Bedford, George; Beaton 
J.; Buiitley, Thumiis; lieuedlot, Itobert How 
iird; Beimett, Kdwln K. ; Bigger, A. AV 

rick Charl 
AVilllam; .Mason, Goor:,'o: .Mason 
Matthews, ,lolui: .Alattliows. John; Mat- 
thews, John Dovlno; .Alurtin. AVilllam Cliaii- 
tr.'ll; .ALii'klnliiv, AVilllam S.-otI; Maoasl;lll, 
,\lo.\'r; Magill, Davlil; .Alalouoy, Tbos; 
Marsh , Goorgo; .Alallan.lalii.', Fri'.lorlok ; 
.Ala.'pborsou, ,roliii: Mar.pils Zopholiii; .M- o- 
l;iu.-k .l.inal.l. John; .Maynanl, Janies; .Marllu, 
Tliomas; .Marllii. lO.lmmi.l KIcbar.l: Mas. in. 
G.'orgo; Ma.'k.'U/.lo, Wllllani G. : Monany, 
,I.iliii A; .Alodana. Uomolo; .Mi'rrliii.aii. Tbos; 
Molklo, Janios; Mlll.'r, Cburlos John; Miller, 
.lohn I'orgusou; .Allnor. Thomas T. ; ,Allt- 
.•b.'ll, Aiolrow; .Mll.hi'll, Tliomas: Mlllett, 
Georu'o; .Alollatt, llainllloii; .Mooiir, Charles: 
Tliomas; .Al.oir, Charl. 's; Mook- 
.Al'irtlmer, James II ; Miiiiti:oni- 

.lames; .MiLslen. AVylde, Charles Sydeiiliaiii : ; AA'yIlo, AVllliaii 






ipl'i'll, li.Tiiaril Jaiue 



I ap.-rio 

,loliii ; 

Ml. ha. 'I; 
II. liar.'; 

.loiii.'s; Cal-I.-r, Jalii.-s; Carson. \','llllalii 
Geoi-e; I artle.lgi', .l.isepli Samuel; Cuid, 

Silas; Carrol, James; I'urtlioari, ll.oiiv; 
Cameron, lO.iwIn; (Oliiiiidlor. John F. ; i liii.l 
ley, William .Al, ; (Olmler, llonry; c'liulul, 
Ku.lolpli; Clyde, Alexander; Clav.loii, l^sa.-; 
Clark , James; Ulushiiiaii, Christ. iplnr; 
Clark, Arthiir W.; Cluues. tiloiiray; Coakes. 
i'liarl(>s; (Oolhiil, James P.iirgos; Co.ike, Lob- 
I'rt II.; C.iwaii, William; C.n.p.r, Heiirv 
.Moail.iw s; C.msliis. lO.lward C. ; (Jonin, Looli- 
ar.l; C.illiii, Lolgli C. ; Croiishaw, Ce.irgo- 
Crist, De Wltl; Crawl'or.l, J. .M.; Cn,/,|ei-, 
Jolin; Cutliliertsiin, Kobt.; (;aim-ron, .Ulaii 
It.; CamiM-oii, .loliii W. ; Carter, Clias. ; Car- 
tor, liohl.; Caiii|iljell, .Arelilbalii ; Cariiapiil- 
iis, John; Carter, Walter J.; (Tialliroiir, 
Fraiioiils Cl.aller, Henry; Clirlstiaii, .Allolia.'l 
J.; Clarke, James; Clarke, AVin., Clark, Ar- 
thur J.; Clarke, John Allen; Clarke, Kolieri ; 
Clark, Edwin; Clarues, AVlUium; (Jlurko, 
&Ultou; Clear, John; Clear, Johu; Court, 
Alexander Young; Cowan, Aloxnmler, 
Cowan, .Muynard Uavelock: Corakul, Gor- 
don; Cornish, Charles; Colllstcr, William 
Henry; Condioii, James Lucas; Cnwde, 
Isaac; (Jook. tieorgo John; Croft, Kobert; 
Cameron, .Allan. 

Daley, Janios J.; Dawson, Eilwiiril; D,'ilil, 
Oscar A.; Day, Fred; Davis, lOdwiird; Dalv, 
Timothy; Davis, (Oliarlos; Davles, AVilllain: 
Daly, Thomas; Degan, lionuls; Dowsnap, 
Joseph; Dexter, Jloheri ; Doslirlsav, De La 
Coiir; lloiiac, Oelalr Denii.'y, Wlilliim JO.I- 
waril; Delaey, Georgo; Dillon, George Wasli- 
iiigloii; DImiok, Natlianlcl I!.; Doekerlv, 
Arlemiis; Dolierty, Wllllajii; Doiialiiie, .\'. ; 
Dimald, Edwin; Donevau, James; Dorimiii. 

.lohn; Doyle, AVilllam; Dowselt, llarrv; 
Dowdall, Itlcharil P.;' Dorval, Joseph; Don, 
Hoclor; Dolaii, I'eler Joseph; Doyle, D.-nnls; 
Driiry, Itieliaril ,lanies; iJrow, G. 11.; Jiiiini- 
iiiond, Thomas; llrls.'.il, Jeremiah; Dwver, 
AVilllam ,1.; Davis, lO.hvard; Dawson, a'Iox- 
iiiider; Davis, J. dm Harilwiek; Davev, Geo.; 
Davidson, It.diert ; Davis, David: 'D.', 
AVilllam; D.'l'au, .loliii; Devlin, ,lose|ih C.; 
Dosseter, lOdward; Driiper, Thomas; Dun- 
uutt, Georgo, 

Edwards, Jolm; Edwards, (Oliarles; F.l- 

fihaiiHtone, Koger; Elliott, AVilllam Georgis 
ijn.gllsh, Itobert; Essouwlne, Frank; loilor- 
shnuk, Wllllain; Ewen, Thomas; Evde, 
.Tolin II,; English. Abraham; English, .(ohii 
ti'eorge; Endec, Herbert AA'alson, 

I-"an, Alfred; I'rnsor, .Vnilrow; I'riis.'r, 
Domilil; F'rled, Ccaniw; I'raser, .lohn; I'leli- 
iniiii, Thomas; ]''ngg. .Iniiies; I'ar'.vell, .\r- 
lliiir Slanliope; I'aw.-elt, Tlioinas Lea: I'er- 
gusoii, , lames; h'eiiiu'll. Thomas; Vitv, .Mloii, 
.1,: I'llzgerabi, Jolm; I'lister, Kobert; L'oole. 
,Iolin; Francis, Georgo: I'rasor, Stewart; 
I'ranlilln, .lesso; I'raiicls, Jolm LowoHvu; 
I'"raser, Daniel ; l^lslier, Go.irgo li. ; I'lsl'ior, 
.lames 10.; I'lriiiore, Arlhiir; I'lemerv. AVil- 
llam; T''o.\-, Henry; Foster, John AA'lllliuii; 
I'lix, Gliiirh'S .Aliiwhriiy: I.'owUo, Gavin; 
h'orsler, John AVilllam; Fose, Georgo Thom- 
as: Foiintiilii, Albert. 

(iambic, (hiriloii; Gnhrlcl, Alexander; 
Giiskcll, .Tosepli; Gankrogcr, Harry; Gar- 
bimr.v, .Tosi'iih; Giilbraltli, William; Gllih, 
David: (Jllk'splo, Samuel B.; Olllls, Mur- 
dock W.; Gibson, Alexander; Gtlllgan John; 
Glatster, Ilobcrt; Goodwin, Samuel Houry; 




ThoimiM; .Alarion, Frank; -Alarsiiall, (iraliiim; 
Martin. Simon; Mackey, Cliarles; Mather. 
.Alexander; March, George; Mathews, K. 
L.: Ma.xwell, Alexander; Mngliii, David; 
Magutllii. John; Mulllsoii, Flohleii; Martin, 
Ge,iri:i' Heiirv; Margetis, Uobovt AVIIIIaui; 
.Aliirstou, (irlamb); Malile, S. A.; Mixvlllers, 
Jo.'; Moore, James: Moor.., J.iliii James; 

.Aloore, Tl as; Monk, .Vlfreil;, Ja«. 

llanlev;, (leorg.';'v, J'rank; 
M..raes, J..sepli; .Miinro.', D,iiil.'l: Munsle, 
AVilllam; Mur|iliy, .\rtliiir; Murray, .lami's; 
Miirpliv. Thomas: Miiiiro. ('liui-les P..; Mur- 
phy, AVilllam: Miinro, lt..lM'rl MeKeu/.b'; 
Morson. AVilllam; .Muriihv, Piitrlek; Mur- 
phy. Patrick: .Aluridiy, I'alrli'k; .Aliirpliy. P. 

I.; Miinro. Duncan; iluuro, Aloxauder: Mc- 
Allister, (ieorge; McAlllHter, John; Mc.Vn- 
drow, Thomas; Mct'amns. John; Mc- 
Coiinell, , I. , soldi AVilllam: .AloGorinack, Sam- 
uel: M.'C..niil.'k, John; MeCalluiii, Mahidm 
Sin. -lair: .Al.-Carm.'V, J.ilm: M.-Caiitra. Jiio.: 
.Al. 1 i.uial.l. Charl. 'S W. ; M.dl.mal.l, .lames; 
M.d loiial.l. r.Oer: .Mol'MiiaM. A\'llliani; .M.'- 
Donal.l; Meliowell. A\-illlaTii .los.'pU; Me- 
.\lllst.-r, T. I'.. ; .Me.Aiiall, David: Al.dilaiie, 
Charl. 's; .Mrl'.iid.'. Sanin.'l; .M.dluniie, K. ; 
.AleCartv, I'airirk; MeCord, A\-|||laiii Cam- 
.•r.m; .Al.'Corma.'k. Charles P.; .Al.'i ■.iniiaii. 

Tl Ills: .AleCiirraeli, William: M.Cartliy, 

David; .AlcCleun. Frederick; .MeCann. Thus.; 
AIcGall. Kdinuiid John; MeOaul, Edmund 
J. din; McCarter, William: McOonnell, Thos; 
M. Dimald, William; McDhnald, John "\V. ; 
MiDonabl, David; MeDormid, Hugh Colin: 
M<-liomil.l, ,1. lllll J[.; Mellereil, E.lward; .Mi- 
l-'arland, Joseph A\'alter; M.'Farliiiiil, llo.i; 
AloGregor. ,lani.'S 11. mil; Al.'Gill, Jiihii ; Me- 
Gill, Jaiii.'s; M.'Gregor, Porev ; MoGowan, 
llourv A\'illlam: .AleGregor, George; Me- 
llaldy, AA'illiaiii: .MoHugli, Samiiol; Melii- 
tyre, .Vlexanilor; AloKenzIo, II eetor: Me- 
Kevitt, .Mieluiel; .AleKav, Doiial.l lieorgo; 
.McKay, (ieorge; MeKav, Itoli.'rl ; .AleKe.iii, 
P.; McKllkarlk, AViii.; .Alcl.ean, Laiiglin; 
McLean, Donald; Mc.AIlllan, K. ; .AtcMornin. 
Kolilnson; Mc.Alanus, .L; McNaughton, Fred- 
crick; MeNearney, John; MnNolU, Alexan- 
der; Mcpherson. Daniel; McQuade, AVilllam; 
.AIi'Donald, Edward; McDougall. ,Tohn Hec- 
tor; McDougal, Ko.Ieriek; .AleDonalil. (ion. 
Henry; McDonald, Archibald J.; McDonald, 
Davlil Gnnn; MeDimalil, Patriek; .AleGliitv, 
Mike, Mcliri'gor, James IL; .Metilll, David; 
MeGregor, Aloses: .Ali-lnnes, A li<xaiiili'r ; Mc- 
intosh, James; .Alel-Clnnon, Nell; MeKoidi- 
nle. Harper; McKlniion, John; MoKell, 
Kobert 10,; McKliiiion, Malcolm; Midvav, 
Charles; Mi-Keiiide, Arthur; MoLacklen, 
Itobert Kirkwooil; .MeLareii, Alexander; 
Alcl.arty, Arclilhnld; McLean, John; Mc- 
Lellaii, Malcolm: McLean, Milton; MeLar(!n, 
.Al.'xander: .Mc.AIoll, Lowls; M(!.N'aniee, ,TaH. ; 
McNeill, Fred; MoNlffe, AVilllam; MePllor- 
soii, Diimil.l; Mcl'hee, Datiioi; Mil.iiiade, 
i'atrl.'k; .MoShaiiuoek, .\le\aiidor: MeTorn- 
Jiii, Palrlck; .AleWilllaiiis, Thomas. 

Xaiightoii, J. .AL; .N'awlaii. David; Noild, 
Henry; .\ewimin, I'rederlek; N'elsoii, ,\lex- 
iimler; NoIhoii, John; Niiitb'. ,A.; No.'le, 
Thomas; Niigle, Dniilel; Xiilriio, Cha'rli.'s 
Kobert; Nolsoii, ■William Kobert; Kewsoiu, 
(ieorge; Nicholson, Charles Norman; Nlch- 
olHon, Herbert; Noi-rls, John Gustnvua; No- 
lan. David. 

O'Kourko, Patrick; O'Nell, E. II. AA'. ; O- 
gllvlo, George Hunter; Otlers.m, Anilrow; 
Gwnn, AA'llliiini; (PLearv, Henrv Josepli; 
Owen. AVilllam David; O'Siilllva'ii. Humph- 
rey; O'Connor, ,Iohn J.; Ogelvle, John; Oli- 
ver, It.; On, William John; Orr, James; 
oslorhant, Wilfred Edgar; Ouellette, Na- 

Palmer. George lionnell; I'nrker, George; 
Paltersim, William I).; Patterson, James; 
Piittlsiin, AVilllam: Pac... A\'illlaiii; 
ago, AVillhim; I'aliio, AVilllam II.; Pattoii, 
.Tames; Parsons, Georgo; Patton, AVilllam 
F. ; I'attprson, AVilllam; Pnrkor, Goorgo; 
I'erson, (0. Velo; I'cttlcrow, AVlIllnm Camp- 
bell: I'ottlcrew, Hugh; Penny, Daniel; Pev- 
to, W. ; l'cerc(!. William; I'etl lerew, Ifiigli 
T.; Pettit, AVilllam; Perdue, Alfred; Pedol- 
tv, Kalpli; Phillips, Geo. BenJ. Marl In; 
Phillips, Joseph; I'hoonlx, .Tnseph; Pliilllps, 
John; Pike, Charles; Pike, Thomas; Pleacc, 

AVais, Clirlsiiaii; AVaitt, John: AVulkerdlm 
Henry; Wall, lO.lniiinil Jas; AValsli, J.iliii 
AValsii, John; AVarbiirtoii, Henrv Iliiiui' 
AValker, Kobert; AVatsoii, George; AVolfonl 
AValter; AW'lsli. James; AVehster. AVllU 
AVelsoii. A\'.; AVeldi, John II.: AVeiizel. Per 
iKiid: AVhileway, AVilllam T.; AVliittakiir 
George; Whltty, Thomas; AVhlte, Samuel 
AMiltely, John J.; Whlttler, B.; Whyman 
A\ llllam H.; White. AVilllam; Wbalen, Hen 
ry; AVilkor, Charles; AVllllams, John Tho 
mas; AA'lshart. James, AA'llliams, Jam 
AVIIlliliiis, John Tliomas; AVllson. John 
Franels: A\-llks, Frank; AVllson. F. J 
AVIIks, Charles; AVlseiiKin. John; AVIIIIuiii 
.loliii lOmhlln: Winter, Itobert Henrv; Woo. 
A'l'llllam .Alarllii; W.M.driilf, CliiirU's; A\'or 
thlugtoii. .losi'idi; AVoriiiaii, John; AVoodlll 
J. din; AVood, John Janies; AA'aters, Jaim 
llonry; Welsh, James; AVhlte, Georg. 

A'arrow, Frederick; Young, Olof; Young, 
George AVilllam; Young, James. 


Regimental Order by Major Quintan, 

The Companies at Headquarters 
will Parade in Drill Order at Drill 
Hall, on Thursday, 10th- Ins ant, at 8 

By order. 

M. Q. BLANCHARD, Lieut., 
my5 Acting Adjutant. 

A roward ot ono thousand dollars ($1,0(X)) will 
bo paid bf the Provlnolal Government for sncli 
In formation as{wiU lead to the arrest and coU' 
viction ot the person or peisons, 'who, on or 
about the morning ot tho 13th instant, placed or 
causod to bo placed or exploded, a bomb or 
other dangerous oxploslvo on or near the prem- 
ises of Alexander SSharp, at Wellington, in the 
County of Nanaimo. 

By Command. 

Superintendent of Provincial Police. 
Victoria, B.C., March 14th, 1891. mrl5 

List ob" Hkrsonb Tkanskerkkd to Sooth 


llainbrlilge, AVilllam Herbert ; rierre, 
.loliii 'I'liomas; AVllllamson, ] lavi.l ; k, 
John AVllliam; lirowiilee, .Aiiilroiv; Clialm- 
ers, ,IameK; Carey, Joseph AVesiliro|i; Heck, 
AVilllam; Cliivdon. Issue; Deviiie, Jehu; 
ilolmos, William; O'ltrleii, John; .Simpkens, 
Wllliuin; .AleKeoii, AVilllam Jnmes; Koss, 
AVilllam .AlcJvenzie; llnlmau, AVilllam; Har- 
bor. James; Ciiu-kc, Itobert; Patterson, Du- 
gald Camidiell; I'ctcr, William Hlud; Tar- 
boll, Charles II.; Wood, James Thomas. 

List ok Pekbokr T k ANfi-EnHUD to Nhav 


Ker, Walter Henry; Itoberts, James F. ; 
Walsh, William H. 

List iii' I'i;us(iNs Tkanskerrkd to North 
N .\ N .M M 1 1 i< i.kctorai. District. 

Hnmber, Cieorge. 

List oi'- Pehhons 'ruA.vsii-EnrtED to Nanaimo 
City Ki.i:c iohai. Uisthict. 

lirooUs, Kdward C; Hilbert, lllchard; 
Hunter, AValter; Hhoppard, Isaac John; Tay- 
lor, Charles; Dnulop, John Thomas. 

List olf Pkrsonh TitAKSPRKUii n to "Vanooi - 


lirowii, James; Ireland, AA'IIlIam Homw; 
Mimroe, Haiilei: AVllson, AVilllam McPhur- 
son; Kenning, James -VIexandor; NcwIIng, 
tlnslow; Travers, John II. 

Li.sT OK ri';ns(iNS TnANHi'i:iiuii:i) lo ICootic- 


Deane, John 11. C 

an-Albkbni RLKQTor r. District. 
Ruckle, Henry; Johnson, Bdtvin. 


Mnlr, William James; McBride, Samuel; 
(^ireeiiliiilgh. John: FOscoe, William Henry; 
A'lne, lOdward; Allen, Bobcrt Lemon; Good- 
win, AViii. tjtiirr. 


II)H(ll'I'i:i) NAMK".) 

Alexander, Frederick; Allanp, AA'lIllam; 
Amlerson, Ilavld; Aiiilerson, AVllliam; An- 
dean, AVilllam; Anilcans, Henry; Aiulersoii, 
AA'Illlam 11.; Argllu Francis; Ayhward, 

Mate, Joseph Henry Mills; Barclay, Cen.; 
Hiirtlolt, Jnlio; Ileekwith, Herbert: Hell, 
AN'illliini; lleavoii, Timmas; Kliiek Ale.xan- 
dor; liouer, .lohn; I'.riioks, AVilllam Henry; 
liriiwn, Arthur (Jeorge: liriiln, (ieorge A.; 
Hreiiiian, Jlenrv L. ; Jirlon, AVilllam F. ; 
liiirrowi'S, Cllbi'rt J. 

(Oami'i-oii, .Mexaniler; Cainermi, Daniel; 
(himpbell. Alexanilor; (0;inimi, lOdw.'ird 'P.; 
Cupel, (ieorge James; Curiilsli, (Oharis; 
Caclimore, 'J'honiiis A.; Onto, Wllllani Ileii- 
ly; CatlH, AVilllam Henry; Carpeiiler, G. 
.S, ; Cameron, Diiiicaii; (Oarrnth, 'J liomas S.; 
ChrlsleiiHiMi, Jame.i; Cllt, lOilwaril; Clark, 
Jolm liloyd; Clark, Charlie; Cook, Herbert 
John; Cojinertliwalte, Allen; Capelnnd, 
Itlchard; Cowles, Janios; Corklll, James; 
Oocherry. Samuel: Collins, Henry Percy; 
Coullu, John; Collins, Thomas J.; Cridgc, 

A Reward of One Thousand 
Dollars ($1,0C0) will be paid for 
such information as will lead to 
the arrest and conviction of the 
person or persons who.on or about 
the mornins of thn 13th inst., 
placed or caused to bo placed or 
exploded, a bomb or other dan- 
gerous explosive on or near tho 
premises of Alexander Sharp, at- 
Wtjllington, in the County of 


Victoria. B.C , 

March 16th. 1894. mrlT 

AA'ill bo given to any pcrBOn or persona giving, 
such Information aa will load to the arrest and 
conviction of any party or partioa destroying or 
injuring tho nonly planted shade trees in 
Beacon Hill Park, or wilfully damaging other 
Corporation property In said Park. 
By order, 


O. M. O. 

City Clerk's Onico, 

'Aird January. 1801. 



TAX on" dogs. 

Owners of Oogs are reqnested to take notice 
that the Tax tor the roar 1891 on every Dcg 
within the City of "Vietiorio, Is now duo. The 
provisionif of the Ponnd By-law and the 
Revenue By-law, 1893, will bo enforced with 
respect to any such tax romalninp; niipald from 
this dato. 

Mr. Itobert Carter is anthorizcJ to collect tho 
above tax. CH.iS. KENT, 

City CoUaotot's Offloo, Collector. 

Victoria, B,0., May 2od, KBi. myS-Shn 


And If yon would rn.ip a Kood harvcat 
of VcKCtablca and Flowers, 


These wo eoU In all the Avnll known and 
leading sorts. Also now ready, and 
thousands to soloot from, 



Nurseryman and Soodraan, 
No. 9 Park Koad, Victoria. 
Catalogues mailodfroo. mr25-2m 


Mr. Sword's Gentle Criticism of the 
GoTernment— la Doubt as to 
His Lewler. 

TVest Kootenay Candidates— Major 
Mutter's Position -Tlie Coming 
Kanaimo Ueetlnur* 

Mission, May 5. — (Special) — A ineoting 
of a numbur of peraona oppoBod to the pres- 
ent provinoUl goveramenli traa held here 
tbis afternoon, for the purpose of naming a 
candidate to oonteat the riding of Dewdney 
in the intereat of the opppaition. A. W . 
Been prealded, The rivalry of General 
Kinohant, who bad been a keen aspirunt for 
the Beat which otbera of the oppcsition 
thought should be oonteated for by G. B. 
Sword, M P.P., promised to make the pro- 
oeedinga of the meeting more than usually 
intetestiog. Qeneral Kinchanl'ti ardor had 
boon cooled, however, by a cinvnsa of the 
riding, unii us before the meoting opeuod ho 
had BigniQeci hisi willitignoaa to withdraw, the 
first reaoluiiou offered was quo in priiiae of 
hia "fidelity to the piirty" and of 
thunka "for valuable sorvicoa rond 
crod to llio Iiidepondent cauee," 
coupled wit h a recoguilion of hia " tkill to 
organise and coucontralo tlFort" and the 
fervent hope " that his ability may early 
find Bcopii oa legislator and couiinollor." 
This rcHolui.iiin was moved by J. Wright, 
and the General thua went upon the retired 
liat of candidates aniidat loud applauao. In 
hia apeech he adniitled that in eaiivuasing 
the riding ho had unexpectedly found utroug 
feeling iu favor of the Hovornnienl, and that 
ho had inadvertently made tho ac([U:untat!ec 
of ardent supporters of tho guvernmei.t 
whose ooDViotions remained uualiaUen hy 
hia olotir.onoe. He advised thorough orgaii- 
izition u3 a necessity if the opposition hoped 
to niuko u strong flght on behalf of their 
cundidato. He eondemued tbo government 
for what they had omitted to do rather than 
for whut they had done, except iu tlie caae 
of the new parliument buildings, for 
whiah he called upon tho eleoiora to 
join in the oondenmation. This scDliment 
hia hearers applauded, and the applause 
waa renewed when he explicitly declared 
bis intentien nf oaaiating Mr. Sword, whom 
be advised the meeting to nominate. Col. 
Jaggers followed with a criticism oi the 
former members for the district for not 
visiting their constitnents. Then a motion 
was passed formally inviting Mr. Sword to 
contest the district, E. A. Atkins followed, 
also condemning the government for the par- 
liament buildiug9,and for spending money on 
railways. Secretary Lizonby took ocotiaion 
to say that he would have been glad to see 
General Kinchant in t(ie field were tho 
riding a safe one for him, which seemed 
doubtful. He wanted to know, on behalf of 
himself and follow delegates, what position 
Mr. Sword would occupy towards Hon. Mr. 
Beaven's party. Mr. Sword replied that 
tho leaderahip would bo decided after they 
found who would be elected ; and tho 
wisdom of tho re))Iy favorably 
impreeaing tho meeting they unan- 
imously endorsed Mr, Sword, who 
made a speech accepting the nomination 
and declaring his views. Ho said the Da- 
vie government most deserved censure for 
their action with respect to tho parliament 
buildings, which he claimed had been under- 
taken with tho permanent location of tho 
capital at Victoria as the main object. Tho 
Nukunp it Slocan railway matter ho 
thoui{bt bad been conducted in an " un- 
businesslike" way, and on this account 
also he asked the condemnation of tho gov- 
ernment. Then he feared the government 
if returned would endeavor to secure the 
building of the Canada Western railway, 
and he objected to the province incurring 
liability on this account. He declared him- 
self against bocussing any more railroads, 
though he made tbo rather iodefinite 
and conflicting admitaion tisat the 
government should " assist a rail- 
way with their credit to some 
extent." Mr. Cotton, M.P.P., spoke next, 
and gave Mr. Sword a certificate of char- 
acter. After a vote of thanks for his speech 
had luen tendered Mr. Cotton by a gnntle- 
man who aaid ho considered it " tho best he 
had heard iu Ikitiah Columbia," Mr. Cotton 
modestly accepted the palm for oratory, and 
explained that ho had to do hia best hec-iuae 
in hia capacity as " leader of tho party " he 
might be said to represent all conatituon- 
oies I Af '.er an e.'cohango of votes of thanks 
tho meeting adjourned. 

Reveij5ToivK, May 2. — (Special) — A meet- 
icg was held nere last evening for the pur- 
pose of considering the candidature of 
Robert Howson for tho North riding of 
West IvDOtenay, it being fairly attended, 
with A. Craig in the chair. Mr. Howson being 
invited to declare himself, said ho meant to 
take »u independent stand and would give 
his support to anything that would bo for 
the benefit; of the district. He would later 
explain what he thought of the government 
and of the opposition. H. A. Brown fol- 
lowed, expressing the opioiun that tbo meet 
ing was rather prematurely held in tho ab- 
aenoe of Mr. Kellie, M.P.P. Robert Tapping 
said he had thought of coming out himself 
as an iodependent candidate, but if Mr. 
Kellie sought re election he would at once 
retire in that gentleman's favor. F. Fraeer 
spoke on behalf of Mr. Kellie, who ho said 
intendHd to bo a omdidate if a petition now 
in circulation received a sullicient number 
of signatures. After a niinibor of ihnse 
present had stood up in endoroation of Mr. 
Howaon'a candidature tho meeting ad- 

Du.xi AN", May 7. — (Special) — A meeting 
called by Major Mutter waa held at the 
Shawnigan Lake school house on Saturdnj 
oveoini;, witti a small attendance, it being 
explained that there was soiiio mimiiuler- 
atanding a.s to the place. Major Mutter an- 
nounced hia intention, if elected, to give the 
government a general support, and with 
reference to the misunderstanding which 
occurred at the Duncan meeting he read the 
following letter. 


l8t May, 1801. 

Major MiilCci: Soiiicno.i, 11 C. 

My DicAit Silt :— KelcrrinB to tbo matter of 
your candidature, and to tho asaiiranco of « '"• 
oral aupp Tt ivhloh >ou havo given, and al-io to 
tho exprosfion of rrgrot at tho iniaunderduind- 
inK which occurred uc tbemecllnK at Uuaoun'H, 
I cordially accept the same, and now beg to say 
llmt I shall be quite content it yon are thu 
choloo of ctio people of tho district asmycoi 

KoRardiDK ihocoBtost as between Mr. Hut- 
ton and loiirielf, 1 must also s y that should 
thooleetorH decino to elect Mr. Sutton, I shall 
bocqu lly Hatiflllod. and that from thi.i time I 
shall oxurcise no iiroferonco citlior in favor of 
Mr. button or yourself. boluK quite content to 
leave tho clontlou to tho will of tho voters, I 
may also say that I havo written a i-iinllar 
letter to Mr. Sutton. Yours vory truly, 
(Signed) TiiBODOHE Uavii:. 

Addresses were made by Mr. Hoy and 
Mr. Oarnett, mainly dealing with road mat 
ters und desired obangea In the system of 
-carrying on the work, and a vote endoraiog 
Major Mutter and the government closed 
the proceedings, 

Nanaimo, May 7. — {Special.)— Much in- 
-terest is beiog taken in the meeting to be 
iheld on Thursday evening in the opera 

tonae ofi bei^aif .^o^^f ijiames, Mpi 

honae iifi behalf -^6t> James, MbGregor, the 
governinent candidate - foe Nanaimo city, 
especially in view, of '.tbe-annoonceniont of 
un address from Premier Bivie. While the 
latter is in the city ho will be waited upon 
by a committee from the Gospel Tenipor* 
auoo Union, who wish to obtain certain 
pledges relating to temperance legiaUtion. 

GoLDKN, May 5 - (Special)— A largely 
attended mooting was held hero ou Monday 
evenint', to bring to tho attention of Hoa 
Col. Baker, tho member for the diitriot, 
Bomn of its nciuiremi nts. J. F Armstrong 
presided. Harry Connacber was the spokes- 
man, and on behalf nf the citizens asked 
for: 1. A court atOnlden ; 2 A constable 
and jailer ; ;! That the (Jold Conmiieaioner 
should spend two (jxod days in tho week 
here; i. An onKrgement of tho bohonl ; 5. 
Improvement of the road to Cftiivnn creek ; 
(i. Iniprovcnient of the road to Donald ; 7. 
Kiro protection ; S. More assistance for the 
hospital. .Mr O-vcn followed in ruiuest 
for tho OBtabliHhmcnt of a land registry 
ollico ; and I'eler Sebus'ian argued elc- 
quently for repairs to the Kicking Horse 
embankment. Hon. Col. liakor, who 
was cordially applauded on rising, dealt 
with the requests one by one, explaining 
what had been attempted in tho p^at and 
promising continued attention to these 
matters, which he realized were of groat im- 
portance to tho district. Ho suggeatotl that 
a committee ho appointed to place btforo 
him in writing the requests juat stated, and 
U. Connacber, J. F. Armatrong and A. 
Campbell were uooordingly appointed for 
that purposa. Votes of thanks to Col. 
li.iUor and to the Chairman closed the pro- 

Derby PiU!? Smoking 
Tobacc,-) Has No Equal. 
Have You Tried It ? 

lead.s lo Consumption. Slop 
tho Couyh, hcul the Lungs 
and slronythen the System 


the Cream of Cod-liver Oil 
and liypopliospliites. It is 
palatable and. easy on the 
stomach. Physicians, the 
world over, endorse it. 

Don't be deceived by Substitutes! 

Scoit A Downo, DollovlUo. AUDruggiBtB. COo. i $1. 


ThG Vlctorla-Phoanlx Brewing Co. here- 
by bed to ifive notice that tbelr Beer 
Pumps are only to be used in drawing the 

Company 'd bee ■. 

In any cbbo where other beer Is attached 
to their enRlned, th«y will tie removed 
without fai iher notice. 

kty order of the 

Having received notice from tho Dominion 
Government that tho Trade Marks blown into 
our bottles were Regiaccrod on .\prli 9. Inst., we 
hrrehy bog to give notice that ihosu bottles can 
onlybouacdby the Vlotoria-Phienix Brewing 
Company. Any iiorson found truffleklnK in or 
us nu ilieio hoit'os in their busioesa will be 
pioHecuti!>'i according to the act. 

By order of ijif 
apl9 VicroRiA-PiKKNix nunwiNo Co'y. 

In t^e E.^tatoof II;wniliiin MofTatt. dn''<>Bsed. 

— All pori'Oiis luiiiiif,' ciMiinM aK'alnst Iho Esiato 
•Df tb(Miliovi!-nai[ie!l liec a^ei aio requliod to 
Hcnd pir liMilarH i hereof Ui tho unLuiaiKned 
before the ISth day of .May, lS;i|. 
Dat. (1 Ihe'iTthuay of April. 18111. 

np 8 H. G. LKWl.S, Kxccutor. 

Estate of E. BloomlDgdale, Deceased. 

NOTICK la hereby Riven, that all creditors 
and p'''r.ionH havlnt< any claims aKainst the 
Kstato are hereby n (luirud to hei,d In tho parll- 
cnlars tlioreol lo ihe lUKlor. iKned, on or before 
Iho 15th (1 ly of .May next, a'tor which date the 
KxeciUors v. ill dirttribul o tho assets of the Tes- 
tator, liavini; roaiinl only to ihec ulmsof which 
they shall then Imvo had no' Ice 

All peri-onf. Indebted to tho said Tculii.tor, un- 
der the llrm name of 


or cthorwlso. are required to pay their dehtB 
forthwith to tho uDdoreigned. 

H, HLl)0\fINODALH:. 

G. H. aKKUG, 


Offlco with Simon Lelsor & Co., Vloloria, B.C. 


Rooms li and it Five Sisters' Block, Qovem 
ment Street, Victoria, B. O. 

. A. Keefnr, M.I.O.K H. H. Hmlr.h. M.I.C.t- 

. tha 

liavo boon of- 
t. c ti-cl by my 
, with 

1 by ah other 

nei M-'.-Hrf>iiiinii<-d. Thuy retain larjfOHt 
Ituptuio uiuier HevorcBt strain. A oyo- 
tum oriutinfrbnsboen porfoctod tbo 
biHt 3B yt^iirs, fully onual toporsoiial 
examination l>y mall. 37 patents 

lU.boolcfroe ' 
134 Kins BtW-.'I'oronto^ 





Daily, except Sunday, between Spokane 
and Marcus, 
7:00 a.m. Lv... SPOKANE ..Ar. 5:30 P.m. 

On Wednesdnys and Saturdays trains will 
run throuKh to Nelson, nrrlvinR at S;'10 p.m., 
making oloHO connection with the steamer 
Nuihon for ICalso and all lake points, arriving 
at Kalsoat(l:00p,m.8amedavs. Returning pas- 
BooKorB win loavo lake points ond Nelson on 
Tuesdays and Fridays, arrlvlna ut Bpokano 
same d/iyi. 

ConiMienirK j\ray '2iid. piftiongors for Trail 
<;reek, Nakunp. New Denver, Hevolstoke and 
all poliitH on I lie Canadian Paclflo Railway, 
will leavo Hpokaiie on VVo inesdayH and Sat- 
nrdayfi ai 7 a.m., cnniiccti"K at Northport with 
stoamcr (aanio day) at 1 p.m. 

PciB-oiiKer.-s by s' earner from above points ar- 
rive in .Spokane Hnino (ivoning. 

PassongoiH for Kottlo Ulvor and Boundary 
Crook connect at Marcus with stage on Men- 
daj's and Tuesdays. lall 




" The Purity of Apollinaris offer » the best security against the 
dangers of most of the ordinary drinking waters." 

London Medical Record. 

•'Apollinaris Natural Mineral Water issues from 
a Spring deeply imbedded in a Roclc and is therefore 
of absolute organic purity." 

Professor Liebreich, Berl in. 



Coiitatiiiiig copies (if Fifteen Poptilur I'aitiliiiya by tlio I >' rent 
Masters. The originals tire encli worth thousands of dollars. 
You can get them all for a tritlo if you are a reader of this 




"The Brothers"- 
"The Love of Fatherland"— [">g^."///;'' 
"Steeple Chase." 
"The Building of the Pyramids." 
"The First Profit." 
"Valuable Instruction." 
"The Proposal." 
"Spanish Lady." 
"Madonna of the Chair." 
"Paying Toll." 

"Dancing Room in a Suabian Village." 
"A Little Kiss." 

"The Bride's Departure from Home." 


Clip Three Coupons from this Paper, and send or bring with 
you 10 cents to this oQice. 




Dean & Crydorraan, 

Victoria, British Columbia, 
Oentlbmen.— Was troubled with Rheuma- 
tism 80 bad I could hardly walk, and was cured 
by ualni; your Marvelous Rheumatic Onre. 


New York Hotel. 

Dean & Crydorraan, 

Victoria, British Columbia, 
Dbar Sirs.— Had a bad sprained ankle, used 
Marvellous Liniment and was onUroly cured 
in three days. 


Stolts' Restaurant. 

Victoria, B. 0., Jan. 17, 1893. 

To Dean & Crydorman, dmBglBta. 

Gkntmcmicn,— With much ploasuro I add mj 
toatlrnony to your valuable Marvellous 
I'.honmatlo Cure. For Ihroo months I enlforoil 
terrible pain. Could not move only by tbo aid 
ct two sticks. I havo only taken two bottles of 
the medioino and two of the liniment, and I 
can now go without sticks, and hope after the 
third bottle to ro to work. 

Ymm verr tbanUnlljr, 

No. 18 OswoKO Street, comer MlohiBan Btteet, 



non Victoria, B. 0. 

Oomer Yates and Broad Streets. 

It ^ Naodio R'y 


To take efilacb at 8 00a.m. on Friday, Apr 27th 
VSA, Trains run on Padflo 
Standard Time. 

^= = = = = = = = --i 

c* ^4 12 ^ 

10 A\ nij-Hriv I ?St:S5EiiPE:-;2SS85 





Liverpool, London, Glasgow aod 


I : : : : i : - 
; : : .oos : : . . . 


S o 



in 3 S p. 
- - < 

o O 


On Saturdays and Sundays 

Return Tickota will be Issued between all 
points for a faro and a quarter, good for rotnrr 
not later tlian Sunday. 

Return 'I'lcUots for one and a half ordlnar) 
faro may bo purchased dally to all iioints, Kood 
tor seven days including day of iBsue. 

No Return Tickets issued (or a (are and & 
quarter whore the slcRle (are is twenty-flvt 

Through rates between Victoria & Contox. 

Miloano and Commutation Tickets can bt 
obtained on application to tho Ticket Ai?ont, 
Victoria Station, 

President. Qen, Supt 


myl Gon. Kroiijht and PaRnonRor A({t, 


F. OakoH, Henry C. Payne, Henry C. 
Rouao, Kecelvors. 



Pullman Sleeping Cars 


Elegant Dining Cars 
Tourist Sleeping Oars 


Grand Forlia 



Helena and 


To Chicago, Washington, Phllti- 
delphla, New York, Boston and 
all Points East and South. 


18 knots 



I 1117. 

8.30 pn 
11.15 pu 
4.45 an 




Lv *.. .Victoria — Ar 
. Port Townsond . 

Ar.*...Tacoma Lv 

llOi 4.R0 pm 
72 1.30 pro 
28 10.15 f^TO 

iMil i.OJ av 

Steamer City of ICinRst )n mnkei oonnej)tlon 
at Tacoma with Northern Paclflo tral^ to 
and (roni points cast and south, 
• Daily except Monday. 

p. K. ltHt'IiW«OD, 

FrolKht and pn^sonBor Apreol 
victoria, B. C. 
a. D. OHAR1.TON, 

Asst. Gen. Pas. A Rent, 
121 First street, Waahlngtcn, Portland, Or 

Passengers for Chicago can take Sleeping Car 
at Seattle Through Without Change. 

Paiiengeri leave Victoria dally at 7i30 a.m, forSpokane 
St. Paul, Mlnneapolli, Ouluth, Winnipeg. Mll- 
waukesi St. Louli and tha Eaat, 

Runnlnpr Bnlfot Cars, with bath room, bar 
bor ehop, oaey chairs, obiorvation windows 
library, writing and card tables, omoklnff rooms 
etc., and Paiaco Sleeiiinj; and DininK Cars 
Family Tourist Sleepers, and llrst and second 
class Coaches. 

Direct connections made at VVonatciioo with 
Btoamvra to and from Lako Chelan and the 
OkanaRan country. At lionner'a Ferry with 
steamers from Kaslo, Aliiuwortli, Nelson, an(! 
ether points in tho Kootenai minir.R dibtriot. 
At Jennlnga with sloamor for Fort Htcolo. AI 
Shelby Junction and Havre (or Qroat Falls. 
Helena and Dutte. 

CroBSPB the t'asendoand Rocky Mountains Ir 
daylisht. Flnost scenery in America and a lint 
(ree (rom dust. 

For ln{ormatlon or publications apply to 

Qeneral Agent, 

No. 4 Adelphi Block, 

Govt. St., next to Postofflce. Victoria, B, C. 

Gon. Pass. & Ticket Ak t. 

St.. Paul, Minnesota. Jyl 





fhe Nortli-f esiei'D Liae 

Is the best route in every respect to 


and all points Bast, 

and all points South. Direct conncatlona In 

Kntol^'Tuu: VtstibQled Trains 

DlnlnR Cars on every train. All ticket ngentf 
can sell yod»tO'»iyour deslnalion over The 
North-Westem Uno." 

JalS i*ogot Sound Agent Seattle. 

Parisian May 19 

Ore«rn May 19 

Lako bunorior May '/'i 

("ainpanla May 19 

Majestic May If. 

Paris May 16 

Allor May 19 

Circaasin May 19 

Kile-land May 23 

State of Nebraska May 25 

Plans of all Ptenmerg un view and 
bertliH allotted on unplleatiuii. 

Save $5 to $10 


SALOON-Farcs from $10 lo $9(1, according to 
steamer and location of berth. 

INTERMKDIATE-From $30 lo 810. 

STKKKAGIO-From 323 to $25. 

Parties v.'istdni; to Bond for their family or 

iendH can save §10 on each ticket by imrcnas> 
inji here. 

For rates and all information app'y to 

Agent, Victoria, B.C., 
au25 Cor, Fort and Gov't Sta. 


Takes effect November 1st, 1883, 

Vancouver Route: 

Victoria to Vancouver — Dally, ezoeptMondar, 

at 2 o'clock a.m. 
Vancouver to Victoria— DaUy, except Monday 

at 13.15 o'clock, or on ardral ot O.P.R. No, 1 


New Westminster Route : 

LEAVE VICTOltlA for Now Wostmlnstor, 
Ladrer's Landing and Lulu Island— Sun- 
day at 23 o'clock; Wednesdays and Fridays 
at 7 o'clock. iSunday's steamer to New 
Westminstor connects with O. P. B. train 
No. 2 going east Monday. 

For Plumper's Pass— Wednesdays and Trldays 
at V o'clock. 

For Moresby and Pender Islands— Friday at) T 

For Sidney— Wednesday, at 1 o'clock, 

—Monday at 13 o'clock; Thursday and Sab> 

nrday at 7 o'clock. 
For Plumper Pass— Thursday and Satnrday at 

7 o'clock. 

For Ponder and Moresby Islands and Sldney«^ 
Thursday at 7 o'clock. 

Northern Route ; 

steamships of this Co. will leave for Fort 

Simpson and Intormodlato ports tho 1st and 
15th ot each month ut 18 o'clock. When sn(. 
flolont inducements offer will extend trips 
to West Coast points and Queen Charlott* 

Barclay Sound Route: 

S^teamor Maude leaves Victoria for Albeml 
and Sound Ports the let luid 16th at each 

The Company reserves the right of ohanglns 
this Time Xablo at any time without notlllt^' 

O. A. OARIiETON, General Agoat. 
Victoria, Oat. Slat, 1883. 


. for San Franolsoo, carrylnR Her 

Majesty's malls, from Outer 'Wharf at 3 p.m. 

Oity of Puebla - - May 8 

mch28 Agonte 


]. E. BUTLER, 

On and after March 22nd, 1893, 

The Steamer JOAN will sail as follows, 
calling Way Ports as Freight 
and Passengers may offert 
Leave Victoria, Tuesday, 7 a. m. 
" Nanaimo (nr Comox, Wedneeday, T a.m. 
" Comox for Nanaimo, Friday, 7 a.m, 
" Nanaimo for Vlotorla. Saturday, 7 a an 

ZFor freight or state rooms apply on board, ra 
at the Company'B Uoket Dffioe.^lotorla Btamn. 
Store street. \f L 

Chicago, MilwaokeeS St. PattlRy. 


Of the Ohloago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Rail 
way ard note Its connootlons with nil trans- 
continental lines at St. Paul and Omaha, and 
remember when Rning oiuit that its 'rains are 
lighted witli eb ctrlclty and hoated bv steam, 
ItJi eq-.-.lpniont is superb. Klcicant Uull'ot, Lib- 
rary, Smoking, and Sloonlng cars, with free 
reollnlng chairs Each pleeping oar berth has 
on olectrlc rcndlnK lamp, and Its dining 
oars are tho l)C3t In tbo world. Somo othor 
lines are longer than thlw, but none are shorter, 
and BO other oilers tho abovo luxurious accom 
modatljns. Tlieuo aro aullleient roisona for 
the popularity of " Tho Milwatikeo." i otipon 
ticket agents in every railroad nlUco will glvo 
you turlhor Information, or nddrous 

O. J. EDDY, General Agent, 

J, W. CASEY. Trav. Pass. Agent, 

Olympic Block, ueatile. 


'She Colonist 

TUKSDAY, MAY 8. 18i)l. 


ViCTOHiA, May S, 1891. 

Bnn t'-scs 4:'J!1 a.m. | Sun mit-j 7:'-'l p.m. 

MooTi riaos... ();17 'i.m. | Moou BuLa...ll:o8 p.m. 
Day of yciir— K'Stli. 

N .B.— Tliu iibovo calculationn are basod oa 
moan Holur tiinu, which Is I3m. 839. Blower 
than Viotoria ataadanl tlmu. 


EsquiMALT Station. May C, 18SM. 
Report for 21 houra unding 9 p.m. 

1 a. m 



Tho velocity find 

(llrcclion or Lliu wind 

5 a, m,. 



■\voro 118 (oUowa : 

9 a. m.. 



5 a.m.— 10 S. 

1 p. m.. 



1p.m. -8 3. 

5 p. m., 



p.m.— 12 S. 


9 p. m.. 


Rain— .03. 


Deputy Attoi'iirj' (ipiiprul ou tLe 
Clly's lielusal to Honor tlio 
Coi'ouer's Voucliers. 

The Health By-Law Materially 
, Btreugrthened— iSewer roianiisBiou- 
era and Electric Uatters- 

A,verago stato of weather— Fair. 

Sunslilno, lOhr. 18 miu. 

EsQUiMALT Station, May 7, 1891, 
Report for 21 houra ending 9 pan. 

- 1 a. m.. 
6 a. m . 




Tho velocity and 
dlreotlon of the wind 
wore as {oUows : 

9 a. m.. 



5 a.m.— Calm. 

1 p. III., 




6 p, m.. 
8 p. m.. 




Average stato of weather— Cloudy. 

Bunshino. ohr. 3Uin. 

E, Baynks llKED. Observer. 

ffllLLING COT. Ltd. 






RiTCniE— At 28 Qaebeo street, Jnmos Bay on 
ttid Cth Inst.. rt»lph. eldest .nd beloved eon 
of Uoberl end Minnie llitchiu, nRod 2 year 
and 1 mouth. 
Funeral leaved above residence TO-I).VY at 

p m. Friends will p'.ea.-iu acct'iil lliia ialinia- 



Reported Arrangemenr, Entered Into for the 
Protection of Seal Life ulT tlie 

Siberian Coast- 

\Vas)iini:tov, M»y 7. — The treaty nogo- 
tidted by Secretary of Stato Gresham uud 
Prinoe Cantacuz^De, Russian mlnieter, ia an 
agreement lookiog to the protection of Rus- 
sian Boala otr the coast of .Siberia, where seal 
fishing will be porniicted by vesprls of the 
United States, the limit bjinf; tixed at ten 
milfS. The treaty was sent to tho Senate 
to-day while it was in t.veoutive session, and 
the only dodnite action taken on it wus to 
refer it to the committee on foreign relations. 
Senator Morpjan took oooaaion to briifly ex- 
plain the doonment, sayini; that this was the 
first f rnits of the efforts of the United States 
and Great Britain to get other nations to 
co-operate with them in tho efTort to pre- 
tuivo seal life. There is also an iffjrt to 
brini; Japan into tho compact, but no such 
progress baa been rnado in tho negotiations 
as that with Rasaia. The document pro. 
vides for penalties for its violation. No op- 
poaition whatever has so far been made 
manifest to the treaty. 


Nine Pedlars a Vote Piitd by thp N'ewfouiidliind 
(ioveniment fur Their Klcc.tlon. 

Xew YaiiK, May 7. — A special from St. 
Johns, No .vfoundlani!, aays : Nine dollars a 
vote is what it cost Sir NVilliam Whitov/ay, 
the Hod. Robert Bond and 4heir colleagne, 
James Watson, to be elected for Trinity dis- 
trict last November, ua revealed by tlie trial 
they are now undergoini; for corrupt prac- 
tiooa. They spent SIS, 000 md received 
2.000 votta. The oaoe was ndjouriied until 
Wednesday next, owing to the illness of 
Chief Justice Carter, and tho WhitewayitoH 
ars jubilant as this adjournment renders it 
impoBsiblo to finish the case by May 2.'i, 
when the legislature rc-opons. Tho rank 
and file of tho Whiteway party in St. Johns 
have revolted against tho crusade 
on the local banks started by tho 
Telegram, their own organ, and 
a number of tradesmen and small 
property holders waited upon Sir William 
Whiteway last night to remonstrate with 
him on tho damage it waa doing. The 
Telegram has been compelled to oeaae its 


l89i"SprlnK and 8ainai«r Dress Oood8-I804 

OorseleotiDD this season excels all pre- 
viont exhibits. An inspection is respeot- 
fally Invited. 

Wm. Wn.soN & Co., 

73 Government street. 

Drink Viotopla PLoenlx Bock Beer. 

Do yoi; need carpota, onrtains, wall 
papers, furniture, China ware 7 Then make 
your solootion at tho place where you pan 
get the best assortment afe the lowest prloes 
for genuine goods. V7eii,kr Bros. 

I Imvc been greatly troubled with hcadaoho 
and bad blood for ton or twelve years. I 
started lo take Burdock Blood Blttora In July, 
1892, and now, (January, 1883}, J aui perfectly 

H0OII Drain, Norwood, Ont. 

Mrs. H. EoBohe, tho ladies' hair dresser, 
has on hand tho finest face powders and 
paints, onrliog and waving irons, at No. ."U 
Goverooient street. Ladies' and children's 
hair ontting, shampooing, manicuring, and 
all kinds of hair work done to order. 
lEheatrioal wigs for hire. Faces fixed up. * 

All the aldern:cn wero in their seats last 
night when His Worship tho Mayor took 
the chair at tho weekly council meeting. 

The first oommunicition read was one to 
the City Clerk, as fbllows -. 

May 1, 1851. 

Sill :— Tho coronor for Victoria city and dis- 
trict. Dr. liaatll, baa brouKht to my attention 
tho fact that tho city refuses lo honor ilio 
vouchors certtiled by him in conni ction with 
tho Itiquoat hel l upon the body o£ Jacciucs 
Petit ou March 9. 1 have perused tho duiio- 
sitiona taken upon tho Inqulaltlon and It ap 
pears that boforo the inqucdt it bad boen stated 
upon the authority of a medical man that tbo 
deceased ntet bis death through ixpoaura and 
want. This being the case, thoro certainly 
wero clrcumstancea which It was noeesa.iry in 
the interests of tho public to cloarup. and ilio 
only way by which this could bo 
douo WIS by tho holding of an in- 
quest. On tnia account I do not seo 
that the aci ion of tho corouor cm be considered 
unreasonable, and it Bcems niipoaed to the duo 
adminialralion of ju.-tico, that a j ndicial olli- 
CM', hiich as II coroner, should, aftor he has 
taken tlio uction, bo oiien to attack, and bo put 
tothuKrtat luconvenlonco of pressing for tho 
payment of his roasonablo vouchors. I woidd 
suggest that tho vouobeis In this ouso should 
be paid, and that i f i ho City Counoil are of Che 
iipiulon lha' tho c-iruner's judgment Is not un- 
<IU"8tioued in iho ni i ter <f tho necessity of 
huldinK the luciuest, it in quite open to tho city 
to pr buribe, aa ih -lono in yoriio i)rovincea. that 
no acconnlj u ill be p.ifaed uale.ts prerlous to 
the tiiki' K <f »>i liii|iu;ii an allldavit of ila 
iiee> s-iiy Ih- jirodui'i (I L.) 1 he roroner or niailu 
by l.ini I'. hiiH iiui, buwev. r, boon found 
iiecea.-i.iry in tlio oxnerio^co of this doiiartnient 
to iiupoau this 1 eatrietlon, aijd tbo lioldiui; of 
an inqnoat haa frcciuontly put an end to pro 
ceedintjd which wouiil have caused farnioio 
e.vuonsc than the trilling amount caused by an 
inquest. I addresa tuls commm-icatlon by 
reason of the coronor being a judicial ofllcer 
appointed by tboOovornmeut, wnlch ia, there 
fore, ioterented In sccinK that tie la not hainp 
orod in his duties by (inebtioiis as to his em 
olumeul. (SiKned) autiilu G. .Smi ih, 
Deputy At. orney General. 

The letter was laid on tho table. 

Tho dato having been omitted from the 
surface drainage bonds in tho h&nda of th 
Eauk of B N.A. in Montreal, Noa. 1 lo 125, 
value $125,000, authority was granted to 
the batik to place it there with a rubber 

A letter from the engineer of the Victoria 
& Sidney railway In regard to the embank 
ment crossing the water pipe line at section 
No. 33, was referred to the Water com 

The market clerk's monthly report was 
received and filed. 

A petition signed by 705 persons was read 
oppnuing the petition presented aomo time 
ago for a Sunday closing by-law, and asking 
that things ba left as at present. Referred 
to the same special committee. 

Tcndcra for street sprinkling wero opened 
and read as followp: J. Hugyerry, f I -15 
per clay for each team and driver; .Ichn 
Gry CO, Si 25 per day; John 15eunott, f.'i !)0 
per diw, C. J. I'Cinc;, Si per day; Geo. Liud 
pay, ft 25 per day and Victoria Transfer Co., 
J-l per day. 

Aj.d Bakkii could not sen why in tho low 
state of the ciiy fiiuds tho tiro horses could 
not bo used for spriokling tho airoet. Hi 
hoped tho fire wardens would take tho mat 
ter into con-iideration. 

Ald. Vi(iELii;.s thereupon changed his 
motion to refer the tender to the tiic ward 
ens and street comtnitteea to act. 

Ald DwYEit thought like Aid. Baker 
that eomething could bu saved in tho way 

Al-D MuN.N' remarked if the council 
wanted to use tho fire horses tliia way they 
should take the responsibility thctiiselveH, 
and not place it on tbo fire wardens. He 
could not see so muoh'to commeud it as 
some other aldermen did. In lighting Gro 
time ia everything, and if they wero going 
to scatter the lire liorses all over the ciiy. 
tbf-y might find they were in the long run 
losers by it. 

Fmally, on motion of Aid. Dwyer, it was 
decided that one fire team bo used on the 
sprinkler in the centre of the city and the 
tenders for the other team ho rtterred to 
tho til's warders and strceta cuiiimittee to 
award to tho lowest bidder. 

On motion of Aid. Munn, seconded by 
Aid. Iltin is, the following amendment to ihe 
Health by-law was inlrnduovd in place of 
seclioa Hi: " Whenever the medical liealth 
cllicor helievea or euapccts that any perunn 
wirhin or arriving or coinieg within the 
limits <,'f tho Municipality of tliu (Jity of 
Victoria baa lately been exposed to infec- 
tion or that his or her clothing or other 
effects contain or have been expoaetl to in- 
fection or has or have coino from abroad or 
Boino other place in whi';h any contagi- 
ous or intectious disaiae ia or he 
has reason to believe ia endemic or 
epidemic, the said medical health ollicer 
may causa any such porecn, hia or hnr 
clothing and elTects to be removtd to a 
sepacuie house or otherwise isolate him or 
her, and may stop, detain and examine 
any Buoh person, tiia or her clothing and 
other efieots until, in tho opinion of the 
medical health oflioer, the period of incuba- 
tion of the said contagious or infectious dis- 
eano nhall have been completed, and the 
said medical health ollicer may disinfctjt or 
c^uae to 1)0 diuinfeeted, at imch place and 
in audi iiiMiner uii ho may consider most 
convenient and boneticial to tho preservation 
of public h-ialth, any such persnp, his or her 
clothing and fclioct?!." 

Tho by-law was put through tho various 
Btagca and passed. 

Al.l) KlUTH moved, seconded by 
Aid. Ledinghatn, his rcBolutiona already 
published in regard to suweraKe oommia- 
aioners' appointments and for levying a rate 
for sewerago conatruction. 

Ald. KiiiTii-Wii^so.v explained this wau 
to let people know boforo thoy voted on tho 
sewerage by-laiv what would bo done with 
tho money. 

Ald, Bakeu was not in favor of coniniii- 
sioners. The couooil could carry out the 
work just as well without them. 

Ald. Huhfkbbys favored commissioners 
as likely to give mute aatitfaotion and to be 
more eoonomioal. 

Ai.n Hahris was also in accord with Aid. 
Keith- Wilson in appointing oommtasionors, 
who would nee that the money was expended 

iu ll,e picticulur district where the work 

was rcfjuired. : , , . 

Ills Wciu.siiir was also diatiiicUy'in favor 

of tills provimoa. 

Al.l). LuDtNoiiAM wanleil to know wliothor 
fni eigiiersor city workineii were tnlie employ- 
ed, hsa pond deal of disBiitisfaclion in that re- 
pect had been caused ou tho other sewer 

i\i.i>. Kkith Wu-son said that very 
reauuii aciu aed him lu atkiog that the oon* 
tracts bo .luiiUl ones so as to give the city 
worlcuien a eluiiice,. 

Al.n DwvKU tlioui^ht in the ohho of con- 
tracts a cI<.uho shoulil ba iosiined that the 
men eiriplnyed should be to tho sulitfaction 
of tho Cjuiii'il. 

Al.t-i. Mii.s.N believed the Council 
could spend money just aa oconomically us 
oommissionera. However, n largo portion of 
tho coriiinuuiiy thought difl'erontly and that 
no doubt was tho reason of Aid. Wilson's 
resolution. For that reason only he would 
support the resolution. 

The resolution was carried. 

The proposition of tho Diocesiut Synod in 
regard to making over their ground at Rosi 
Bay to the city for cemetery purposes waa 
again taken up at. the request of Aid. 

Ald Vioelids finally moved that the 
ofTor be accepted, except that no refund of 
taxea bn granted. Carried. 

The Finance committee's report reoom - 
mending appropriations of $2,821, was 

The Bleotrio Light committee recom- 
mondnd that Mr. C. H. Stiokels be given 
charge of the constructioD and putting in of 
the new electric plant provided for by tho 
electric light by-law, at a salary of $8 a day 
for each day emnloyed. 

Ald. IvEtTii-WiLSON wanted a special 
meeting to hear tho plana that the oommit- 
teo intended to undertake. 

Al.l). Mti.NN e.x[)lained that a meeting of 
tho conirnittee on .Saturday had laid out a 
plan, and now asked that Mr. Stickola bo 
employed to fiiperintend tho work. Mr. 
Sf iekels was only to bo paid for eaoh day ho 
wuH nclually employed. 

His Woiisiiii' remarked that before any- 
thing could b-j intellijently put before tbo 
council it would bo neccBsary to arrange tho 
site, miichinery, etc. Gonscciuently ho 
could not tee what could otherwise bo done 
more than to provido for secuiiot; Mr. 
Stickols' servicea in tho meantime. Nothing 
would bo done in purchauiug material or 
anvihini; of that kind till it was fiist laid 
beforo the oounoii. 

I'ho rcsolntion was carried. 

Tho Sewerage committee reported that 
tho provisions of tho sewerage by-law for 
requiring houno connections be enforced, 
and $200 be appropriated to test the ques- 
tion. Adapted. 

The Streets committee report on minor 
matters was adopted, 

Ald STV1.E.S moved that tenilers be called 
for 'ilO tons of water pipe, tenders not to be 
in later than Ist July, Carried. 

Tho council went into eomroitteo on the 
hawkers and poddlera amendment by-law. 
It provides chii Hy that the license bo §20 
for every six months. The committee stage 
was finiuhed and the by-law passed. 

Ai.d. .Stvi.k.s brought up the ofFer of cer- 
tain residents of Fort htreet of a, portion of 
land for widening the street. Some ollijer 
should bo named, he thought, to ascertain 
wliat amount of land tho residents of that 
street would civo to widen the street. 

His N^'ciummi' said ho would, tell the 
assepsor to do so. 

At the sug^inKtion rf Aid. Munn it waa 
deciiled to adjourn till next evening for the 
purpono of putting the health by-law 

AM). Bakki'. brcught up the rC(|ueBt from 
the tSjhool Trustees for a road to the beach 
at Moss street. Ho insisted that it bad 
been referred to the City Kni<inepr to find 
tho cost and report, but the Ciiy (Jlerk read 
tho minutes to show it wua lost ut last meet- 

Ald Baker then intimated that ho will 
move at next meetint; to reconsider the 

Since last meeting the following comnonni 
cat iwns have been received and have been 
referred to the respective committees here- 
under mentioned, viz : 

^^KU KUAOB— R. P. Rithet, acknowledging 
receipt of council's letter declining 8>ittle- 
meni of claim for alleged damages to the 
outer wharf, and making some further 
observations to show tho justuesi of tho 
claim ; Mat.ihew Thnmsnn, Harry Groves 
Downer ami Thomas \^'nhcr, applying for 
tho poi,iti(Ui of 'plumbing insnectnr and cn- 
clnsirii; testimonials ; and \V. II. I'.-rry, 
recommomliDg that M. Thompson or H. 
I.loivner be uppointcd to the position of 
phuiibing inspect or. 

,STiii:i:rs— H. K. S. H. Scholeti,-ld ; rc- 
ijucaiing tlie Uoiiueil to im|)rove the coudi- 
tion of Jubilee avenHC. 

MAliKF.T C".M.Min't-:K — Henry F. W. 
B.duisen ; r. quostirg tho Council to allow 
Victoria Divifinn No. 2, K. of P., to drill in 
the en.-Iosuro in tho rear of the market 
buildiig in the evening until dark, and 
afterwards for thrut quurtora of an hour 
within tho buildings. 

Tne Counoil adjourned at 10:.30. 

Drowned in a TanU. 

Hamilton, May 7.— On Saturday night 
the Lbody of Mrs. BirmlDgbam was dis- 
covered in one of the tanks at Stroud Bros. ' 
stable and slaughter house. It ia thought 
she aocidentallv fell in. She was a widow 
and had four children. 

Oloiiroslcr Cuuniy, Gnvrriiiiicn t. 
St. Joh.n-'h, N.B , May ".—The election 
in Gloucester county for tho House of Com- 
mons took placo on Saturday, when Blunch- 
ard (Goverumeni) defeated Davict (Inde- 
pendent) by a vote of 1,768 to 1,448, giving 
l^ianohard a majority ot 320. 

Hotel DcKtroycd. 
Stay.neb, May 7. — Cameron's hotel occu- 
pied by John Coleman, was gutted by firo 
this morning. The loss is $5,(100; insuranoo 

A. .Iiivcnilc'ii Fatal Feat. 
Seai'outh, May 7. —Tho five year old 
daughter ot John McLean waa drowned in 
the river yesterday while attempting to 
oroas on a log. 

IlaHpltalH for lininlarnnla. 

Toronto. May 7-— The Ontario Boarc'i of 
Health has recommended the erection cf 
hospitals for immigrants at Fort W illlam. 

Awarded Highest Honors— Wopfd's Fair. 


Should have PORE MILK. Buy "REINDEER" BRAND Con- 
densed Milk and you have the purest. All good grocers 
keep it. Ask for the "REINDEER" BRAND, 



i^Advancs Made Against Consign mentn.lEt dels 




IF you WANT 

CAR PETS"^-'''^'^ consignment of Crossley's to hand. 

WALL PAPE RS-The best American-Makes. 

CURTAINSf ETC.-Tlio IJoat value ever offered. 

F U R N I TU R E-Tho largest stock In the Provtaoo. 

CROCKER Y-G^o^sa^^^K time. 



® o^ilj Pnre Cream of Tartar Powder.— No Ammoniaj No Alam. 

Used in Millions of Homes— 40 Years the Standard. 

Edhoation Offick, 

ViCTOlilA, May 3rfi, 1S91. 

"VrOTICK is licroby given that tho Ann\*al 
-LN Kximlnatlon of Candidatea for Cortlfl- 
oatos of Quallfloatlon to Teach In the Public 
rfohools of tho Province will bo hold as foUowB, 
commonclnKOn Wed.iisday, July Jth.atOn.m. 

Victoria In South I'ark School BnililinB. 

Vanconver...ln HIkIi School lluildlnK. 

Kamloops ....In Public School Dulldlni;. 

Bach applicant must forward a notice, thirty 
days before tho Bxaminatioo, stating the class 
and grade o( oertiflcato for which he will be a 
candidate, tho optional subjects solootod. and 
at which of the abovo namod places he will 

Kvery not Ico of intention t' bn an nppllcant 
must bo accompanied with satiaCactory icati- 
monial ot moral chaiactor. 

Candidates are notified that all o( the above 
requiremeoU must be f olfllied before their ap- 
plications can ba Sled. 

AI! candidatea (or Ki'st Cla.fs, Grade A, Cer 
tifloates, iiichuling Uraduates, iiiu.'it attend in 
Victoria to t^ko tho subject i prescribed for 
July Uth and I6th Instants, and to undergo re- 
quired oral examhiailona, 

e. D. POPE, 
inyg-lm Superlntondont of Bdncation . 




Tel, 435. P. O. Box 175 



Major J. M. Mutter, of Soinonos, is at 
tho Oriental. 

Hon. Theodore Davie returned from the 
Mainland last evening. 

Copt. Salmon and wife, of San Franciaoo, 
are staying at tho Oriental. 

Frank K. Uiggina left Toronto for a holi- 
day at homo on tho .'trd instant. 

R. J, Skinner, W, II. Galloghor and 
Tiioa. McKinnon, of Vancouver, aro among 
tho gueata at tho Oriental. 

Among thoBo registered at tho Driard arc: 
H. Cheesebrough, San Franciaco; Cluia. Pen- 
keth, London ; C. IJ Rind, Vancouver ; and 
W. H. Hanson, Tucoma. 

Jaa. Dconiing, Northfield ; F, L. Scott, 
Salt Spring ; O. N, Druinmond, Spnkano ; 
O. S.Kopp, E. E, Ainsworth and M, J, 
Henry, Seattle; and Cupt. O'Brien, San 
Francisco, are guests at The Viotoria. 

Speoul fooillties for making blank books. 
R. T. Williams, 28 Broad street. * 

Po not nesleef oouRha, colds, asthma and 
hrooohltls, but euro Uiom by using Dr. Wood's 
Norway Pino Syrup. 

IX JU Carving Set at Oheapiide. * 

Mantels, grates and tiles, at MoLennan 
k McFeely'i. * 


V CONUKKT in the Inailtiito Hall. View 
a rect, on Wednotday, May Olh, liiUl. Con- 
Cuctor, .Mr. W. Hilgar tiuck; accompanist. Miss 
Agnes Dawson, K.A.M. 

i'aht i. 

"TUre ERL-KIN(l'ri 1) A.UGHT1CR," by Nlela 
VV. Oado. Soloist a - Miss Ilcathfleld, Mrs. 
Ulckaby, Mr, J. G. Hrown. 

I'Aur II. 

Part Song— "The Belfry Tower " (S-A.T.n.) 


Victoria Chorol Society. 

Chorus— "The Lost Chord" (3.S a.A) 


1'ha I>adlc8 of tho Choral Sooiei;;. 

Violin Solo— "'Allegro Appassionata" 


Mr, Victor Aus'In. 

Duet— "L'Addio" Donizetti 

Mi.«H NoUto neverottx, Mr. W, EriRar bnek. 
l^an Song— "The Omisfcecn l.nwn" (-^.A.T. 

B.CJ Sir n If. Stewart 

Victoria Cheral Society. 
PianoSolo— "Impromjitu Urilianto" Rubinstein 
Aliss AKnea Dawson. 

Trio— "'Tho Gip-loh' Laughing Song"' Otovcr 

.Mrs. D. H. Harris. .Miss Jamcaon, 
Mr. \V. K. Buck. 
Chorua- 'Tho MiUera Wooing" (S.A.T R 1. 

Iskiton haning 

The Victoria Choral Society. 
God Savo tho Qacon. myG 


Tuesday and Wednesday, May 8 and 9. 

ADMISSION 50c. myC-3t 


The .Ajiuual Hall of tho N. and S. Saanich 
AKrlcultural Society will take place on the 
evening of FRIDAY, MAY 11. Doors open at 
7 o'clock. Tickets for lady and gentleman. 
$1.50, iDoluding supper. Ikfuslo by a city band. 

$500,000 to loan at 
low rates of Interest 

on improved farm and 
city property, by tlie 
Sun Life Assurance 
Co. of Canada. 
Apply to 

d. E. CRANE, 

Manager for B.C., 
30 Broad Street 



Under Instructions f om the mortgagee, and 

in Dutsnanco of tho power of silo eontainod In 
n certain Indenture of mortgage, bearing date 
tliolSiliday oC Uclobor. 18m, tenders will bo 
received by the undoraignod up 'xj 12 nonn, on 
ThurBdny, the Slat uuy ot May. 18H1, for the 
pu^cha^oof Sectluna 3and 1, Range IV., and iho 
nortti M acres ot Section 2, BangolV., Quaml- 
Chan District. 

Tho Idghoat or any tender not necessarily ac- 

Dated 2nd May. 18D1. 


Solioitora for tho Mortgagee, 
my3-td 22 Bastion street, Victoria. 


The New iVatchmaker and Jeweller, No> 68i 
Yates Street . 

rieans Watches thoroughly for 75o. 
New Main Hjirings, 75c. 
Uiilanco and Fallot Staffs. SI. OS, 
And guarantxjcs all work for 12 months. 
PraoUcal exporienoe.ot aver SSycar^. 


rpO ICXOriANGE-I will trade my equity In 
X. biibincs= lot; on Haatlngs atrcot, Vancou- 
ver, noar Court Honse, for unonouroborod 
house property; only ovtners need apply. Ad> 
dress P.O. Box 108, Vancouver, B.O. ap28-lm 





— orr— 


A'l 2 P.M. 

Wo aro Instructed to sell by auction aa above 
the contents ot tour bousca. Tho lots are too 
numerous to mention in an advertisement. 
One of the principal items will be a 

Valuable Decker Pianofortei 

In ebony frame. Terms cosh. 




THURSDAY, MAY 10th, at 11 A.M. 

I am Inatnictei to aoll at my saluarooms. 
Wharf street, Victoria, B.C , the hull ot the 
Iron shin "Archer," It'O Al at Llofd's; 78i) tons 
register; length 189 feet, beam 32 feet depth 
18 7, aa she now lies ditinastcd in Esquimalt 

Alto now and old ropes. 2 sails, tarpaulina, 
chronnmotora. compasses, biromcterH, ship's 
boat, flags, blocks, hemp canvas, telescopoa, 
charts, siullogalrectlons, side and riding llgnta, 
toola, etc. 

ap29 Auctioneer. 



Wednesday, May 23, at 11 a.m. 

Valoable Freehold Property 


I have been laetructcd to soil at my sales- 

Wharf Street Viotoria, 

All those pieces or parcels of land aituato lying 
and being in Vlc'oria District, now City of 
Victoria, B.('., being porlionaof nivlHlnnaTwo 
and Threo of Section 19 in tho said Dislrict, aa 
phown on the plan hied in tlio olllno ot iho 
Registrar-General of Titles at Victoria, which 
pniil pieces orpar. ela ot land aro more particu- 
larly dcscribad in a cortaln indenture of con- 
veyance, reglBtorcd In Victoria Slat January, 
1892. in Ab Fee Hnok.vol. I3, tollo 223, No.l3383a. 

This property contains 30 acres, more or Icsa, 
and ia about two miles from tho post otHco. 
Thoro ia a lino, roomy dwelling honsn on tho 
property containing 8 rooms, i xtonaivo stablea, 
outhouseg and a goed orchard ot about threo- 
Quaiti;rs ot an acru of apples, plums, pears and 
cherrifp. utc. 

The above property has tho following quallO- 
cations, viz.: 

Beautiful for situation; It cannot bo excelled- 
Tho view of tho Strait- is grand. The chavao 
ncter ot the land drat-cla.-s. Tlio property ia 
protected by Gonzales Point from tho S E, 
winds and from tJ.W. wluda by Ulover Point, 
and has a water frontage of about 2u00 feet. 

Feiil Ray is ono of tho lovotieat t-aiid beaches 
on tho coast for soa bathing, and portcct pro- 
tection from all winds for boat-i 

There ia no more desiiablu po^itiontor a gen- 
tle:iian"a reaid-inco than thid lino property. 
There is a good well ot pure wacor aad wind- 
mill, with about 511 feet of pressure to honse 
and grounds. The city water works are also 
laid on to this property. 

Terms at solo, iror farther partloulan ap. 
ply to 

myS G. BYRNES, Auctioneer. 

MONDAY, MAY I4TH, 1894, 

Under and by virtue of tho power ot sale 
contained in a certain mortgage, dated 2.ith 
October, IStl.'i, sealed londcra vnti bo received 
by tho nndersigned up to 12 o"c.lock noon on 
MO.VDAY, May 11th, 1891. for too purchase 
of tho following property situate on Viotoria 
Arm, adjoining the residence of James Dons- 
mulr, Ksq„ viz.: 

LOTS 3, 4, 6. 9, 10 AND 13, BLOOK 8, AHD PART OF BLOOK 

Tho highest or any tender not necessarily ao- 

For partioulars apply to 

my6-td Temple Building, Victoria. 


Separate tondera aro invltod up to tho 16th 
May, Instant, for tho purcha-o ot each of tho 
following properties, viz.; 

1, Two lota on the north aldo ot Yates atrcot, 
between Cook street and Coieosan street, and 
known as LotaS and 6. being p^rllons of Sec- 
tions 17, 18. Ill and Lfl, Spring Hidge. nccording 
to IMap No 151. deposited lu tlm Viotoria Land 
Rc,<iflt.ry Otlico, on wliicli thuro Is a cwo-atoroy 
dwelling house, formerly oecnpicd by V. G. 
Richards, jr. Dot r> Is (Xlx-12!) feet, and Lot 13. 

This property Is offered for salo under the 
power ot aalc/ in a mortgago registered in tho 
aald Ucglatry Olllce in Uhargo Book Vol. 9. 
Ifel, 13C, N0.1I873U. 

2. Two lots sttuatoon tho north side of North 
Park street, between Quadra a" root and Cook 
street, containing 60 feet by 110 (c«c o^ch, and 
known aa Subdivisions 11 und 15 of Suburban 
ITlve.floro Lo'a 8 and 13. Victoria fllty, on 
which thoro ia a dwelling house, tornierly occu- 
pied by J. C. Dovlin. 

This property ia olForcd for salo undor tho 
power of aalo in a mortgage rogii'ornd in tho 
said Registry OfUco in Cliargo Book Vol. 10. 
Fol. 85, No. lioyili, 

Tho right to r(.lect all or any tender' la ro- 

Tenders to bnnont to 

Of 47 LaoKloy Street, Vlntorio. 
'°y3-td V - Mortgagee's SoUnltora. 

L03T-j.0n Sunday night last a gold brooch, 
the shape of a bumble bee. Boward at 
32 Mason street. - apse